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24 Season 5 Review

Updated on June 12, 2011

24 Season 5 Video

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The 7th season premiere for 24 TV series is finally scheduled to air on November 23, 2008. The writer's strike in 2007 postponed the highly anticipated action drama from its originally scheduled seventh season.

Now that the 24 season premiere is just around the corner, let me review 24 season 5 which happens to be my favorite season, thus far. Season 5 is the most sentimental because many of our favorite characters were killed, namely Edgar Stiles, Michelle Dressler, her husband Tony Almeida, and President Palmer.

The plot of Season 5 involved the highest office in the land, the presidency, in a sinister conspiracy with a clandestine group of opportunistic "business" men for control of new oil supply. Former President David Palmer discovered the conspiracy from the outset and was about to do something about it. His assassination kicked off Season 5.

In Season 5, the conspirators supported Russian separatists in conducting terrorist activities within the US soil so that deadly Sentox gas were smuggled to Russia for use against the Russian government. When Jack Bauer and CTU thwarted the original arrangement, the separatists decided to release the gas here in the US or wreck an equally devastating havoc as a form of retribution against the American conspirators.

Meanwhile, the conspirators blamed Jack Bauer for the death of President Palmer and began implicating him for the terrorist activities. Since the terrorists eluded CTU well enough, Jack followed clues that leading to the conspirators so that he and CTU may discover the separatists' potential targets. At the same time, forces of the conspirators worked against Jack and CTU to assure that their identities were not discovered and that Jack was properly blamed for the assassination and terrorism.

Major plots and subplots

  • Jack and Audrey reunion after Jack's 18 months disappearance from Season 4.
  • Tony's reaction to Michelle's death.
  • Chloe's reaction to Edgar's death.
  • Lynn McGill's usurpation of CTU's command from Bill Buchanan.
  • Homeland Security's takeover of CTU after the attack on CTU.

  • President Logan's sinister coverup over his complicity with the assassination of President Palmer.
  • Martha Logan, Aaron Pierce, and Mike Novick uncovering President Logan's treachery on their own and working behind his back to determine the best way to expose him.

Highlights of Season 5

  • Death of well-liked charactes such as President Palmer, Michelle Dressler, Tony Almeida, and Edgar Stiles. Tony was Jack's best friend and had been with him since Season 1. President Palmer was a regular "on and off" character appearing enough times to be a staple character. Michelle Dressler was a regular since Season 2. And Edgar was the puppy of the bunch. His crush for Chloe while she kept him in abeyance as a friend created the geek romance we, the fans, needed to keep things interesting inside CTU.
  • Episode Day 5, 6:00pm-7:00pm ended with a silent clock to symbolize the tragic deaths when CTU was attacked with Sentox gas. Most haunting scene was Edgar saying goodbye to Chloe as he fell from the gas.
  • Season 5 is the highest rating season so far. Season 6 did not fare as well and Season 7 was postponed until November this year.
  • Emmy Awards for Season 5: Kiefer Sutherland for Actor in Drama Series and 24 for Drama Series.


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