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Movies that feature grave robbing!

Updated on October 28, 2019

Terror comes from beneath!

This is all about horror movies that feature some bastards that can't leave well enough alone. The world will always benefit and then...

The thirteen unthinkable!

13. Plan 9 from Outer Space- Originally known as " Grave Robbers from Outerspace, this is about aliens with a devious plan to rob graves on Earth to create an army of the undead. Ok, it was really an asinine idea that made no sense at all. It was "stupid, stupid, stupid". Fun movie though!

12. Friday the 13th Jason Lives- To make sure that Jason Voorhees is dead, a man who had family members that were murdered, open the Chrystal Lake Killer's grave. Where do these idiots come from, and who gives them shovels?

11. House of Dracula- A quest for power causes a mad scientist to aquire the body of count Dracula. Of course, Frankenstein's monster and the Wolfman join the party and all Hell breaks loose!

10. Pet cemetery 1989- A good person that suffers and unthinkable tragedy starts to think thought that are best not thought. This was creepy and circumstances kept getting worse as time went on.

9. Blade Trinity- Blade makes a critical mistake and is arrested for murder. Of course he escapes. Angry and terrified, the Vampires that set him up, go to a distant country and steal the corpse of Dracula. This leads to an epic showdown full of surprises.

8. Bordello of Blood- A bizaar but viable plan to wipe out a certain type of deviance and crime involves an awful act. Those who process the heart of the powerful vampire queen, rob her grave to resurrect the rest of her. It would up being a pretty bad idea.

7. The Mad Ghoul- A renowned scientist and a medical student team up to explore the ancient secrets of rejuvenation while pursuing their love interest. What the problem? The scientist is as evil as Hell itself!

6. I Sell the Dead- A grave robber by trade discovers a way to make a much larger profit. He pursues that without a first. Because now he robs the graves of the undead. If I've learned anything, " Never trust a corpse"!

5. Frankenstien meets the Wolfman- In this sequel to both the Bride of Frankenstein and the Wolf man, Larry Talbot desperately seeks Dr. Frankenstein and his knowledge. Instead he finds someone unexpected and then the moon finds him.

4. Phantasm- A bizaar and nasty grave robber known as the Tall Man, uses his unique weapons to wipe out his enemies and those who know too much. Low budget, but scarier than a smelly, rotten grave.

3. The Body Snatcher (1945)- Universal strikes again! This time, Karloff and Lagosi team up in a disgusting but tasteful tale.

2. Psycho (1961)- A deranged individual murders a relative and takes on their personality as a second one. Then to make it work, they dig up the body, dress it and give it it's own room. It sounds nuts because t is one of the best murder mysteries ever.

The evilest of the evil.

1. Frankenstein 1931- A brilliant Dr. becomes obsessed with the mysteries contained in life and death. After he and his assistant Fritz rob graves to revive a human, they instead created a hideous monster!


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