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23 Unbelievable Movie & Tv Reviews and Summaries

Updated on June 5, 2020
bethperry profile image

Author and columnist from Tennessee. An avid fan of amusing news items, I enjoy sharing the ones found in the media.

During the recent coronavirus pandemic many people have had to spend a great deal more time than usual at home. For most of us stuck in this situation we welcome the entertainment that television can provide. Thanks to the numerous networks and internet cable providers around we've had a vast variety of films and television shows/series to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for drama, horror, thrills, documentaries or comedy it can typically be found easily enough among the cornucopia.

There are times, though, when we may be stuck wondering what to watch next? Luckily, our modern media generously provides easily obtained information on practically anything that airs. Whether by nature of summaries or reviews, we can rest assured that somebody, somewhere, has taken time out of their busy day to lend us details.

But in an age when just about anyone is able to post, upload or contribute such details, we need also bear in mind that the person doing so may well not be the definitive authority. Bias has certainly been known to pop up in reviews. Summaries may and can be too succinct or insufficient. Other times, what should be straight-forward descriptions have been regrettably impaired by some kind of articulation or literacy problem on the part of the people who write them.

All of these issues do have one thing going for them: they can lead to some rather bewildering or unbelievable reads for the potential viewer of the show, series or movie in question. The following are twenty-three examples of exactly this:

This first example is a movie summary for the film Joker, which secured Joaquin Phoenix another Oscar win this past year. Joker is a very well-made film, but if you haven't seen it yet and and all you know about it comes from this summary, you're probably expecting a romance. And believe me, it is not a romance!

This segment from a review of the highly acclaimed 1917 demonstrates that no matter how savvy a student may be on cinema, learning something about history is never a wasted cause.

Something tells me the person who wrote this summary for Avengers: Endgame didn't exactly come away with the message taken by practically everyone else who saw it.

Joey D. here obviously likes his fantasy movies. But it appears that the bluntness of his descriptions kind of got in the way of his objective.

Here's some movie details that are short and to the point, in a decidedly redundant way.

Sure, it's been awhile since I've watched Days of Thunder, but really, I do not recall this obviously pivotal scene...

When less is more, or at least cuts to the chase...

No real bias here, and I'll give this description of Wyatt Earp a thumbs up for being humorously frank.

I've found it advisable to eat before watching any show that features the preparation of meals. Otherwise, the food seen on the show tends to make me ravenous. This review of Kitchen Nightmares leads me to think the writer should have satisfied another kind of appetite before trying to get a fill on Gordon Ramsay.

Ah, where would be without our handy-dandy basic cable guide description? Here we have one detailing the selections from one of those popular user-uploaded video pet channels. Wholesome viewing for the entire family - except for those trashy, home-wrecking crustaceans!

For many of those lucky (and wealthy) enough to live in ultra-private gated communities, the common man's basic cable has been replaced by neighborhood-based televised video sharing. And if you happen to be one of the fortunate and also have kids stuck at home, there's nothing that brings a family together like instructional arts and crafts videos. Even if it's the kind of arts and crafts that make other people very thankful to be living outside your freaky gated community.

For anyone who has not yet seen Netflix's mega-hit mini-series Tiger King and is still wondering what all the hoopla has been about, let me say this: of all the descriptions written and floating around, this one is at once the most concise and brutally candid one out there. Seriously, this is all the information you need - and very probably more than you want.

Here we have someone's list of recommended science-themed TV shows. I will assume the writer needs the help of spell check or a good proof-reader. If I'm wrong, though, wow, that Allen family. A lineage so old someone decided to make a series about them!

Now if you prefer sci-fi dramas over real science, you can always binge on the series Andromeda. If this description is accurate, we should assume the series isn't exactly what you'd call a feast of intellectual cuisine.

This list of recommended movies appeared around Mother's Day. You'll note it includes some entertaining films. But it's also probably safe to assume the person who made the list doesn't have the closest of relationships with their mom.

If we get bored with commercial broadcasts and are looking for something interesting to watch, we can always give public access a try. If this line-up guide gives any clue, some of the broadcasts are anything but boring!

Only my opinion here, but I'd think the ordinary guy whose wife gets a thrill from watching Forensic Files probably has a graver issue to worry about than her catching glimpse of an attractive former prosecutor.

During the recent time of lock-downs, this local station provided a vital public service for viewers forced to stay indoors with their loved ones. So who says chefs can't be heroes?

Looking for something in the way of wholesome family comedy? In case you've never seen the popular 80's show Full House and have wondered what it's about, this summary provides the most pertinent detail.

This brief description leaves one wondering if Beyond is a sci-fi series or a cooking show? Well heck, it's possible it is both!

Sometimes I just love watching old classic television. My only issue is that it seems whenever millennials watch the same reruns I did as a kid, they see lots of stuff I sure missed!

Not to be contradictory, but after looking over these images, the one girl pictured here doesn't appear to be particularly troubled by her life as a concubine. Am I wrong?

Finally: for early morning risers desperate for something to watch besides the coffee brewing, there's always the morning farm report.


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