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4 Television Couples: What We Can Learn From Them About Love

Updated on October 30, 2018

Television Couples

Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell (Charmed)


A look at their love story:

Summary of their relationship: Leo is a whitelighter, but not just any whitelighter, he's the charmed ones whitelighter. Piper is a witch, one of the charmed ones. Leo poses as a handy man in order to keep an eye on the charmed ones thus being how Leo and Piper meet.

How it all turned out: Well, after going through many trials and tribulations, they eventually get married and then a have their first son Wyatt. They have their second son Chris while they were separated and she was worried he was going to die after being shot by a dark lighter. As I said, after many interference's from both the supernatural and life, they do eventually get their happy ending together.

What we can learn from them: That even when every obstacle was thrown their way, they always found their way back to each other. They never stopped trying to make things work even when things became difficult. If love is strong enough and it's truly meant to be, then you'll always find a way back to each other and never stop trying to work things out.

Joe and Allison DuBois (Medium)


A look at their love story:

Summary of their relationship: Joe and Allison met in college. He became an aerospace engineer and she was studying to become a lawyer but due to her gift as a medium, she ended up becoming a consultant with the District Attorney's office. They married and had three daughters Ariel, Bridget and Marie.

How it all turned out: Well, being as she was a medium and her psychic abilities came to her in the form of dreams, they didn't have the most normal life. Her husband Joe could get angry at her at times for her gift. In general he was a good sport about it even when his three daughters inherited the same gift. Joe had to travel from Phoenix to San Diego for his job. Allison developed a brain tumor and was in a coma for a while. Through all of that they loved each other and supported each other. Unfortunately though he ended up dying in a plane crash and came to visit her in her dream. They fast forward to her being an old lady who passes away and Joe is there waiting for her.

What we can learn from them: That even when your with someone who isn't like everyone else and is special in someway, you can still stand by their side, being supportive and loving them. Even if you don't completely understand it. We can also learn that love never dies and even when they leave this earth they still love you and will be waiting for you.

There are television couples that portray the things that regular couples would go through and the difficulties that are apart of relationships. Though it's not often, some television couples can help us learn what true love really is and show us it's worth fighting for.

Jim Clancy and Melinda Gordon (Ghost Whisperer)


A look at their love story:

Summary of their relationship: Jim was a firefighter/paramedic. Melinda owned an Antique shop called "Same As It Never Was Antiques". She had the ability to see and talk to ghosts and help them cross over to the other side. I believe they met outside a building she was at trying to help a ghost find something in there. I also believe they had their first date at a hot dog stand.

How it all turned out: They ended up getting married and dealing with all the ghost stuff which he handled very nicely. Unfortunately, Jim ended up getting shot by accident and didn't survive the wound. His ghost came to Melinda but he didn't want to leave her. His spirit happened upon a car/motorcycle accident in which the man on the motorcycle died. Jim took that opportunity to jump into that man's body, thus now making him Sam. It took awhile but he eventually remembered he was Jim not Sam. He and Melinda eventually had a son together named Aidan.

What we can learn from them: That much like the above couple even when someone is different and unique (sometimes in unbelievable ways), they are still worth loving and committing to. Life won't be easy but you'll still be with the one you love. That's the important thing. Also, when they say in the wedding vows "til death do us part", they sometimes don't really part. Obviously, they won't be doing any body swapping but in one way or another they will always be with you and watching over you.

Michael Vaughn and Sydney Bristow (Alias)


A look at their love story:

Summary of their relationship: Michael (or as they refer to him in the show, Vaughn), was an agent in the CIA. Sydney was approached by someone when she was an undergraduate in English Literature about joining what she thought to be the supposed black ops section of the CIA called SD-6. She ended up telling her then fiance at the time about SD-6 and they had him killed. She then learned from her father that SD-6 was the Alliance Twelve which is an organization that is an enemy of the state. So, she goes to the real CIA and offers to be a double agent for them like her father. This leads Vaughn to becoming her handler, the person she passes information to. Thus how they met.

How it all turned out: Obviously being a double agent for the CIA who goes on undercover missions can make life difficult and relationships. That didn't stop Vaughn and Sydney from falling in love. They were through a lot together. Sydney was missing and presumed dead. She watched Vaughn get riddled with bullets and thought he was dead, along with many other hardships. They end up having a daughter together named Isabelle, then they flash to the future in which Vaughn and Sydney are semi-retired and married with a second child, a son named Jack.

What we can learn from them: Obviously, no relationship will ever be as complex as their's. However, much like the first couple and all the television couples in this piece,they were through a lot together. They never gave up and never backed down or stopped loving the other even in the times they weren't together. They were meant to be and always found their way back to each other. If you take nothing else away from this, remember that relationships are hard work. You can't just give up when things get rough, hard or complicated. Those are the times that separate the couples who really love each other from the ones that just clearly want a fling. Because, true love never quits and has no conditions or expectations. I think this couple and all these couples prove that.


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    • Kara Ward profile imageAUTHOR

      Kara Ward 

      21 months ago from Illinois


    • Rachel M Johnson profile image

      Rachel M Johnson 

      21 months ago

      Great article! I absolutely loved Piper and Leo, they were an amazing couple.


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