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35 Reasons Why Not to Miss the World Culture Festival

Updated on March 2, 2016

35 Reasons Why Not to Miss the World Culture Festival

The World Culture Festival is the talk of the town these days. With extensive media coverage and celebrities taking turns to invite you to the biggest show on earth, there are reasons aplenty to attend the Art of Living event. In keeping with the lucky number 35 associated with the event (35th birthday of the Art of Living and 35 Lakhs visitors to the event), here is a compilation of 35 reasons to attend the World Culture Festival. Read on!

Staggering Statistics

1. You get to be a part of history. A quick Google search would reveal that at no time in history so many people have come together to pray for peace and celebrate the diversity!

2. The event impresses by its sheer magnitude. It is spread across a massive 1000 acres.

3. The stage of the event is a mammoth 7 acres, as big as 6 football grounds.

4. You will be meditating with 3.5 million people. No one knows how powerful that can be. You have to be there to experience it.

5. A total of 35,973 artists will be performing in the event. There has never been and maybe never will be a time to witness so much variety of talents in one platform.

6. You can enjoy the musical symphony of around 8000 musicians playing over 40 different instruments.

7. You get to meet hundreds and thousands of people from as many as 155 countries.

8. Peace ambassador Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will conduct a worldwide meditation, with few millions more joining online - the largest so far in history.

One World Family

9. It will serve as the confluence point of various cultures. The world will come to Delhi on 11, 12, 13th March. The World Culture Festival is an opportunity to come say hello to the entire world.

10. While we are aware of different cultures and have often seen these showcased in the television, this is a place where you will get to see everything LIVE. Mindboggling experience guaranteed!

11. It will be a good lesson in celebrating diversity. In our times when the world appears to be so divided, this will be one very important point to take home.

12. It will be a great opportunity to actually see and feel what we have so long only heard - the ancient Indian concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - One World Family.

13. The World Culture Festival is also an opportunity to rekindle the hope and faith in the world. You come back with your faith restored in the goodness.

14. The event will show that we all can co-exist in spite of our differences through a deep understanding of each other's cultures. This is very much a need of the hour.

15. The World Culture Festival is a platform for good people to unite and demonstrate to the world the power of peace. It is a great beckoning to all of us. No missing this.

16. It will bring together leaders from diverse backgrounds to get together and find constructive ways to work for the society. You get to witness and participate in this.

17. In these times when religious fanaticism is rising in an alarming way, the World Culture Festival will offer the right platform to foster inter-faith harmony. No matter to which religion we belong to, being a part of the World Culture Festival is important.

Cultural Brilliance

18. It will offer an excellent sneak peak to India's rich and colourful traditions. The festivals and performances are sure to be a treat to the senses.

19. You can witness the dying folk culture of India. Hundreds of folk artists from the different states of the country will perform at the World Culture Festival. This will also be an impetus for their revival.

20. The World Culture Festival is a grand celebration of the varied cultures of the world. Beat all your stresses away with the singers, dancers and other performers from all across the globe.

21. You can experience and know more about the musical roots of different traditions and cultures.

Social Benefits

22. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone right from the leaders in all spheres to all of us to work with renewed vigour for the welfare of society.

23. It will give a message to the world that there are good people and that they can come together for the cause of global peace.

24. It promises to be a beautiful time with all almost everyone you know right from leaders to celebrities getting together to celebrate.

25. It is an opportunity to shape the collective future of the globe towards violence free and stress-free society.

26. It is a great opportunity to strengthen international relations.

27. You get to experience the benefits of Yoga and Meditation along with the entire world.

28. It is a proud moment for India as it hosts the largest cultural extravaganza. Be there and swell with pride!

29. Prime ministers of 36 countries and hundreds of delegates from several nations are slated to be a part of the event. It will be a treat to hear them all on one platform.

30. It will be inaugurated by our very own Prime Minister and the valedictory session will be given by the president.

Final Word

31. It is Art of Living’s 35th birthday, so if you are an Art of Living fan, be there to cheer Happy Birthday!

32. More than the staggering statistics of the World Culture Festival, it is the essence of the mega Art of Living event which stands out. Be here to show your solidarity with the cause of world peace.

33. The event is a wondrous celebration of our life on the planet with all its beauty and diversity. If you love life, this is a grand beckoning.

34. Attend because there is not a single reason not to attend!

35. Attend, also so that you do not have any regrets later on!

The Art of Living completes 35 years of service to humanity in 2016. To commemorate this momentous occasion, World Culture Festival is being organized in New Delhi on March 11, 12, and 13. The event is open to all and the entry is free.


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