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Top 3 Beyond Sci-Fi References In The Netflix's Stranger Things Series

Updated on July 31, 2016

1. The CIA's Project MK Ultra Was Real

Althought it was portrayed differently in the series, a document published by the New York Times entitled "Project MK Ultra, The CIA's Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification" declassifies a lot of the CIA's experimentation with illegal substances and psychoactives for several purposes including hypnosis, mind control, interrogation, and, as mentioned in the title of the document, behavioral modification.

Although there are many conspiracies surrounding the controversial government project, legitimate sources confirm that these experiments were conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency as part of their Scientific Intelligence Division. In order to avoid being speculative about it, better research more about it for yourself.

2. The Sensory Deprivation Tank

Even now, there are still both experimental and practical uses for isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks including therapy, meditation, and many others. Although during the period that the show portrays, similar psychologists who were then considered renegade professors in Harvard such as Timothy Leary and John C. Lilly were already using the sensory deprivation tank in their studies. And, again, just as it has been alluded to, the uses during this period was heavily on psychoactive substances for purposes of achieving higher levels of consciousness.

This shows that, although obviously prohibited by the law, there was also experimentation in the academe or private sector aside from the declassified government experiment such as MK Ultra.

4. Other Dimensions In Quantum Physics

In quantum mechanics, there is a theoretical branch referred to as String Theory where particles have been found to unusually behave like waves. Aside from this, they were observed to be capable of being in two places at once or act entirely against conventional and established expectations of physicists.

This gave birth to The Everett Interpretation or the Many-worlds Interpretation, positing that there are alternate "worlds" or universes all playing out and overlapping or occupying the same space/time and this was what was explained to the young children who were out in an adventure to find their friend Will. It's all probably still entirely conceptual or theoretical but particle behaviors in the quantum level make the plots in the show entirely plausible.

Stranger Things Trailer

Any Other Historical or Scientific References You Saw?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below if there are other references to history or physics or other branches of sciences that was missed in this article. Other than that, you're probably here because you know those 8 episodes were not enough. Don't you wish there was more? What other theories do you have about the show and how it could move forward? Netflix surely has us hooked and waiting for more.


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