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6 Best 'Found Footage' Movies

Updated on April 7, 2016

The Visit

This thriller centres on two children who spend an increasingly unsettling week with their grandparents and although this movie isn't technically 'found footage' it is still mostly told through the lens of the children's camera. This movie was actually surprisingly funny but still filled with suspense that leaves you waiting on the edge of your seat. I love es loved the final twist towards the end that really shocked me.

End Of Watch

End of Watch follows the two cops as they record their police duties for a film project and face off against gang members. The found footage in End of Watch amps up the intensity onscreen and gets deep into the real life battles between gangs and law enforcement in the real world.

Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters centers on the crew of a paranormal investigation show that winds up locked inside a haunted mental asylum in search of evidence of the supernatural. In true horror film fashion, the television crew soon discovers that they have made a grave mistake in underestimating the asylum and those that lie within. Although this is not exactly a fresh take on the genre, it is sure to give you the chills and scare you into sleeping with the lights on.

The Blair Witch Project

Three amateur documentary makers head, with their camera, into a mysterious forest with a reputation for supernatural occurrences ... then they begin to hear noises. The Blair Witch Project is a cult classic and really kicked off the entire found footage genre. It was a horrifying film and really had you on the edge of your seat The entire way and just when you thought the scares were over, they were back. This is a great classic and definitely could not be left out of this list.

Alien Abduction

Alien abduction follows the story of an autistic boy and his family on a trip in the brown mountain woods. The story is shown through the eyes of this boys camera and the non stop suspense throughout certainly cements this movie in the hall of fame of the found footage genre. It is a different take on the usual alien movies but it really sets quite a realistic tone right from the beginning.


Cloverfield must be one of my all time favourites and definitely my favourite found footage movie. This movie revitalised the genre made famous by the Blair witch project and it carried on the legacy of the great genre and made sure it is remembered for a long time. This movie was so big that it even inspired a sequel.

Check out the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane below:


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