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5 Folklore Heroes immortalized in Films and Literature

Updated on January 17, 2015

Folklore Heroes and Heroines


How are Folklore Heroes/Heroines?

A folk hero/heroine is an ordinary individual who gets transformed into an extraordinary person during times of high distress. The suffering/trouble may arise in the form of natural disasters like famine, plagues, hurricanes or floods; other forms of distress are social injustice, poverty, and discrimination. Immortalization here refers to the remembrance of a personality through literature or film. Each of the following individuals is either remembered by means of writing, stories or movies.

Robin Hood of Loxley


Robin Hood

Robin Hood is popular folklore hero in medieval England. According to historical texts, it is debatable whether or not a Robin Hood existed, but the existence of an individual of Robin’s character deserves no doubt. According to legends Robin Hood and his band of “Merry Men” stole from the rich and offered the proceeded to the poor of England. The story of Robin Hood lacks constancy, and various depending on which part of England you visit. Nevertheless, Robin Hood is immortalized in both English literature and modern cinema.

Lancelot and Guinevere


Sir Lancelot

Many love stories have been engineered from the romantic overtures of Sir Lancelot and his lovely Guinevere. The travels of Sir Lancelot in search of the Holy Grail are very popular in France. Sir Lancelot is also represented as a member of the Knights of King Arthur's "Round Table". The story of Sir Lancelot is based on the life of a Welsh man called Llwch Llawwynnauc. The modern film industry has paid remarkable homage to the character of Lancelot and his role as a “Knight of the round table”.

The Tale of William and the Apple


William Tell

William Tell of Switzerland is not such a famous figure as Robin Hood; nevertheless, he does perform the same tasks as Robin. The name William Tell released global recognition after the production of a popular Television Series called “William Tell." The hype about William Tell may have shimmered down over the years, but he is still remembered in television programs and films.

The Last Great Queen of Ethiopia


Queen of Sheba

The authenticity of the existence of the Queen of Sheba is held in Ethiopian historical texts. She is believed to have developed her empire of Ethiopia through the use of intelligence and profound wisdom. The Queen of Sheba is also represented in religious scriptures that detail her interaction with King Solomon of Israel. The Queen of Sheba is remembered in many of the modern biblical Old Testament films that involve King Solomon.

The Retrieval of Excalibur


King Arthur

King Arthur is remembered as a British leader who leader his men to victory against the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons. King Arthur is supported in history by British texts that place his existence somewhere in the fifth or sixth century. King Arthur according to folklore is the leader of an exception league of Knights committed to protecting his kingdom from any form of harm. King Arthur is also said to have sort the help of mystics by employing the skills of a wizard called Merlin. There exist numerous films and television series that immortalize the name and persona of King Arthur.

Heroes of Folklore


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    • David Rugu profile imageAUTHOR

      David Rugu Ngigi 

      3 years ago from Kitui, Kenya

      I appreciate the fact that you enjoyed it Ariah and Angie you are not well hahahaha what do you mean?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      im not the folklore type though, but i enjoyed the amount of details. very engaging.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      i was born at a time when folklore stories were booming! i definitely get this.


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