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3 Modern Cartoons Children and Adults Can Enjoy Together

Updated on April 6, 2015

It Can Be Hard to Find Cartoons for Everyone

Holding the attention of children and adults at the same time takes work.

Many times shows are too childish for adults, filled with slapstick and craziness. Other times they have too much talking for children to follow. Finding the right mixture of animation and context is important to please everyone.

Cartoon Network has done a good job of providing entertainment for everyone. Their cartoons are funny and well made. Young children, teenagers and adults can all appreciate the humor as well. Plus, CN does a good job of making their cartoons accessible to everyone whether on TV or online.

When's the Last Time You Watched a Cartoon

As an adult it can be hard to find time to watch cartoons. Other times it can be hard to find a cartoon that is good enough to watch, one that holds your attention with humor and art. But have you been missing out on something?

  • Cartoons can be a relaxing escape from reality and reality TV
  • They can help you stay in touch with your creative side through inspiration
  • The subjects, plots and characters are more likely to be different and refreshing than real life ones
  • Cartoons can express ideas that would usually cost too much to create in a studio for a lot less money

Steven Universe, Clarence, and Teen Titans Go

As said in the title there are 3 cartoons you should focus on. This is whether you are unsure about watching cartoons as an adult or you want to enjoy them with your children. These 3 are sure to please with their well written scripts, adventurous and fun plots, and the all around great characters.

If you are looking for a light-hearted television show with a storyline that keeps you coming back for more, Steven Universe should be good for you. It has funny jokes and situations, but the underlying morals of the show make it a winner.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick show to get in and out of, Clarence offers fun times very quickly without any real knowledge of the show. The shows blends a child's view of the world with the realities of the world in a new way.

Teen Titans Go is the last show I think almost anyone can enjoy. With the 5 different main characters, all superheros, there is something for everyone. The episodes are also well thought out and really incorporate the comic book culture into the show in a good way for non-comic book readers.

Believe in Steven on Cartoon Network
Believe in Steven on Cartoon Network | Source

Steven Universe and It's Amazing Songs

The universe of SU is amazing. That would be the simplest way to describe it. Steven is a kid who lives with 3 crystal gems who have been protecting the earth from other gems for thousands of years. His mother gave up her life to make him and the story was born.

If that is not enough to get you interested the artwork is like candy for your eyes (not hard candy though, something soft). It is done in an older looking way mixed with modern lighting and quality. (Sort of like Adventure Time) The characters are so distinctive you will find yourself construing them out of everyday items.

Maybe you aren't so artsy about imagery and you want the feels from a story. The storylines are adventurous, exciting and thrilling. You will find yourself wanting more and more. As said before, there are a lot of evil/bad gems that want to harm the earth. Steven and the 3 crystal gems tend to clash with them quite often, sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose.

The songs, songs, and songs! This show has some of the best songs ever. The theme song is going to be your favorite song if you haven't already heard it. It is below in both versions. There are also a wide variety of songs throughout the show including "Stronger Than You" by Estelle which aired in one of the best SU episodes yet, Jail Break. These songs are not your normal songs. They are hilarious and sometimes they will sneak into your brain and hang out for a while.

Other Great Songs:

  • "Giant Woman"
  • "Steven and the Stevens"
  • "On the Run"
  • "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart"

Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl and Steven!
Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl and Steven! | Source

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Who is your favorite character?

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Steven Universe Pilot Theme Song

Although the Characters and Artwork Look Different Now

In the final production of Steven Universe the characters (Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet) all look different and the artwork is not exactly the same. This is the pilot video but the song includes an amazing part and sounds great in this version, so I had to use it.

The song is used as the theme song to SU, but it is a shorter version that doesn't sound the same. It is still good though.

See for Yourself - Normal SU Theme Song

Have fun with Clarence on Cartoon Network
Have fun with Clarence on Cartoon Network | Source

Clarence is the Friendliest Kid

This show may have slipped under the radar for a lot of adults. It does not look like much, the colors are a little different than most cartoons but it is great and Clarence is love-able for anyone. If you have a problem with Clarence then you have a problem with good nature.

Clarence is a 9 year old boy who is left to fend for himself most of the time. A lot of people don't seem to see eye to eye with Clarence but end up in need of his help from time to time. He is like the cornerstone of all the fun stuff with his great imagination. Also, he is always out to have a good time and never trying to bother people. So it seems like everyone can have a good time with him, even when they don't want to at first.

This is a no frills show that focuses on the imagination of Clarence, not are the artwork. With his closest friends, Sumo and Jeff, Clarence's adventures usually take place outside somewhere but often times end up at school.

Jeff, Sumo and Clarence
Jeff, Sumo and Clarence | Source

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Clarence Theme Song

The Theme Song Explains It All

I don't think I fully understood Clarence until I listened to the theme song. When you think about it, he really is the king of his little world. Many times he is the one calling the shots and making the adventure.

Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network
Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network | Source

Teen Titans Go is Super Funny

You don't have to be a fan of superheros to enjoy the comedy of Teen Titans Go. It is not only created really well, with great animation and concepts but the show is so funny you will find yourself laughing out loud a lot.

There are 5 Titans total and the Silky. Robin the leader, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven. Their unique personalities work well together and always lead them to an awesome story. Super powers just make the experience more fun. One thing always seems to happen though, everything gets beat up. The bad guys and the Teen Titans.

Something that sets Teen Titans Go apart from other superhero shows/cartoons is that the Titans are growing up. This makes them fun, irresponsible and a lot of trouble to each other and everyone else. They actually seem to be more troublesome than the villains at this age.

Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven
Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven | Source

Maybe you're a Teen Titans Go! fan?

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Teen Titans Go! Theme Song

Based Off the Theme Song

You can tell a lot about the show by the theme song actually. It showcases how crazy everything is and how you much energy is emitting from the show. There are literally colors everywhere when you watch the show and there's usually a couple of things going on at once. The song itself is really catchy, after listening to it a few times you will find it stuck in your brain.


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