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5 Reasons Why I Like Kanye West

Updated on February 6, 2015


When Kanye comes up in a conversation, people either listen or shake their heads. While he does a lot of dumb things, some of them I have not agreed with, I personally think his music is legendary. After defending him time and time again I decided to make a list of all the reasons I like him, so I can give a link to any doubter.

1) His (Religious) Boldness

I don’t think that Kanye should compare himself to God, Kurt Cobain, Shakespeare, or Jimi Hendrix, but I love how passionate he is about religion. “Jesus Walks” is one of the best songs of all time, and I think it pushed the boundaries of rap music. Although there are other rappers who are passionate about God (I’ve heard him mentioned in Tupac songs), I’ve personally never heard a rapper with as much intensity for the subject. In “Jesus Walks” he points out a trend of what gets heard in the rap industry and why it is dumb: “Guns, sex, lies, video tapes. But if I talk about God my record won’t get played. Huh?” One of my favorite lines ever.

Besides religion, I love how he is confident with everything. While most say that he is a “douche” who has a big ego, I think that he has doubts. He just hides it up and overshadows it by stroking his ego, not letting anything bring him down or at least show any defeat; I deal with issues in a similar way. I believe that being humble is a very honorable trait, but so is having confidence. Proof he’s human from a quote I found: “We all self-conscious. I’m just the first to admit it.”

2) Reminds me that we can bounce back (especially from contradiction)

It’s true that sometimes I wonder if Kanye realizes his mistakes—in one interview with Ryan Secrest he said that his child would know that Beyonce is still better than Taylor Swift—but I think for the most part he knows his mistakes and recognizes that he has bounced back many times from scrutiny. He just keeps on doing his own thing.

Some people are strict about contradiction and believe that saying and doing two different things isn’t right, but I completely relate and find myself refreshed by his personality mostly because I relate. I have and still do a lot of stupid things, especially because of my big mouth and not being able to make up my mind, and I tend to beat myself up while things disappear for my mistakes. Kanye reminds me that we can always bounce back. Check this quote I found where he admits to being all over the place: “I wouldn’t even say I’m a rapper. I’m more of a messenger…I’m totally weird and I’m totally honest and I’m totally inappropriate sometimes. But for me to say I was a genius, I’d be totally lying to you and to myself.”

3) His Music Transgresses Genres

Sure, he doesn’t cover all genres, but I’ve read a lot of Indie blogs that praise his album 80’s and Heartbreak and there’s a reason why. The dude makes catchy tunes! People, like my dad, can absolutely hate him but usually enjoy one of some tracks on that album. I think there’s no reason to doubt that he is an artist just because he uses auto tune which is a tool a lot of people use in today’s society. Would Paul McCartney have even agreed to collaborate with him if he only had rocks in his head? I think he probably has more going than what the media gives him credit for.

4) He’s funny

First of all, have you seen him and Ellen Degeneres? [WATCH THIS:]

Aziz Ansari on Kanye:

When he destroyed a paparazzi camera and went to jail, his only phone call was for Chinese food.

Quotes for Backup (albeit not sure if he meant to be funny or not):

  • “Classical music is tight yo”
  • “They classify my motivational speeches as rants…I have reached the point where the Truman show boat has crashed into the painting.”
  • “I don’t even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in”
  • “I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books”

5) He gets booty

I’m not a big fan of Kim, but she’s an attractive lady! Seems like they have known each other a long time to fall in love, and he gets booty. Why ya’ll hating?


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