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3 Lessons learned from Lincoln

Updated on November 25, 2012

I had the privilege of watching the most-talked about film of the year, Lincoln. I have to admit that I know little about American history since I wasn't born in this country. The Civil War changed the landscape of this country's history forever. We all know that war will bring more harm than good. In the movie, Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery, but he needs the majority of the votes for the bill to pass. The scenario is very similar to what is happening in our country right now. Our lawmakers can't get their act together to get things done. Let me outline 3 essential lessons our lawmakers can learn from the movie.

1. Bipartisan- The Republicans wanted to repeal slavery, but the Democrats rejected their proposal. People from Pres. Lincoln's camp tried to convince legislators from the other party to outlaw slavery. In the end, legislators from both parties agreed to pass the legislation to end the civil war. Bipartisanship is one of the things lacking in the House of Representatives and Senate. Some Republicans rejected Obamacare, The Stimulus Package, and the Dream Act. Some of these measures were passed, but more needs to be done. Legislators from both parties should come together and unite for a good cause. They should create laws for this country to progress. They should set aside dirty politics and bickering to avoid political instability.

2. Equality- Legislators should write laws that promote equality, regardless of gender, race, and sexual orientation. The law should not be prejudiced because justice knows no one and is color blind. African Americans and Whites should be on equal footing. Today, many citizens are discriminated against. Homosexual couples couldn't marry because some states wouldn't allow same-sex marriage. Immigrants couldn't get the same benefits an American citizen receives because they were not born in this country. Most women are paid less than men in the corporate world. Fairness should be enacted at all times. Every individual has the right to live and be free. Policies should be non-discriminatory and benefit every human being.

3. Peace- We ended the war in Iraq, which was the longest war in history. Our troops will be leaving Afghanistan in the next two years. We have to give peace a chance. In the movie, Lincoln wanted to end the fight between the North and South. He wanted an immediate and peaceful resolution to terminate cruelty brought by slavery. The middle East is in the midst of another war. The Arab nations are in shambles. Diplomats should abide by the law and end all atrocities for the benefit of its citizens.


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    • profile image

      moli 5 years ago

      thank you for reading my hub

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Great hub about my favorite President. Well done!