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28 Weeks Later DVD Review

Updated on July 14, 2011

Screen Shot: 28 Weeks Later inside the tunnel

Ever see a movie that you thought was flawless except for that one scene? "28 Weeks Later" is such a movie. Everything about it is great. The action, the music, and the characters were all mixed in perfectly in this sequel to "28 Days Later". I was pulling for Scarlett (Rose Byrne) and Doyle (Jeremy Renner) to make it through. I wanted to choke the two kids, Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton) and Tammy (Imogen Poots), for sneaking off the compound. And I was cringing for Donald Harris (Robert Carlyle) when he had to face Andy and Tammy after they discovered their mother to be alive. This was after he had a heartfelt discussion with them on how he saw her die.


Now, the reason why I was anticipating this DVD was for the director commentary. The scene that I couldn't quite accept was when Donald kissed Alice (Catherine McCormack), his wife, as she was under supposedly-intense investigation of being infected with the rage virus. It's a pivotal scene because, Alice, although genetically-immune from the virus, was still a carrier and the kiss transformed Donald into a rage zombie who then infected everybody else within the compound.

Before this scene, the kids were quarantined by the military for safety precaution. In order for Donald to speak to them, he had to go through some military guards, despite his high level civilian clearance. There were soldiers guarding the kids even though the kids were not contaminated. But Alice was identified by the military as a high risk object, yet there were no guards outside her room and in the hallways leading to her room. In fact, there weren't any medical personnel when Donald arrived to speak to her. He just walked in, apologized for deserting her, both reaffirmed the love for each other, then kissed her.

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28 Weeks Later - Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Mackintosh Muggleton, and Imogen Poots
28 Weeks Later - Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Mackintosh Muggleton, and Imogen Poots

28 Weeks Later - Ending Explained

There seems to be many online searches on the explanation for the ending of "28 Weeks Later". This update is my speculation on what happened. We know that the rage virus went over the English Channel to France. We also know two ways for this to happen -- 1) Andy infecting everyone and/or 2) infected breaking through defenses at the Channel Tunnel connecting England and France.

First, let's assume reasonableness and that military command would enforce defensive measures on any gaps that could let loose the infecteds from Great Britain. Since the British Isles are surrounded by water, only a land line to continental Europe would allow for the escape and it's a no brainer that the land line should be secured. But things can happen and the measure can still fail.

Second, we see the helicopter crash scene, but none of the helicopter occupants. The only two potential candidates to be infected were Tammy and Flynn since we know (or should know) that Andy has the same immunity as his mother (same eyeball pattern). Andy though was a carrier, much like his mom, after his father, Donald, bit him.

But didn't the crash kill them all? Well, since the chopper was not up in flames, it's possible that Tammy was infected first and as soon as she began spazzing out, Donald landed the chopper hurriedly and either died from Tammy or got outta there.

In the alternative, maybe neither two got infected. But the chopper crashed because it was low on fuel, and whoever came to their rescue was accidentally infected by Andy who may have been bleeding. After all, his body fluid was deadly.


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