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300 - True Heroes, King Leonidas and his Brave 300 - The Fight for Freedom

Updated on September 9, 2014

Do you know how some movies look so awesome in the trailer but then when you watch it, it's a big let down?

Too often, the action scenes on the trailers turn out to be all you get in the movie. I've seen several like that that left me wanting. 300 was so not that way!

300 was awesome!

I loved this movie so much, I have seen it more times than I can remember.

Seldom do I get films when they first come out on DVD because they tend to be a bit pricey but I did this one.

After watching it over and over, I can honestly say it was more than worth it.

A spartan soldier


Let's scope on the top ten reasons 300 is such a fantastic flick.

First, I love it because it's actually based in real history. Is the entirety of the film true? I highly doubt it as who knows every tiny detail of what happened in ancient Greece? What is known is portrayed so well.

King Leonidas of Sparta really did exist as did his brave 300 loyal Spartans. To me, the term that has been coined "brave 300" is such an understatement and a basic underlying theme that makes this movie so spectacular.

The battle depicted in the movie really did occur and was one of the major turning points in history.

Most movies show a hero or two, maybe a small band, but here you get hundreds, literally.

Reason number two is that seriously, there's brave and then there is brave. These guys, led by their king, Leonidas, walked knowingly into a battle they could never win. Knowing they faced certain death, they did it anyway. I have to give the courage displayed in that one historical act some serious type props.

Here's the deal in a nutshell. Sparta was city in ancient Greece that above all else prided itself on producing the finest warriors in the world and taking crap from no one.

Enter an emissary from the Persian empire. The messenger of Persia was rude beyond belief to our good king, his queen and basically threatened the entire city if it didn't kiss Persia's behind.

Well who wouldn't want to squab over that?

Most nations would acquiesce to the terror tactics when considering one sad but real fact.

Persia was the biggest and baddest empire in the world at that time. The army these 300 soldiers and their king faced outnumbered them by thousands upon thousands.

It's on!

King Leonidas, technically speaking, would have to be called a politician. Normally that word sends me into a tissy of thoughts dwelling on the corruption that has so infected the term in modern times.

Leonidas was what a politician, a leader and more importantly a free man should be. He was committed in a life sacrificing kind of way to protecting his people above all else.

Isn't that a contradiction? He decided to take on an army guaranteed to slaughter him, his warriors, his city state and even all of Greece. How could he have cared that much when he knowingly provoked Persia to such an end?

Topigraphical map of ancient Sparta

Image is part of the public domain
Image is part of the public domain | Source

That's reason number three.

The great King Leonidas knew the value and price of freedom. He was determined above all else that Spartans would remain free or perish rather than become slaves.

He gets a big standing ovation in my book just for the attitude.

You see, at the time, the concept of freedom was tiny when thinking numbers of folks that bought into it. Sparta was a model, an example, a shining star in a sea of dark oppression when compared to the empire of Persia where subservience was a matter of course.

To this day, Sparta serves as a glowing example of true sacrifice and dedication to the principles of freedom.

Reason number four is because a major theme from this ancient depiction rings true today.

While Sparta was a glowing example of what a free city state could be, it wasn't without political corruption. What government ever is? Check it out to see how a handful of corrupt, evil, money and power grubbers damaged even the strongest body of good men.

It reminds me so much of the political situation seen not only in America right now, but in too many governments around the world. Political corruption is like a cancer that is eating away at the joy and freedom of the masses around the globe.

Truly terrifying is the thought that if just a handful of wicked and selfish men could virtually bring Sparta to the brink of destruction, what's going to happen to humanity in the very near future considering such type is more prevalent in world politics now than not?

Money was at the heart of political corruption then just as it is now.


The fifth reason 300 really rules is the action.

Obviously, if you have seen the movie, you know these reasons are not in order because the action, fight and epic battle sequences are off the scale type fantastically done.

Reminiscent of a comic book almost in the shooting but still realistic, heads roll and blood gushes from one battle straight into the next.

There are several of the best choreographed fight scenes I have ever seen. The style is very much like that depicted in the Spartacus series. It's intense, no holds barred and slamming the entire time.

Coming in at number six, I have to give this portrayal of King Leonidas snaps for wit and humor mixed into such serious scenes.

Leonidas cracks me up at several points in this movie. He's not comic relief or going for laughs in any way. Don't get me wrong about the funny. This dude is serious. But still, his constant civility among such slaughter and brutality creates a juxtaposition of elements that literally gets me laughing out loud.

If I'm being brutally honest, I have to say he has more than a bit of smart ass in him but he does it in such a pleasant and logical way, I wish I could emulate it.

Reason number seven 300 rules has to be the sex appeal factor.

It's not only off the scale, it broke the scale. There's more buffed up beefcake in this film than any other I can think of. Seriously, every hero here and even some of the bad guys are big time kind of rippling muscles hot.

Guys, don't think your going to get ripped off here on the eye candy. There's more than one hot babe and the love scene between King Leonidas and his queen is smoking hot, hot, hot. A word of warning to parents here, this movie is really not appropriate for children.

There's nudity and a good bit of sex. No, no for the kiddies, sorry.

Number eight is because the sound is great.

The epic battle music in this flick is phenomenal. Pounding, moving and powerful, it really adds to the action rather than just being there or being over powering as is often the case.

Coming around to number nine brings us to the witty dialog between our heroes.

Going into such a situation as certain death makes me think folks would be super serious, depressed and possibly even seriously pissed off. Who could blame them?

However, in this depiction, the camaraderie between the heroes shown in the smart mouthed comments and way they rib each other screams friendship, loyalty and respect. You can tell these macho men admire each other greatly but in the manner of young guys world wide, they love to one up each other. It's funny and endearing.

Lastly, number ten, brings us to the end.

Endings, in relation to history, fascinate me for seldom are they "the" end but merely an end that sparks a new beginning. In reality, that's exactly what the battle of Leonidas and his brave 300 was. It was an end to some of the greatest heroes the world has ever known.

But, it was the beginning of an uprising that untied Greece and drove the concept of freedom for humanity forward into the future. It's more than a little conceivable that if that one event had never happened, a free western civilization would most likely never have come into existence.

You see, our entire concept of freedom comes largely from ancient Greece. To me, it's worth remembering the sacrifices of free people so long ago still ripple through time. It gives hope for the future and a model of what standing for freedom is really all about.

Don't take my word for it.

Don't take anyone's word for anything. Check it out for yourself. That's what freedom is all about, being able to decide for yourself, so have fun exercising yours!

Trailer for the blockbuster movie 300

Take a watch at the trailers for 300 and the newly released on DVD sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire.

Originally released in 2006, staring Gerard Butler as the unforgettable King Leonidas and Lena Headly of Game of Thrones fame as his queen, director Zack Snyder goes above and beyond in the epic battle must see movie, 300.

Also included here are a few of my favorite scenes from the movie.

It should be noted that while advertised as a sequel, technically speaking, 300: Rise of an Empire depicts some events that happened concurrently with the events in the first movie. To me, sequel normally implies what happens next so it was kind of interesting. As with most wars, there were battles going on everywhere.

300: Rise of an Empire - Official Trailer 2 by Warner Brothers Pictures

Which heroes do you like best, real or make believe?

See results

From art to books, jewelry, posters, prints and collectible cards, 300 spawned it all.

This movie was such a huge hit, tons of merchandise commemorating the film is adored by fans the world over.

Fans of graphic artistic battle depictions, history, heroes and epic action will love not only the movie itself, but the sequel 300: Rise of an Empire, too. Further fun for viewers of the sequel is a new kind of massive battle visual, monster battles on water.

300: Rise of an Empire
300: Rise of an Empire

I just got this and have already watched it twice.

Check out the mega naval battle scenes here! Never have I seen water battles on such an epic scale.

Of course, the action is way intense but the main character, Thermistocles, has some truly quotable lines. Awesome in the extreme.


© 2014 Rhonda Lytle

Scribe your scroll in the guest book to record your thoughts on the movie, time, characters or hero theme in general.  Freedom of speech is a great thing ;).

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