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31 Days of Halloween: The Final Batch

Updated on January 20, 2019
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Nathan is a film critic and aspiring author with a true passion for the film industry & hopes his writings will help launch his careers.


Here it is, the final 11 days of my Halloween movie marathon! Are these the best of the best or the worst of the worst? Read on and see if you agree or disagree!

Day 21: Demons & Devils

  • Amityville Horror (original) - A well-made film that stays true to the actual events. It keeps our attention, the tension casually building up until the nerve-wracking finale.
  • Amityville Horror (remake) - The remake adds elements to the story that didn't actually happen, making the film ridiculously over the top and completely unnecessary.
  • Annabelle - The prequel to the Conjuring has its moments but the thing that kills it is the fact that it's a fictional story based on a real story. Why not just tell the real story? Annabelle doesn't scare and it doesn't care.
  • Horns - A good story that's well-acted but is just far too drawn out for what it is.
  • Last Exorcism - One of the best exorcism movies around, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats and in complete suspense for most of the film.
  • Last Exorcism Part II - A dull sequel that is rather boring until the final few minutes.
  • Lazarus Effect - The story is interesting and the acting is good for the most part. Some scenes feel added unnecessarily so perhaps this would have been better as a short film?
  • Rosemary's Baby - A classic that never gets old. In fact, it's still as tense and riveting as ever almost 50 years later.

Days 22, 23, 24, 25, & 26: Killers

  • Halloween - The movie that redefined the slasher film, it's still just as riveting and paranoia-inducing today as it was back in 1978.
  • Halloween II - Actually a good sequel that is almost as good as the original, but ends rather unsatisfyingly.
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch - This is an example of a film that should not be made. The film has nothing to do with the series. It's just randomly there. As a standalone film, it might have been all right. As a sequel to a series that it doesn't even belong to? Fail.
  • Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers - Michael's story continues as he hunts for his niece. It's a good comeback. It is written well and young Danielle Harris plays her role well, causing us to really sympathize with her and hope for the best.
  • Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers - Almost immediately after the events of part 4, the film's pace is well done abd littke Danielle Harris gives us the performance of a lifetime.
  • Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers - Finally, Michael's power is revealed and it's rather dull. The conclusion to the main series leaves us disappointed and wishing for a better explanation.
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later - This film resets the timeline, making 4, 5, and 6 obsolete and this one a direct sequel to Halloween II. The story was a good idea but the execution of it was badly done.
  • Halloween: Resurrection - A useless entry that does nothing more than end the series on a bad note.
  • Halloween - An interesting re-imagining but degrades the good guys to the point where you are rooting for Michael.
  • Halloween II - The most boring, pointless, and disappointing film I have seen in a long time and that's saying something. It's even worse than The Witch.
  • House of Wax - It has a great story, well-written and for the most part is well-acted. The problem lies within its few characters that aren't acting well. All it takes is one bad performance to hinder a film.
  • Maniac - This is probably the closest we'll get to seeing inside the mind of a psychopath. It's intriguing, scary, unsettling, and it's all in first person.
  • Martyrs - One of the most disturbing films I've seen, Martyrs doesn't hold back and has an ending that will make you ponder its meaning for days.
  • Prom Night - The acting is sketchy at best and the story is pretty straightforward. Stalker sees girl, stalker stalks girl, girl runs from stalker. It's your basic formula that you've probably seen time and time again.
  • Psycho A classic that moves at a slower pace, but the slower pace is rather beneficial, casually gaining intensity until the reveal toward the end.
  • Psycho II - The film picks up 25 years later, and the story is rather interesting, even if it doesn't live up to the original.
  • Psycho III - Not exactly the best sequel but it's still entertaining.
  • Psycho IV: The Beginning - Norman talks about his origins, his mother, and his first kill. It;s basically a prequel with a commentary by the original psycho.
  • Psycho V: Bates Motel - This film ignores 2, 3, and 4 and picks up 20 years after the original psycho. It turns an intense series into a lame drama with very little meaning.
  • Psycho - It's an almost word-for-word remake of the original. As much as I love Anne Heche, the remake was pointless and unnecessary.
  • Raven - A well-written and superbly acted film that weaves horror and mystery together into a near-masterpiece.
  • Saw - The acting isn't that great, which is surprising considering Cary Elwes and Leigh Wannell are incredible actors. The plot, however, is well-thought out. All the film needed was just a little more time to prepare.
  • Saw II - The follow-up to the successful Saw film has several twists that are actually surprising, which is difficult to find in most modern films.
  • Saw III - The most complex of the series, part 3 has one major twist and the rest is just as intense as the first two. The acting has definitely improved and so has the game.
  • Saw IV - Oh you thought Saw III was the end? Oh, no no. We're just reaching the halfway point! This is the lesser of all the Saw films. I think it just tries to do too much in a short time frame.
  • Saw V - The fifth entry isn't great, but it does finally reveal who the big bad is and keeps you rooting for the wayward Detective Strahm to take the killer down.
  • Saw VI - The best of the series, part 6 brings the chills, the thrills, the mind games, and the question 'what would you do?'. It's superbly written and acted, completely underrated, with an ending that will leave you breathless.
  • Saw: The Final Chapter - It's a fitting end to the series, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and finally revealing what we have been waiting to see: just who is Jigsaw's true accomplice?
  • Tell Tale - It had a good idea but it wasn't executed well. It was rather empty and slow and needed more depth and emotion to it.
  • When a Stranger Calls - The original's first 20 minutes were thrilling but the rest of the film was a bore.
  • When a Stranger Calls - This is one of those rare times where a remake is better than the original. It keeps your heart pounding and your mind racing and doesn't let go of its grip on you until the credits roll.

Days 27, 28, 29, and 30: Supernatural

  • Casper - A fun, heartwarming family film about a misunderstood ghost who just wants a friend, and most of all, to be human again.
  • Cloverfield - Filmed in POV format, the film acts as found footage after a creature rampage in New York. It definitely doesn't disappoint as it's full of surprises and scares.
  • Coraline - A little too unsettling for younger viewers, but still overall an entertaining film.
  • Corpse Bride - A fun and tender film that makes you laugh, cry, and realize the dead have more fun than the living.
  • The Crow - There's almost no words for how magnificently beautiful this film is. It tears your heart in two and makes you really think about who is most important to you.
  • The Crow: City of Angels - A lesser follow-up that tries too hard to be like the original and falls flat.
  • The Crow: Salvation - I'm not sure why this one got so much hate. It's really not bad and is a completely different tone than the last two, which helps it in the long run.
  • The Crow: Wicked Prayer - The least of the four, Wicked Prayer has some good points and a few good one-liners but that's about all it's good for.
  • Dead Silence - One of the creepiest films around, and it's all because of Billy!
  • Dream House - It had a good plot but the film itself was rather boring and more of a drama than a horror.
  • Frankenweenie - Going into this, I didn't realize just how heart-wrenching it was going to be. We all wish we could bring our pets back to life after they've passed, but sometimes it's best to let them be at peace.
  • The Gathering - It moves at a slower pace but it still gets in its thrills. It's not the best film ever by any means but it's still a good watch.
  • Goosebumps - I was surprised by this film. I thought I'd hate it but it was actually delightful!
  • Hollow - Horrible acting, but an interesting modern day take on the Sleepy Hollow legend.
  • Hotel Transylvania - A cute family film that is chock-full of laughs and love that the whole family will enjoy.
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 - Every bit as sweet and funny as the original. Maybe Adam Sandler has found his calling!
  • Invasion - It's not the worst remake I've seen but it definitely could have used some work. The acting was perfect; it was just the pacing that hurt the film.
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers - The best remake I have seen yet, this version of Body Snatchers is frightening and disturbing, just like it should be!
  • Lights Out - Good idea, good acting, but I was still left disappointed. I have heard nothing but rave reviews and I was ultimately let down by the overall execution of the film.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - Probably the best Halloween/Christmas crossover film out there. The music is catchy, the songs never get old, and the plot is rather beautiful.
  • Pay the Ghost - What would you do if your kid went missing on Halloween? Nic Cage tackles the supernatural kidnapper in a surprisingly well made film.
  • Poltergeist - Probably the perfect horror film. It's chilling, thrilling, and truly intense.
  • Poltergeist II - The follow-up is even creepier and intense than the first. Instead of an unseen entity, we have to defeat The Priest Demon.
  • Poltergeist III - The final film ends the series well. It's too bad what happened to Heather O'Rourke. She had such a bright future.
  • Poltergeist - Another pointless, screwy remake that's unnecessary.
  • The Reaping - Mostly boring with just a few good moments.
  • Sleepy Hollow - Classic Depp and a must-see during Harvest time.
  • Slither - Hilarious, spooky, and sometimes dumb, the film is a lot of fun.
  • Splice - Intriguing, well acted, well-written, it gives you something to think about and something to be afraid of too.
  • When Good Ghouls Go Bad - A fun family film that is obviously just for fun, but still the effects needed work.

Day 31: Witches

  • The Craft - Not your average teen witch film; this one actually has a good plot, great acting, and is well-written to the viewers' delight.
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - Fun, action packed, and full of creepy looking witches that would rather eat you than look at you. The plot is good and the acting is well done and it certainly doesn't disappoint.
  • Hocus Pocus - The Halloween film that is probably the mkost well known, has some of the best laughs, and is endlessly entertaining.
  • Practical Magic - Good plot, but a slower than necessary build up really hurts the film.
  • The Witches of Eastwick - While the film has its comedic moments, it really does feel like more of a dramatic film. It still never ceases to entertain and keep us interested.

Special (Day 31 Part 2)

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Charlie Brown can really have some of the best adventures and never know it. Wonderful classic that all ages enjoy!
  • It's Magic, Charlie Brown - A classic funny Charlie Brown sketch that leaves big smiles on your face.


  • Amityville Horror (original) - 4 out of 4
  • Amityville Horror (remake) - 1 out of 4
  • Annabelle - 1.5 out of 4
  • Casper - 4 out of 4
  • Cloverfield - 4 out of 4
  • Coraline - 3 out of 4
  • Corpse Bride - 3 out of 4
  • The Craft - 3.5 out of 4
  • The Crow - 4 out of 4
  • The Crow: City of Angels - 2.5 out of 4
  • The Crow: Salvation - 3 out of 4
  • The Crow: Wicked Prayer - 1.5 out of 4
  • Dead Silence - 4 out of 4
  • Dream House - 2 out of 4
  • Frankenweenie - 4 out of 4
  • The Gathering - 3 out of 4
  • Goosebumps - 3.5 out of 4
  • Halloween - 4 out of 4
  • Halloween II - 3 out of 4
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch - 1.5 out of 4
  • Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers - 3 out of 4
  • Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers - 3.5 out of 4
  • Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers - 1.5 out of 4
  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later - 1.5 out of 4
  • Halloween: Resurrection - 1 out of 4
  • Halloween - 3 out of 4
  • Halloween II - 0.5 out of 4
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - 3.5 out of 4
  • Hocus Pocus - 3.5 out of 4
  • The Hollow - 1.5 out of 4
  • Horns - 2 out of 4
  • Hotel Transylvania - 4 out of 4
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 - 3.5 out of 4
  • House of Wax - 2.5 out of 4
  • Invasion - 2 out of 4
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers - 4 out of 4
  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - 4 out of 4
  • It's Magic, Charlie Brown - 4 out of 4
  • Last Exorcism - 4 out of 4
  • Last Exorcism Part II - 1 out of 4
  • Lazarus Effect - 2 out of 4
  • Lights Out - 2.5 out of 4
  • Maniac - 4 out of 4
  • Martyrs - 4 out of 4
  • Nightmare Before Christmas - 4 out of 4
  • Pay the Ghost - 3 out of 4
  • Poltergeist - 4 out of 4
  • Poltergeist II - 4 out of 4
  • Poltergeist III - 3 out of 4
  • Poltergeist - 2 out of 4
  • Practical Magic - 2.5 out of 4
  • Prom Night - 2 out of 4
  • Psycho - 4 out of 4
  • Psycho II - 3.5 out of 4
  • Psycho III - 2.5 out of 4
  • Psycho IV: The Beginning - 3 out of 4
  • Psycho V: Bates Motel - 1 out of 4
  • Psycho - 1 out of 4
  • The Raven - 4 out of 4
  • The Reaping - 2 out of 4
  • Rosemary's Baby - 4 out of 4
  • Saw - 3 out of 4
  • Saw II - 3 out of 4
  • Saw III - 3 out of 4
  • Saw IV - 2 out of 4
  • Saw V - 2.5 out of 4
  • Saw VI - 4 out of 4
  • Saw: The Final Chapter - 3 out of 4
  • Sleepy Hollow - 3 out of 4
  • Slither - 3 out of 4
  • Splice - 4 out of 4
  • Tell Tale - 2 out of 4
  • When a Stranger Calls (original) - 1.5 out of 4
  • When a Stranger Calls (remake) - 3 out of 4
  • When Good Ghouls Go Bad - 2.5 out of 4
  • The Witches pf Eastwick - 3 out of 4


It's been fun but I'm overall glad it's over with now. It's been a bit of a challenge but I did all the ones I wanted to do for the most part. You'll just have to come back and see me next year for the rest!

© 2016 Nathan Jasper


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