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5 Steps: How to Create Your Own Twerk Team

Updated on May 8, 2013

If you've ever wanted to create your very own twerk team, I am going to teach you how. In past articles I've defined and laid out the history of the twerking dance craze (Click HERE) and I posted the best twerking videos online HERE. Now it's time for you to have your chance in the spotlight.

Step 1: Pick Your #Twerk Team Members Carefully

Twerking isn't something that just anyone can do successfully. Make sure that you choose your team wisely. The people you choose for your twerk team should have rhythm and should be flexible enough to do all of the dance moves required. It is helpful if they already know how to twerk.

You should also make sure to choose members who are comfortable performing in front of a camera and a large audience, especially if you are looking to take your Twerk team on the road!

Step 2: Pick a name for your #twerk team.

Every Twerk team should have an official name that really represents who they are and what they stand for.

Most people try to pick names that will help them stand out and seem like they are the best and the official team of all teams. You should definitely try and pick a name that will help you stand out. Make sure to do your research before picking a name. There are a lot of teams who are trying to brand themselves as being the official twerk team. The Official Twerk team is a great name but it is taken by the two young women who helped the dance grow into a craze.

Pick a different name that will help you stand out from the crowd. Pick something that really represents who your team is and what your team stands for. Ideally, the name you pick you should be able to brand and identify with your team and it should be something that's memorable.

Step 3: Develop a Routine and Pick Great Songs

Work with your team to develop a couple of different routines for your twerking. You should be practicing as a team regularly to ensure that your moves are synchronized and that you are incorporating new and creative dance moves.

Part of getting together a routine is picking the songs you will perform to. Part of the reason why the Official Twerk Team was able to be so successful in attracting more than a million views on YouTube was because, in addition to having great dance moves, they also chose songs that were popular during that time. Picking popular songs will help you draw in an audience.

Step 4: Record and Post Your Twerking Videos on YouTube:

Once you've chosen songs and you've choreographed and perfected a number of routines, you should get ready to start recording them for YouTube. You should create a special YouTube channel for your Twerk Team so you can post all the videos you create with your team. You should decide ahead of time with your team how often you will post new videos. Get together a posting schedule and stick to it so that your fans will know how often and exactly when they can expect the new posts.

Once you have your YouTube channel set up, you are ready to start recording your routines. Studies show that videos between 1-3 minutes tend to do the best on YouTube. Aim for your videos to be no longer than 4 minutes. Play around with the times. You may find that your fans are not the norm and either like shorter or longer videos. Don't be afraid to experiment to discover what is most successful for you and your fans.

As you create your videos, make sure to include any contact information on the video in case your fans are looking to reach you directly. At a minimum, you should include your twitter handles and email information, especially if you are hoping to receive bookings.

Step 5: Promote Your Twerk Team

A big part of creating a successful twerk team is promoting your group on social media networks and beyond. Before you post videos, you should create special accounts across social media networks (I'd suggest Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to start) where you can promote any videos you create or pictures you take.

If you are extra ambitious and hope to create bookings, you may also want to build a website that includes the bios of each member of your team, your videos, pictures, and contact information for bookings.

Each time you post a new video you should promote it across your social media networks. Engage with your fans and when they send you feedback, take the time to respond to them.

You should always look for ways to expand your content offerings. One way to do that is to look for content you've already shot but have yet to use. You can do that by releasing a compilation of the greatest twerking your team has done or you can release a bloopers reel.

Good luck and happy twerking!


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      5 years ago

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      5 years ago

      Who want to be in my twerk team????


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