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5 Incredibly Overrated Movies

Updated on November 3, 2021
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Poppy Kuroki signed with MMB Creative Literary Agency in 2023. She lives in Japan with her husband and son.

Unpopular opinion deserves a voice, and this article highlights five highly popular movies that I personally hate, or at least dislike with a passion. And the fact that they're popular seem to fuel that hatred. Warning: you might get mad.

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1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie is replayed every Halloween, and is an early example of an overrated, semi-gothic, trying-too-hard-to-be-different movie from Tim Burton. It came out in 1993, but only got popular after the whole goth fad, which makes you wonder if it's the film itself or the dark style that people say they like.

The animation style was bad, but that didn't stop me loving movies in a similar style such as James and the Giant Peach. The storyline was boring, the characters shapeless and forgettable, and no real climax or excitement that really makes a kids' movie.

The fact that this film was so popular, and remains to be so by people who like that kind of goth-emo-quirky style, is baffling. Jack Skellington is just a recycled version of most of Tim Burton's protagonists, and just failed to impress me at all. Maybe I just don't get Burton.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an overrated movie
The Nightmare Before Christmas is an overrated movie | Source

2. The Avengers Movies

The Avengers is yet another Hollywood product with too much money thrown at it. Too-cool characters with unrealistic lines (too perfect and quick and smart-ass to be likeable), over-exaggerated action scenes, over-sexualising of female characters, recycled action cliches - you get the point.

This movie was everything to be expected from smug, overconfident Hollywood actors - with no imagination, originality or life to it. Sure, I never read comic books, so that might be why I never bought the whole marvel heroes thing.


3. Twilight

I only saw the first Twilight movie, and that was enough to make me weep for the future of literature and film. It was quite possibly the most disappointing movie of the twenty-first century. The idea seemed great - blood-sucking killer of the night falls in love with mortal girl and has to choose to love her or eat her.

I expected a gory, sexy thriller, and instead was met with sparkly cissies with sharp teeth and horrible acting. A truly terrible movie that not only got a huge fandom, but shelled out several sequels, which caused pre-teens everywhere to wet themselves with excitement, for some reason. Embarrassing.


Disney's Frozen

You can't go anywhere without hearing about 'Frozen' and the incredibly annoying and overplayed song 'Let it Go'. From having to hear little girls sing it as if it's the only Disney song that's ever existed, to being subjected to debates on whether the movie is a metaphor for homosexuality or not, you literally cannot go anywhere without hearing about this damned movie. I am a huge fan of Disney, and have seen most of the animated films, Frozen included. It just wasn't that good.

Elsa and Anna are typical, attractive young Disney princesses. The storyline didn't really have much beef to it; the dialogue was cringe-worthy, and as for the pop song, 'Let it Go', it makes me wonder if I'm missing something - to me, the singer's voice is shrieky and irritating, and the lyrics are more about rebellion than self-acceptance.

This movie was terrible, and does absolutely not deserve the mindless hype it receives. My sympathy for the Disney shop workers who are subjected to that terrible song daily.

Disney's Frozen
Disney's Frozen | Source

5. Avatar

Although the hype for this subsided fairly quickly, it still blew my mind how 'Avatar' was so popular. The storyline was - well, Pocahontas. That's it. People invade a beautiful, flawless world for their resources, white male (John Smith) falls in love with attractive, feisty native woman (Pocahontas) and therefore ends up siding with the natives to defend their land.

Sure, everyone was blown away by James Cameron's special effects, but that didn't make the storyline and characters (you know, the things that make a movie) any better just because I could see all the pores on the actors' faces. This movie was long, predictable and overrated.


Know any more popular films you can't stand? Don't agree on some of my choices here? Comment below!

© 2014 Poppy


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