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4 Hilarious TV Show Comedies That You Should Be Watching

Updated on February 22, 2016

Below are some of my favorite comedies that in my opinion do not receive the credit they deserve. Be prepared... funny inappropriate content below.

Broad City

My first impression of Broad City was that Comedy Central was trying to produce a female version of Workaholics. However, after a couple episodes of this show I noticed I was watching something that had never been done before. The show is revolutionary for women in comedy. The two main characters Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Abrams) have a on screen bond that rivals that of Fey and Poehler. Ilana is a free spirit who acts more like a sister wife than a best friend, while Abbi is on her dream to find a man and a career. This show is not short of some amazing guest stars including Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Kelly Ripa, and Seth Rogen. Both seasons one and two are on Hulu Plus.

Also, Ilana invented "Yas Queen." Enough said.

The Thick of It

The Thick of It is the hidden gem of UK Television at least from an American point of view. I started watching this show after seeing the Hulu commercial advertised for the hundredth time while watching The Office. Veep, the hit HBO show, is based off of The Thick of It. They both share the same ironic plots, elaborate insults, and political anarchy with a great cast. But where The Thick of It comes out above Veep is its main character Malcom Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi. Capaldi, the current Doctor of Doctor Who, portrays a Scottish PR spin doctor who tries to keep the UK Parliament looking good one catastrophe after another. He accomplishes this episode after episode with a variety of long swears and thorough sessions of breakdowns on most of the supporting cast. The Thick of It has three good seasons. The supporting cast gets mixed up a bit, but the humor stays throughout the series.

You can find the full series on Hulu.

Malcolm Tucker's Rants and Soundbites

Rick and Morty

I know what you're thinking. A cartoon? Really? But, this is probably the most well thought out, elaborate, and entertaining cartoon you will ever watch. Rick and Morty is a twisted parody off of the classic "Back to the Future" characters Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Rick is a mad scientist who uses most of his brilliance toward his selfish and narcissistic purposes, and what he has left goes to his dysfunctional family. Morty is the floundering, dim, grandson companion who seems to be the protagonist in most cases who helps steer Rick back to some semblance of morals. There is no shortage of comic allusions from OJ Simpson to Inception. But, the best thing that the show does is recycle its jokes while somehow making them even funnier the second time around.

The first season of Rick and Morty can be found streaming on Hulu, and the second season can still be found on the Adult Swim website.

Best Rick Scenes

You're the Worst

The FX Channel has a long list of good shows with a good following: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, Fargo, The Americans, etc., but You're the Worst is one of FX's shows that is sorely overlooked. This shows main premise is two horrible people trying to remain in a relationship together. When you hear this premise you think, "hasn't this been done by almost every sitcom from Friends to Big Bang Theory?" Not in the least. The two main characters Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) are literally awful to everyone, and a little less awful to one another and it works. The supporting cast of Kether Donohoue (Pitch Perfect) and Desmin Borges just adds to the comedic fire that Cash and Geere produce. Currently the first season can be seen on Hulu Plus, and Second Season is available directly on the FX site.

Whats You're Favorite of the Four?

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