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5 Reasons to Watch ABC's The Rookie

Updated on October 28, 2018
Wesley Atwood profile image

Wesley is an avid series follower and cinema lover that has certifications in media, communications, and technology.

Whether or not you have been paying attention to what's new on television, you should be watching ABC's new com-dram cop show: The Rookie. The show's pilot episode premiered on October 18th with the second episode having already dropped the following Tuesday. If you have no idea what this show actually is though or especially haven't heard anything about it yet, start listening quickly because here are five good reasons you should catch up on it now.

1. It's Nathan Fillion!

That's right, Firefly and Castle die-hards, this one is for you! Nathan Fillion is the star of the show and almost entirely who the story follows, not only that but he is one of the show's executive producers. The man himself constantly jokes about how many failed pilots he has been a part of and the fact that this show is not just another failed pilot, quite well means we should be getting a very best of the best performance wise from Mr. Space-Cowboy. For those of you who really enjoyed the mysterious side of Castle, be assured, Fillion definitely brings it back to the table in a fantastic way that does quite well indeed with the show's chemistry.

A Man With No Plan?
A Man With No Plan?

2. There Are Only Two Episodes Out (As Of This Moment)

As earlier said, the first two episodes are just barely out, with the third already locked, loaded, and ready to blast onto television this Tuesday, October 30th. There could not be an easier and better time to start watching. Say you watch episode one and it just is not for you. No harm no foul, but say you got space-roped-in, well time to binge episode two then. After the anxiety sets in that you have just watched the only two episodes available to your new favorite show, let it be a comforting reminder that episode three is just a few short days away! Plus, be honest, with each episode only being an hour each, two hours of Nathan Fillion is just not enough.

3. New Type Of A Cop Series

Unlike most other comedy, drama, or com-dram cop shows that have come and gone, especially on ABC, this one has a newer take on the idea. Fillion's character is a fresh out if the academy, newbie to the force but unfortunately due to his age at the time of joining makes for an interesting spin on how that might influence transitioning from civilian to police officer. Just from the premiere, its already highly notable that Fillion will be challenged by what is a normal way to be, how he currently is, and how he will have to adapt to certain ways of thinking if he wants to be successful in this new profession.

Meeting The Capitan...
Meeting The Capitan...

4. ABC Has Already Ordered More Episodes To Be Made

That's right! ABC has already ordered at least three more scripts to be made and those are just the ones we know about so far. This is probably due to the fact that episode one on the day of its premiere reached roughly 5.4 million viewers and scored a 1.0, which happens to be pretty normal for a premiere on ABC. Episode two reached just over 4.5 million, with episode three set dated for October 30th, it will be interesting to see if these numbers will grow or hang around this range. Thankfully for we know there are at least eight episodes so far for season one, eight Fillion-filled episodes of excitement, small, but well-placed one-liners, and jokes.

Nervous First Day
Nervous First Day

5. What Else Are You Doing On A Tuesday At 10pm Anyway?

The Rookie airs 10pm Tuesday nights on ABC, while there are some other shows that come on around then on other major broadcasting networks like CW's Arrow, CBS's NCIS: New Orleans and NBC's New Amsterdam; ABC and The Rookie give you a new choice to fill that slot. After all, why not change up your typical Tuesday by throwing in some laughs, action, and a few unexpected thrills to help get through the week .

Get On It Already!

If you have not given this rookie cop his fair shot yet at taking that spot, or just miss some good ol' classic but fresh Nathan Fillion, now is a perfect time before the story gets any deeper and the show takes off running.


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