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5 Songs That Will Inspire You

Updated on April 10, 2020

5. Changes - Lucidious Feat. Anna

This is undoubtedly the most underrated song in this list but the message it delivers is nothing short of inspirational. Born and bred in Virginia, Lucidious has managed to fight through family hurdles and depression to forge a path for his hip-hop passion. He not only inspires us through his music but through his life.

Although he graduated with a degree in Criminology, he did not toss his rap dream aside. He has pursued it with such vigor and enthusiasm and that’s why we love him. Currently, he has released several songs and is mostly famous because of his YouTube.

Changes is quite impactful as it advises us not to let anyone hinder our dreams and to always get back up when we fall. In the song we see a 21-year-old Lucid rapping about his life, dreams, goals and his determination to follow them.

4. Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Released in 2015, this is by far one of Rachel Platten’s greatest songs. The message it communicates is quite impactful and has saved countless people from depression and suicide. In an interview with New You, Rachel expressed just how much this song meant to her. Asked about where she gets her inspiration from, she pointed out that most of her songs are intensely personal and more so like journal entries of her life. The lyrics of the song are powerful and they show us that we can fight through the pain and take control of our lives.

3. Unstoppable - Sia

It was really a dilemma picking which of Sia’s songs to feature here. As you’re aware, Sia has a myriad of Inspirational songs. From The Greatest to Elastic heart, we actually hit a stumbling block here before ultimately selecting Unstoppable. This song encourages us to be resilient, invincible, powerful and unstoppable. If you’re having a tough day and need some positivity, then you should add this to your playlist. Sia’s sharp and polarising voice is one that took the pop industry by storm. Its uniqueness makes her highly identifiable.

2. Invincible - Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Ester Dean

Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK, was in every media outlet last year following his heated feud with legendary rapper Eminem. He was the only rapper confident enough to release a daring diss track directly aimed at Eminem, something many rappers shy away from. However, this feud is not what we’re here to talk about.

Invincible was released in 2012 and you’ve probably heard it if you’re a staunch fan of WWE or Watch dogs. It was the theme song for Wrestle Mania 28 and MGK actually performed the song himself to introduce John Cena. The song’s official video shows us the difficulties we undergo in life and our triumph in the end. This falls perfectly with the lyrics of the song which tell us that we’re invincible.

1. Lose Yourself - Eminem

“Look If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?” This first line in the song is inspirational enough to get you going.

Released in 2002, Lose Yourself has not only earned Eminem an Academy award for best original song but also won him a Grammy award for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Solo Performance. This song was a soundtrack in the movie 8 mile in which Eminem was the protagonist.

Eminem did not attend the Grammys in 2003 to claim his award and so many were surprised to see him emerge from the ground, as he occasionally does, to perform the song in 2020. It took him 17 years to finally perform the song in the Grammy’s but we’re all glad he finally did it.

Worth a mention

The following are other inspirational songs you could add to your playlist.

Be as you are - Mike Posner

Hall of Fame - The Script feat. William

Leave a light on - Tom Walker

Try - Pink

Stronger - Kelly Clarkson


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