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5 Reasons to Watch Call Me By Your Name - A Coming of Age Movie

Updated on November 28, 2020
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Courtlney Davis is an MBA graduate who enjoys watching as well as reviewing movies. Check out her Call Me By My Name movie review here.

Reflecting on your feelings can lead to self-discovery.
Reflecting on your feelings can lead to self-discovery.

Call Me By Your Name

Even though we are in the twenty-first century, there are many people who have not embraced the progress different lifestyles have made through the years. At one time, lots of people were in the closet functioning as if they were part of the majority in life and love. However, behind closed doors they gave in to who they really are. Call Me By Your Name is a story set in 1983, when the emergence of different lifestyles was not as openly prevalent as it is today. The Call Me By Your Name movie gives a peek at the emotions some people may feel as they live their true life in secrecy. Due to the events that happened in the movie, it may also cause you to reflect on your own love life as well.

1. Love Scenes in Call Me By Your Name Movie Were Tastefully Done

The director, Luca Guadagnino adequately paced the interactions between actors Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet who played the parts of Elio and Oliver respectively. He did not rush the relationship between the two, but showed them doing ordinary activities with other people, both males and females. Elio's and Oliver's relationship developed slowly, even if the time frame was only in the space of about six weeks. The short time frame was due to Elio being on sort of a sabbatical in Italy until his return to the United States. During that time, the movie did not show any blatant scenes when Elio and Oliver finally showed how they felt for each other. The focus of the movie stayed on the love story between Elio and Oliver.

2. Call Me By Your Name Is A Coming of Age Movie

As you watch Elio and Oliver in the Call Me By Your Name movie, you may recall how you felt when you first became aware that you were attracted to someone, maybe in your teens or older. You may notice that Elio is young and the person he was attracted to is a little older. Even though this movie was about two males who were in love with each other at a time when this type love was not widely accepted, the movie may take you back to those teen years when you were just coming of age and trying to understand your own emotions. Elio demonstrated how sometimes you do not know how to express these emotions in words, but nonetheless, they are stil there.

The movie shows that sometimes the person who is the object of your affections is attuned to you and know exactly what you are saying, even if you did not say the words outright. I'm referring to the dialogue that took place when Elio decided to confess his feelings by having a "talk" with Oliver. Oliver instantly knew what the topic would be, and showed that he was agreeable to it. Interesting enough, the "talk" never really happened due to Elio's awkwardness which was understandable at his young age.

3. Beautiful Cinematography that Matched the Love Story

The Call Me By Your Name movie shows beautiful, breath-taking scenery of Italy and the surrounding areas, which was a suitable location to share the love story between Elio and Oliver. After Elio and Oliver acknowledged their feelings for each other, there is a waterfall scene that may take your breath away. In fact, the joy of watching Call Me By Your Name is the connection of the scenery with what is happening in the movie. If the movie was set somewhere else where the pace was faster, and there was plenty of people around, this movie may not have had the same positive affect showcasing Elio's and Oliver's love for each other.

Being in love can be difficult.
Being in love can be difficult.

4. Love Story was Well Told

The Call Me By Your Name movie's love story was well told from beginning to end. When the movie ended, you were not left with questions about what happened next. In other words, there was a sense of completeness when the film's credits rolled. Just like the movie itself, you will notice that details of the relationship between Elio and Oliver also had a beginning, a middle and unfortunately an end.

Depending on how emotional you get when watching a movie, you will either tear up or just remain quietly in your seat and think back on the events of the movie. You may also remember a line or dialogue from the movie that stood out for you. For example, some may recall the intimate life-lessons talk between the father and son when the father said and I paraphrase here. "[As you age] Soon no one will want to look at your body -- much less touch it." Or you may remember also during the father and son talk, he mentioned he came close to having what Elio and Oliver has -- but the relationship never happened.

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5. Many People Can Identify with Call Me By Your Name From a Relationship Standpoint

Let's be clear here. Call Me By Your Name involves actors who are playing the part of having a relationship with people of the same gender so unless you are gay, you may not be able to identify with some of the specific actions in this movie. However, if you have been in any type of relationship regardless of your lifestyle, you may be able to identify with the longing that comes from being away from the person you love or who you know should be your significant other. Instead of the reasons for the demise of Elio's and Oliver's relationship, there may be other circumstances that caused your relationship to end.

The Call Me By Your Name story took place in 1983 which was thirty-seven years ago. Elio would be fifty-four years old today. If this movie was real-life, you may wonder if he regrets not dropping everything and following Oliver back to America. Or should Oliver have stayed in Italy with Elio? We can only wonder how they would feel today. However, if you experienced what Elio and Oliver felt for each other, and is not together with that person today, you may regret not pursuing the relationship or you may just view it as one of life's cruel lessons. Either way, the Call Me By Your Name movie may cause you to reflect on your own love life and experiences in ways you never thought you would.

Rating for Say My Name Movie

5 stars for Say My Name Movie

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