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23 Awesome Trance Tracks

Updated on February 7, 2014

I love electronic music. Recently, I put up a list of 10 Masters of Electronic Music that you just have to hear which, while it was extremely well received, earned me a few awesome pointers from readers as to what kind of electronic music I should be listening to: Trance.

So I've compiled a list here of videos for twenty three of the songs that were suggested to me by readers all over the world. Some of these you may recognize, while others might become new favorites. Either way, take a look, have a listen, and experience these awesome Trance tracks here in this definitive online collection.

You've got to admit, this is great music

I'm listening to it all over again right now while I type this. It's great music to listen to in your car, when you're hanging out with friends, heck-- even while you're working, doing homework, or playing World of Warcraft. This is the future of music, this is the music of now that has power, that has substance, that touches us where all music should. It's electronic, it's spiritual, it's a trip and a journey in a multi-megabyte track package.

So if you liked these tracks, get out there and support your favorite electronica, techno and trance artists. Let them know they're loved, that we want them to keep making music, and that the future for their music can only get brighter.


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    • profile image

      manchit 7 years ago

      You rock Earl!

      This is really selective stuff!

      A few more websites like this and Ill be able to make a superb collection of trance.

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hey Earl, thanks for sharing. I love all types of music and electronic is in my top ten. I'm saving this page.