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5 Horror Films That Deserve A Reboot

Updated on June 14, 2017

Three big names in the remake industry!

These cats all got the remake wagon rolling... who is next?
These cats all got the remake wagon rolling... who is next?

Let there be horror!

I am usually not an advocate for remakes. I thought the new Nightmare On Elm Street was so bad that Freddy was scared to sleep because it would haunt his dreams, but not in like a kill you sort of way but more like a bad movie thing. Moving along.....

While I am not a huge fan of remakes I won't deny that some of these horror revisits have sparked my attention. I am digging the new Jason in Friday The 13th, loving the Halloween revamps Rob Zombie has done and truthfully I am even curious about the new Hellraiser coming to DVD. IT is set to hit the remake stage and a person can't help but wonder when a few other films might do the same thing. I wanted to pose the question, if not the idea of when these 5 horror goodies might get their chance in the spotlight for a second time.

Original Trailer


Everything is true. God's an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live.
Everything is true. God's an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live.

5. Night Breed AKA Cabal

Being a huge fan of Clive Barker I am thrilled to see an interest in his Hellraiser characters again on the big screen. I still can't help but wonder however with his popularity back on the rise why we are not seeing a revamp of the amazing masterpiece known as "Night Breed". This film was a mind screw from scene one and even spawned a few rip offs down the way. (The Collector's mask being a reference here!)

The creatures of "Night Breed" would be greatly enhanced with modern effects technology and could really be a more frightening film all around with some of the work being done digitally today. While the original is in it's own right a true work of art could you imagine the world of Midian with some new imagery. It would be fantastic to say the least.

Even simple aspects of the film such as Boone's transformation into Cabal could be made more exciting and with a new approach we might even see more of Barker's original book pop up in the film to add to the already amazing story. I realize this is not one of those top of the list horror films we read and hear about all the time but it is one that should be. In the world of horror Barker has set a bar quite high and "Night Breed" is a prime example of that.

What could we expect in the remake? I would think the monsters would be much more animated and more theatrical than their previous endeavors as well as a lot more by way of scenery setting the dark underworld of Midian apart from the world of the "living". I also think we would see a lot more depth to the characters that make the story so memorable. Peloquin would be far more exciting with a revamp of his look as would the very eccentric Narcisse.

A revamp would give us more of the dark terror associated with Barker's deeper works but also give us those effects we have grown to love in modern films like "Saw".

Imagine this with with modern effects!

Killer Clowns

Funny with a slice of horror.... I would buy that!
Funny with a slice of horror.... I would buy that!

4. Killer Clowns From Outer Space

In the wacky world of nostalgic horror films this beauty has risen to the top of the list! Killer Clowns is one of those films that by all means should have never had the success it had but it's quirky approach to horror has captivated audiences and will continue to do so.

A remake could be very profitable right now riding alongside the coat tale of It. While It's clown seems more dark and menacing the clown from outer space are more witty and humorous. That does not mean they are not dangerous. They are just as evil and crazy as Pennywise but that dark humor could be a very valuable asset to a film in the horror genre as with the revamp of Freddy the dark humor we grew to love in the 80s seems to have died with parachute pants and New Kids on the Block!

A revamp could see us getting a better assortment of clowns each with their own special abilities to brag about. I would imagine the fat clown and the tiny clown stay around but a more diverse grouping would really add to the thrill of such a film.

New clowns would be great but we would also get to see some added gore and effects that will make the scenes we remember that much more gruesome and memorable. The cotton candy scenes would be so much more yummy with a modern retake on them, would they not?

I would also imagine the settings and scenes would be a lot better. While ahead of it's time per say the film's backdrop of the circus spaceship was not all that appealing and a lot of details were left out that with a modern twist could be brought into view. The ship could be much more spectacular using modern effects and stage building practices.

I can also see a revamping of the main characters to make them a little less vulnerable and a lot more capable of doing something about the invasion.

The Tall Man

A darker more outspoken version might do the film justice.
A darker more outspoken version might do the film justice.

3. Phantasm

How cool would it be to see The Tall Man hit the big screen again to instill that amazing terror only he could? Phantasm while not really often looked at as a mainstream horror adventure is one of those classic films with a very pivotal story to tell. It has an amazing cast of characters as well as one of the big screen's most impressionable bad guys.

A modern revamp would allow for a lot more detail into the dimension of terror the little monks come from as well as add a whole new element to the real star of the films, the sphere. While capturing the allure of Reggie Bannister may truly be impossible and not having Angus Scrim at the helm of the Tall Man might be a bit unnerving I am sure a remake would still call out to true Phantasm fans.

I can imagine getting a more detailed look at what makes the Tall Man so intimidating and getting to see a little more into the world he draws power from would add so much to the already impressive mythos of this franchise.

Spider Baby

2. Spider Baby

I realize I am pulling deep from old school horror here but stay with me. "Spider Baby" was in it's time a true work of horror art. It's cast were stand outs (first Sig Haig) and the story was so unexpected. But imagine a modern twist to this story.

I look at this with the potential of a "Carrie" reworking. Take the baby herself and give her a slue of mental issues. Make her dark and drab like Nancy from "The Craft". The potential for terror is all over this one.

Now let's make the guardian of this demented little girl less of a cover up person and more of a controller of the spider. You see a new twist develop and now you have a horror film that is half chainsaw half purge and we love it!

Spider Baby was a real work of emotional horror that was driven by the unusual behavior of a little girl. In today's rather strange world of female bad guys we could really expand on that approach and go full scale with what could be a new face in the prime horror world. OK so that is probably not going to happen but still it would be an amazing remake!

Which One Is Scarier?

A toss up I presume.
A toss up I presume.

1. Critters

As a kid this film was one of the ones I watched until my VHS copy had so many lines in it it started to look like notebook paper. For me Critters was an exciting alien film that really did not go full blown sci-fi but stayed true to the horror side of the genre. It had an amazing cast and one of the most unique bad guys I had ever seen. Even now the Crites are extremely interesting and make for a great foe to any horror film protagonist.

I would love to see this series get a film remake and grace the big screen. Today's advances in technology would really spark the science fiction side of the film while the creatures themselves could get a really cool update to the look. I have to admit they were more adorable than intimidating at first until those razor sharp fangs came out.

Critters had a wholesome mix of gore and humor and I think that would really have to carry over to a remake for it to work. I think the biggest key would be a modern approach to the look of the critters themselves.

I would imagine more porcupine features and maybe putting some spikes in there for good measure. I think giving them a new look might make the film relevant again and really get the old fans out to see the new and improved look of one of horror's most underrated villains.

With four films total I see no reason a remake could not be possible on this one.


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 9 days ago from Norfolk, England

      Oh goodness, them killer clowns lol.

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 8 months ago from Wheelwright KY

      Thanks bud.

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 8 months ago from Louisiana

      Nice job, Sam. I'd love to see more Psycho movies. The first one correlates with the novel it's based on, but the subsequent films (which I actually do like) deviate; it'd be cool to see some based on the sequel novels.

      Beyond that, I'm surprised to say I can't think of many more ideas beyond what you have, despite my love for horror. Kudos to you!

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 8 months ago from Wheelwright KY

      Thanks. I would love to see it back on the big screen with some new fun filled screams and laughs.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 8 months ago from Singapore

      You're right, there's a lot of potential in these.

      Looking at what is happening with It, I think Killer Clowns, done correctly, would be a smash hit too.