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Band Rehearsal Strategy - How To Improve Band Practice!

Updated on October 15, 2012

Rehearsing makes your band better. The more you do it the better you get. To keep the band rehearsing it needs to be fun & interesting. The more you enjoy it the easier it will be to rehearse more and more. If your really committed to the band you could be rehearsing 3 times a week so here are my tips for improving your rehearsal.

1. No Excuses. No matter what, stick to the rehearsal schedule that you have set. If someone cant make it you should still rehearse. Just concentrate on the parts they don't take part in so much. If your drummer cant make it you can still rehearse, if you can play the songs without a time keeper they will sound even better with one.

2. Repeat. If there is a part of a song your not quite getting right repeat that part over and over until its perfect. Don't play the whole song if its just 8 bars in the middle your having problems with. Repeat the 8 bars over & over!

3. Play quietly. Try mixing things up during one of your sessions & play acoustic. You wont play like this in public but it keeps it fun and interesting and you should notice new things a& maybe come up with some new ideas! If your are an acoustic band you could try plugging everything in and making a bit more noise?!

4. Use your time wisely. There is only a certain amount of time you get to rehearse together & quite often you will be spending money on a rehearsal space. Do everything you can before the rehearsal to make your time together as productive as possible. Send new parts to band members a few days before the rehearsal. This way everyone will know their parts before arriving, leaving you with all your time to play the songs together rather than individually practicing and wasting the precious time you have together.

5. Rehearse Solo. In-between rehearsals & gigs you should be practicing parts in your own time. You should come to the rehearsal confident you can play the parts better than last time!

Visit my Sound Blog for more tips!

Comments? I guess there are just 5 tips so its by no means conclusive but do you guys do anything similar or have something that works for you?


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    • profile image

      Weazl 5 years ago

      it must be a drummer thing.

    • jarofclay21 profile image

      jarofclay21 6 years ago from Poulsbo, WA

      Thank you! This was very useful to me! I have a drummer that does not enjoy showing up on time, or at all :)