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5 Great Films Which Were Never Completed

Updated on February 13, 2016
Game of Death poster
Game of Death poster

Game of Death

Game of Death is a Hong Kong martial arts film. The film was produced and starred by Bruce Lee.The movie couldn't be completed as Bruce Lee died during the making of the film. The 100 minutes footage of the film was released 5 years after the death of Bruce Lee in 1978.

Early promotional poster of Rana
Early promotional poster of Rana


Rana is an Indian historical action film directed and co-written by K.S Ravikumar.The filmed starred Superstar Rajinikanth, whose the whole plot of the film will be based upon.During the first schedule of the shooting of the film Rajinikanth fell ill on the sets of the film and he was hospitalized for over a month. Further attempts to continue the production of the film failed.


Creation is a feature film. It was a project of the stop motion animator Willis O'Brien. The plot of the film revolved around modern men who were having bad time encountering dinosaurs and prehistoric animals in an island. Merian C. Cooper, the studio producer of the film considered the storyline of the film boring due to lack of action.He recommended the cancellation of the film.The completed footage of the film was 20 minutes in length. But, approximately 4 minutes footage of the film is all that survives today.

Willem Dafoe
Willem Dafoe

Arrive Alive

Arrive alive is a comedy film starring Willem Dafoe and Joan Cusack in the leads. It was directed by Jeremiah S.Chechik and produced by Art Linson. The plot revolved around Mickey Crews, a house detective who gets involved in investigating the death of a former boxing champion. The filming of the film was started in 1990 and was intended to release in 1991. However a week after the start of filming the producers felt that the lines they had thought so funny in the script weren't getting the laughs they hoped for. After 18 days the producers decided to cancel the production. Various attempts were taken to film the script again, without any succes.

Poster of Dark Blood
Poster of Dark Blood

Dark Blood

Dark Blood is about a character named Boy, portrayed by River Phoenix. The plot revolves around Boy a hermit, who lives on a nuclear testing site. He is waiting for the end of the world while making dolls that he believes to have magical powers. The film was never completed due to the death of Phoenix in 1993. Because the film had to be abandoned, Phoenix’s mother was sued due to loss of expenses. The unfinished film is entirely owned by George Sluizer who wrote the film.He has hinted that the completed footage of the film might be used in a documentary about Phoenix's life.


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