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5 Good TV Shows: Totally Worth it Timewasters

Updated on November 5, 2012

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Oh man, where should I start with this one. Of all the TV shows that I have wasted my time watching, this one is the absolute best of all time. When ever I tell people this, I always get funny looks. People are skeptical as to how a show that is animated and geared towards children (it aired on Nickelodeon here in the states for god's sake!) could possibly be so good. And my only answer to these people is to just watch the first couple of episodes and then tell me your not hooked.

The show is focused on a young boy named Aang who is unfrozen after spending years trapped in an ice berg. Aang is the current Avatar (spiritual figurehead) in this fictional world and has been lost for many years. Upon his return, he finds that the world is in danger of attack from the fire nation who is trying to take over. Over the course of three seasons Aang must master the arts of bending (an awesome variation of martial arts) the four elements and eventually duke it out with the fire lord. Along the way he meets many people and makes many friends who all have an influence on him and help to shape the person he becomes.

Even though the animation for this show is decidedly cartoonish, it does not take away from the ability of the animators to make some bad ass looking stuff. The way that they fight in this show is by controlling the elements (bending them); for example and earth bender would stomp the ground and a bunch of boulders would pop up and be able to be hurled wherever the bender desired. The shows creators creativity with the abilities combined with the animation makes for some awesome battles and some greatly entertaining TV. I for one am still trying my best to bend the elements in my free time. The possibilities that this show opened up in my mind will forever be with me, and I will keep trying until I have the power to control my own elements.

One reason I think that this show is good is because it deals with many 'real' issues that we all face in our own lives. Throughout the show the characters deal with love, loss, friendship, betrayal, hope, happiness and yada yada yada...basically, all the emotions and circumstances that we all face in life. The fact that it is children in the show and the low budget cartoon animation style chosen, really help to portray all these life lessons and make the characters seem very real.

Hiding behind the guise of a simple children's show, Avatar is a profoundly epic story that will captivate you and drag you into its fantastic fantasy world as well as, if you are watching, leave you with many profound ideas that you can apply to better your own life.

My Name is Earl

This is another simple as show that was just chock full of charm and funny jokes. The premise of the show is centered around Earl (who else?). He is your stereotypical trailer trash, small time criminal. One day he wins a bunch of money on a scratch ticket and then immediately gets hit by a car. When he wakes up days later ticket less, he has a sort of revelation where he becomes awakened to a system of karma and realizes why as someone who does only bad things can have such a bad life.

Together with his brother and the rest of his motley crue including an even trashier ex-wife, a tolkien black guy (of course) and many outlandish over the top characters he sets out to better his town and give redeem himself to each and every person that he has wronged in his life.

This was a very simple show that is easy to follow. It deals with the theme of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, while keeping a light humorous outlook and providing many laughs.

Northern Exposure

So I had seen a couple of episodes about 6 years ago on some unheard of random channel on my familys basic cable. And I have to say that I wasnt much of a fan when I first saw it and I checked it out mentally on my list. However last year I was staying with some friends and they happened to be big fans of the show. I decided to give it another try because it had been a while since the first time and I had repetadly heard how good of a show it was from several other sources. Man where they right, this shit is great!

Northern Exposure follows the life of a big apple NY doctor who is transfered for 4 years to a small town in Alaska. He is very opposded to the move and trys all he can to get out of the deal but ends up making friends and being integrated into the town....and you can see where it goes from there. All the charcters are great and well developed...they got everything...the jewish New York doctor....the wisdom filled native ex-astronaut tough guy....and many more.

One thing that I particularly liked about this show is teh fact that it was so simple. The charchters are easy to understand and the dialouge is never confusing. It is in the simplicity of portraying of the human condition that this show is so profound.


Im willing to bet that many of you have seen this show or at least heard of it. Its been around for a while and was made by the same guy who created the Simpson's, Matt Groening. The story line is set in the year and 3000 and follows the lives of a group of people who work at a delivery company, "Planet Express". While this is an animated show, it is definitely not just for kids. The shows creator clearly is intelligent and has an extensive knowledge of science and physics. The show deals with topics such as humanity, love...basically everything that happens to people.

Its almost like Sienfield in the way that the show is really about nothing but the stuff that happens in the everyday lifes of ordinary people. Except that it happens in the year 3000 and beyond so the world/universe is a wholly different place. If there was a more creative show ever invented, I have yet to find it. You dont have to watch the shows in order to make sense of the story either so its great to put on when you just need something distracting or when you are in a mental state where you probably wont remember many details anyway :) Nothing to outwardly epic in the show but it does have some pretty awesome tidbits of knowledge buried just below the surface!

High School of the Dead

Oh man, this one was epic. The story line itself was killer, I mean who doesn't like a good zombie apocalypse story (side note: I usually don't but this one caught me). It basically starts out with a regular day in a Japanese high school but everything goes to shit when the zombies start invading. There's all kinds of guns and weapons and plenty of ass beatings to go around.

However the best part of the show is the animation, I swear if this show had been made in America, there's no way it would have gotten on TV. There's a ridlicious amount of panty shots and it seems that every girl has a huge pair of double d's that are bounc'in around all over the place all the time! Even when the story line, which has nothing really groundbreakingly original in it, gets a bit dry, you will be entertained just watching the characters bounce and trounce around.

Also, at only 11 or 12 episodes long, its the perfect length and ends just when it should. Its on netflix as well and is easy to find all the episodes on the internet for free.


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    • Amber Howard profile image

      Amber Howard 5 years ago from Wallkill, New York

      Oh gosh. Avatar The Last Airbender... so many good things to say about it. Now I have to go watch it again, thanks a bunch - and fantastic hub.