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5 Songs That Will Rock the Rest of 2014!

Updated on August 31, 2014

2014 will be all about the bass!

Meghan Trainor debuts a catchy song that will leave listeners stunned after just one listen!
Meghan Trainor debuts a catchy song that will leave listeners stunned after just one listen! | Source

Current Hot 100 Top 5

Shake It Off
Taylor Swift
Nicki Minaj
All About That Bass
Meghan Trainor
Stay With Me
Sam Smith

Meghan Trainor is the Newcomer that Everyone Should Be Afraid Of

Who thought that every singer who is new to the music industry has no right for the top spot? Look at Mariah Carey, 24 years ago she graced the musical world with her 5-octave vocal range and everyone though she was Whitney Houston! Either way, her debut single Vision of Love managed to hit the #1 spot in Billboard Hot 100 and since she reached that milestone, it became her home for the next 18 years! Quite cool, eh?

Without a doubt, newcomer Meghan Trainor might as well sit on her new home with her debut single titled All About That Bass in the next upcoming weeks. Believe me or not but the song is gaining more than 5 million audiences from the radio EVERY DAY! Not everyone can do that, except perhaps Taylor Swift this week, but Taylor had a radio deal that requires radio to play her song every hour. Meghan's case is more outstanding since the song was infectious enough for radio to play it again and again and it seems like people are not tired of it yet!

Sitting behind #2 on iTunes right now it is getting blocked by Taylor Swift too although she might reclaim the top spot once the Taylor Swift-hype dies down in a few days. Sooner or later, you will be surprised to hear the radio-presenter reports that "All About That Bass hits #1 on the Hot 100". So if you have read this, then there's no point to be surprised anymore.

So what made me so sure this will be a big hit? Fairly simple enough, as I said it is gaining 5 million audiences in the radio every day and that is quite hard to achieve! Taylor will obviously fall in the succeeding weeks since her songs are normally front-loaded! No one can beat the infectious beat of Meghan's song!

Watch the video and help this song hit #1 on the Hot 100

People will be talking about that black widow this year!

With a chorus written by the obvious hit-maker Katy Perry, Black Widow is a sure bet to hit #1 around the globe!
With a chorus written by the obvious hit-maker Katy Perry, Black Widow is a sure bet to hit #1 around the globe! | Source

Iggy Refuses to Chart Low with Black Widow!

Iggy dominated the charts not so long ago with the Charli XCX-assisted song titled "Fancy" that became the two artist's first song atop the charts! Fancy had a rather long climb to hit the summit. No one expected it to be in everyone's iTunes Music Player until Iggy's album (The New Classic) was released and the song gained momentum.

This time though, she came back with a song written by Katy Perry! Of course, you know Katy Perry. She has a lot of #1 songs in the charts and her recent one Dark Horse is still charting after almost 11 months since it was released. Interestingly enough, Iggy's new song is titled similar to Dark Horse. The title? Black Widow? Yes, I know, right? It is almost similar to the one mentioned above!

Black Widow is now #6 in the Hot 100 and is fastly growing every day. Unlike All About That Bass, Black Widow is not getting 5 million radio audiences daily but it is still getting a lot of radio plays!

Are you sure this will rock the rest of the year? If you haven't listened to this song, listen now, I have a video embedded below and after you listen to it you'll find the answer. The top of the chart is written literally in the song. The drop-beat at the end of every chorus of this catchy song is its biggest asset. People in the club will surely want to get their feet in the dancefloor once this is being played by the dj!

Watch Black Widow below and help it gain streaming points to reach #1

What happens when Pop, R&B and Rap is infused in one song? A real smash!

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj collaborated in this song that will surely shoot atop the worldwide charts!
Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj collaborated in this song that will surely shoot atop the worldwide charts! | Source

Support the three acts!

None of this three singers were on top of the Hot 100 before! They'll surely get there, simultaneously.

Jessie J was never been a force in the United States, so getting Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj is a good move for her career. Ariana and Nicki were not chart-toppers though, at least in the overall chart! But the joined-forces might be enough to catapult this song atop the chart! Although the competition is quite fierce right now! Meghan and Iggy are fastly approaching the top spot although Bang Bang is closer to the top than those two mentioned before!

Bang Bang (the song title) debuted at #6 four weeks ago, and since then it has gone down and went back up again after an opening performance in last week's MTV Video Music Awards!

Is this catchy enough to be a #1 hit? Certainly, the first time you'll listen to this, you will be singing "Bang Bang" again and again until your brain goes tired! Well, don't worry, that happened to me too! The song is still fresh enough and it will surely have enough steam to reach its destination!

Watch the Beats-sponsored video and help the video reach its #1 peak!

Ariana's vocals shines bright in the Zedd-produced single!

Fan-made cover of Ariana's Break Free which is so much better than the original!
Fan-made cover of Ariana's Break Free which is so much better than the original! | Source

Ariana Might Finally Break Free Atop the Hot 100!

Produced by electronic-veteran Zedd, "Break Free" is Ariana's second single from her second studio album titled "My Everything".My Everything". The first single was "Problem" which featured rapper Iggy Azalea, it hit #2 in the chart! Yes, it just missed one spot to hit the top spot! Unfortunately enough, its points were not enough for a #1 song the time it was released!

However, Ariana Grande might finally have her revenge this time around. Crawling fast to the top of the chart, Break Free is currently gaining huge audience impressions in the radios and it's also steady in the iTunes charts!

Interestingly, Ariana has Bang Bang too that is capable of becoming a huge hit! And if two happens to be in their destination before the end of the year, then she really is a double winner!

Watch the video and help the song!

It's no big deal, says Katy Perry!
It's no big deal, says Katy Perry! | Source

Support the Queen of Pop get another smash hit!

The Queen of Pop Music Returns with a Summer Bop that Was Long Delayed!

Katy Perry, the current Queen of Pop Music, is certainly another dark horse in this year's music. She has been hit and miss as of late although no one will forget when she was atop the charts with Roar and Dark Horse, the only songs in the past year to reach more than 500 million views in YouTube! Quite an exceeding feat, right? Yes, she might do it again, with the pop-art video she delivered with her new current single This is How We Do!

Inspired by her previous single Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), the song features lyrics that are spoken and not sung!

The difference between this song and the previous listed is that this one is not a guaranteed smash! Although, looking from its chart run (it jumped 21 spots in the Hot 100 this week), its chances are getting really good! It has a consistent radio run and it has been climbing steadily in iTunes after the acclaimed video was released three weeks ago! Watch out for this song to get real big in the upcoming weeks!

This is no big deal! Watch Katy Perry in her signature campy personality!

Which song above will emerge as the biggest at the end of the year?

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    • Laudemhir Jan profile image

      Laudemhir Jan 3 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      Hehe, that is why I put in on Pop. Literally, the "rock" in the title is not for rock songs, they're songs that will totally shake the world! :)

    • kereeves3 profile image

      Karen 3 years ago from Salem, OR

      I think all of these songs fit better in the Pop genre, rather than Rock. But I do love your formatting. This hub looks great!