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2NE1 Crush Album Review - The Hottest KPop Album of 2014 so far?

Updated on August 30, 2015

As a complete Blackjack, I have to say that it has felt like forever since 2NE1 has released an album. And in some ways, it has been: they have only two studio albums, and their last album (To Anyone) was released almost 4 years ago!

While To Anyone was a masterpiece, I was left waiting for some fresh music.

For the Last Two Years, 2NE1 bored me


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When I think of 2NE1, I think of music that makes me want to rave but for the last two years 2NE1 has been releasing very lackluster music.

Don't get me wrong - most songs are great, but in my opinion they don't fit the image of 2NE1.

I'm taking about the singles I Love You, Falling in Love, Do You Love Me, and Missing You. Too cutesy for my taste.

Thank Goodness for Crush!

This album has some sick beats and it definitely gives off the vibe that I've been looking for in 2NE1. There is rarely ever an album where I like all of the music, but when it comes to Crush, every single song can be released as a single!

In this article I will be doing a song-by-song review of all the 10 tracks listed on Crush.

Check out CRUSH and order your Copy Today!

2ne1 - New Album [Crush] (Black Edition) ( + Booklet + Member Random Photocard 1p) + Folded Poster
2ne1 - New Album [Crush] (Black Edition) ( + Booklet + Member Random Photocard 1p) + Folded Poster

This album features 10 original songs by 2NE1. This is by far one of the BEST albums I've ever heard in KPop, and is on par with 2NE1's previous studio album "To Anyone" in terms of quality. I HIGHLY recommend this!


01. Crush

Favorite Lyrics:

They love me cause I'm hot

They love me cause I'm cold

They love me cause I'm real

They love me cause I kill

The album starts off with Crush, an electronic-ish song that has a vibe similar to I Am The Best. I couldn't think of a better song to start off the album than this one since it sets the whole Badass mood that 2NE1 is known for.

I especially like the English verses in the song since they're catchy. Not to mention the fact that I can understand them, haha!

And who doesn't love how the song ends, with the girls chanting "Nolza! Hey hey hey Nolza!"

Overall a great song to get the album going.

02. Come Back Home

Favorite Lyrics:

Come Baby Baby Come Come Baby

Come Come Baby Baby Come Home

(Note: It's catchy, and I love Dara xD)

This is probably my favorite song on the album. I love the reggae-electronic mix this song has, and the way the song flows is amazing.

At first when I heard the trap-step part (When dat bass drops), I was freaking amazed since I love dub step and trap step music, so I was happy when the included this.

Let's not forget the chorus, with Dara saying "Come baby baby come come baby". I think when it comes to this song (and this album as well), they've used Dara's voice for the right parts. I can't imagine anyone else in the group filling her roles.

03. Gotta Be You (너 아님 안돼)

Favorite Lyrics:


Neoui sarangi nal mangchyeodo nal apeuge handaedo
Naegen ojik neo hanappun
Nae sarangeun neoro sijakhae neoro kkeutna
I jarie waiting for you


Even if your love destroys me and hurts me
You’re the only one for me
My love starts and ends with you
Waiting for you in this spot

Gotta Be You is one of the few songs on the album that I had to listen to a few times in order to like it. It's a great song but the bridge seemed to break the flow of the song since it suddenly increases in tempo.

I think I didn't start liking the song until 2NE1 did a live performance of the song. You can see a video of the performance above.

I especially liked Bom's verses in the song. She gives the song power and she really shows us that she hasn't lost her vocal talent (despite the naysayers the past couple of years). Way to go, girl!

Overall, I like this song because it gives me an I Don't Care and Go Away vibe that I missed about 2NE1.

04. If I Were You (살아 봤으면 해)

Favorite Lyrics:


Nega naro sara bwasseumyeon hae
Naega neoro sara bwasseumyeon hae
Dan harurado neukkyeo bwasseumyeon hae
Neoui maeum
Naui maeum


I wish you could be me
I wish I could be you
I wish you could feel it for just a day
Your heart
My heart

This is one of the slower songs that I like from 2NE1. It has a very sad feel to it, and based on the performance in the video above you can see the emotion in the girls' singing.

I like the flow of the song, and that one-syllable singing that they're doing (not sure what it's called). You can see this style in Dara's verses when she's singing; it has these momentary pauses.

While this song is pretty good, I wish CL didn't have so many parts. For example, I think the end of the song should have been given to Dara. CL did a good job but I think with Dara's soft voice, her lightness would have been perfect.

Favorite Lyrics:


Chakhan yeojan nappeun namjal johahae wae
Nappeun namjan nappeun yeojal johahae wae

Geuraeseo nan neoreul ireoke saranghae
Geunde neoneun ireon nae mameul molla wae


Good girls like bad boys, why
Bad boys like bad girls, why

So I love you like this
But why can’t you see my feelings for you

05. Good to You (착한 여자)

Good To You is another slow song, but it has a more soulful, luscious, R&B touch to it that fits the voices of Bom and Minzy perfectly. I'm not much of an R&B fan (I'm more of an electronic/Pop/Trapstep kind of guy), but I do love how this song adds to the album's feel of darkness, longing, and lost love.

For this particular song, I have to give props to Dara since her verses are my favorite parts. I'm not a Dara bias by any means (though I love her), but I think she has the best parts in Good to You and If I Were You.

The only thing I didn't like about this song is that it seems to be missing a little something. It's slow and, dare I say, boring at parts. Especially when Bom starts her first verse; there's something about the piano in the background that irritates me. Perhaps a different instrument, or an additional instrument, would have made this song better.

06. MTBD - Mental Breakdown (멘붕)

Favorite Lyrics:

Karma karma karma is looking for you

What u gonna do when they come for you

MTBD stands for Mental Breakdown, and I say it's a pretty fitting title considering the fact that I don't understand what this song is about at all.

I'm assuming this song is to all the "fakers" (as she mentions in this song), and that they can't hide from Karma. Not sure who the fakers are in this song - maybe scammers? Lip-syncers? Two-faced leaders?

My favorite part of this song is the instrumental. I love the Arabian tunes MTBD uses, especially the very controversial Quran part, which is a whole other article altogether!

Nevertheless, kudos CL! MTBD totally dumps all over Baddest Female.

07. Happy

Favorite Lyrics


Haengbokhage nal itgo sarajwo
I Hope you're H A P P Y


Live happily and forget me
I Hope you’re H A P P Y

Because Happy's MV was created back in 2012, I'm assuming that Happy was created long before the other tracks on CRUSH. This may explain why this song seems so different from the others (except for Scream, of course, but Scream still has that electronic feel).

While a lot of people seem to not like Happy at all, I think it's one of my favorite tracks on the album. The beat is catchy, steady, and I like the meaning behind the lyrics.

The song is titled Happy and yet the message makes it ironic, since it's about someone suffering from sadness and wanting their ex-lover to be happy.

I'm just not sure why YG decided to wait over 2 years for this song to be released. It would have been a good song for 2012 or 2013.

08. Scream (Korean Version)

There's not really much to say about this song. I love Scream, but I'm not feeling the Korean version. I think after listening to the Japanese version several times, it's hard for me to get used to the Korean version of the song.

It's a great song, though, with amazing instruments, but it's hardly new content.


Boy ijeul su eobseo
Neoga cheoeum naege deonjin mareun hey what's up
Eosaekhaji anheun pyojeongeun machi
Yejeonbuteo imi aneun sai gatatji


When I look into your eyes
You set me free
Just look into my eyes
I’ll let you see everything

09. Baby I Miss You

Baby I Miss You is a short song that brings you back to 2NE1-debut days! This song reminds me so much of 2NE1's previous album, and I love the "Wrrrr" sounds of the instrumental that's so characteristic of 90's music.

At first I thought this song went too slow, and some verses were awkward. For example, Dara's first verse feels too slow and boring, but the bridge and chorus are amazing in this track.

While I tend to not like CL's verses that much, I do like the English lyrics at the end of the song.

10. Come Back Home (Unplugged)

I'm not a fan of this version of Come Back Home. I know a lot of people like the unplugged version a lot more than the original, but I could never get used to acoustic versions of electronic songs, especially when coming from 2NE1.

I do have to say the vocals for this song are spot on and there's nothing wrong, but personally this is my least favorite song on the album.

My Rating for this Album

Come Back Home
Gotta Be You
If I Were You
Good To You
Baby I Miss You
Come Back Home (Unplugged)

Give This Album a Rating!

4.7 out of 5 stars from 19 ratings of 2NE1's Crush Album

Overall Score: 8.2/10 (GREAT!)

Final Notes

While there were some songs that I did not like on the album, I am very happy with 2NE1's Crush. The electronic beats, generally flow of the album, great lyrics, and vocal showcase makes this album an imperfectly perfect masterpiece.

What are your opinions about this album? Post below, and don't forget to give Crush a rating by clicking on the stars above!

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