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40 Best TV Comedies of All Time: In One Sentence Each

Updated on May 31, 2016

1. I Love Lucy

Everybody loves a redhead, even in black and white.


2. The Honeymooners

Domestic violence never sounded so catchy.


3. The Andy Griffith Show

The theme song alone makes me want to go fishing.


4. The Dick Van Dyke Show

The arrangement of furniture is quite important.


5. Bewitched

Reality wasn't extremely important in the Sixties.


6. The Beverly Hillbillies

Fossil fuels used to be a little less regulated.


7. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Happiness is a man who can make you laugh and cry at the same time.


8. All in the Family

We could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.


9. M*A*S*H

During a war is probably when you could use a good laugh the most.


10. The Bob Newhart Show

Always watch a show to the very end.


11. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

My hat's off to this one.


12. The Jeffersons

Moving on up and getting on down.


13. Good Times

The original Survivor.


14. Saturday Night Live

In actuality, primetime wasn't ready for them.


15. Three's Company

Don't always believe what you hear.


16. Taxi

Lost in the city.


17. Cheers

Come for the beer, stay for the conversation.


18. The Cosby Show

Taking it all in stride.


19. Family Ties

What would we do without love and capitalism?


20. The Golden Girls

Old people are just young people in the future.


21. Roseanne

Started at the bottom.


22. Seinfeld

Why would we want to help somebody?


23. The Simpsons

Join the Navy.


24. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Your prince is definitely in effect.


25. In Living Color

Let me show you something...


26. Frasier

Intellectually speaking, a serving of scrambled eggs might clear that right up.


27. The Late Show with David Letterman

I wouldn't give his problems to a monkey on a rock.


28. Friends

How many of us have them?


29. Everybody Loves Raymond

It's not really about the kids.


30. Sex and the City

Always dress for the occasion.


31. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Society has a lot of stupid little rules.


32. Arrested Development

There's always money in the banana stand.


33. The Office

I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.


34. How I Met Your Mother

Wait for it.


35. 30 Rock

What if the Germans won?


36. The Big Bang Theory

13.7 billion years in the making.


37. Modern Family

Timing is everything.


38. Parks and Recreation

If government could solve problems we wouldn't need government.


39. Louie

Life is pretty much just watching other people die.


40. Orange is the New Black

Every story has a beginning.

Is this really the best of the best?

Did I miss one? If yes leave me a comment and tell me your favorite shows!

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