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5 Ways to Rekindle Your Love for Your Piano

Updated on March 9, 2020
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Marshall is a piano technician and musician. He has been tuning pianos since 2006 and playing piano since 1974. Pianos are his passion.

Piano Care and Maintenance

I'm a piano technician, and one of my tasks involves scheduling appointments. All too often, I hear these words, "No one's playing the piano anymore." Coaxing doesn't work, and high pressure sales slams the figurative door.

People pour money into two things, what they want, and what they're budget will allow. Sometimes determining what they need is overshadowed by other priorities within what the budget will allow, and often times, the piano falls far behind on the list. Why does this occur?

Two answers come to mind. First, a lack of love or appreciation for their piano minimizes its importance. Second, the main piano player moved out, son daughter etc., and the homeowner is left with a piano they cannot play. "Why tune it if no one plays?" I often hear. The homeowner keeps the piano because it holds sentimental value, and this point holds validity. How is love for the piano developed, and thus its importance rekindled? These five tips will help.

1. Find out why the piano player of the house continued their journey well beyond their childhood years. Ask them, "What is it about the piano you love so much?" Gain an in-depth understanding into the heart of the musician in your family. Does playing the piano soothe their soul, enhance their talents? etc.

2. Learn about the instrument. How was it developed? How does it work? Why should it be tuned/serviced regularly? What affects past and present has the piano had upon our society and other cultures. We often avoid things we don't understand. So gain an understanding about this valuable instrument.

3. Take piano lessons. The piano player of the house moved out. Take over their spot and start playing too. You're never too old to start, and once you've played an out of tune piano long enough, you'll beg the piano technician to come "Now, today."

4. Take an heirloom to the next level if your budget allows. Have it rebuilt. Rebuilding means different things to different people. Once you've landed a reputable piano technician, he/she can direct you toward new piano ownership, the old made new, or rebuilt. Sentimental value holds a lot of weight even if the piano itself has little monetary value.

5. Love is developed by caring for the piano. No one plays, and you have little or no interest, then for the piano's sake to maintain it, have it tuned once a year. Sooner or later, the original pianist of the house will visit and sit down to their beloved instrument they couldn't afford to move or had the room to move. The piano maintenance alone will convey love toward the pianist because the homeowner cared for their instrument.

Piano love and appreciation represents a selfless willful act. It requires thinking outside the pianos outer cabinet. Love for the piano overflows and transforms into love toward others. Why piano love and care? Because we love each other.

If a piano in a home, church etc. isn't being played, what would be the best thing to do?

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Pianos Need Love

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Piano Evaluation Smart Move

"FREE PIANO" the ad reads, but what pitfalls lie hidden beneath the beautiful cabinet? How many calls have I received, "I got a free piano..." I’ve gotten way too many. I arrive and relate the sad news. The piano either needs extensive repair or the landfill. What is the answer? Hire a professionally trained piano technician to evaluate the instrument. The minimal cost for the evaluation may very well save a person thousands of dollars in repair costs.


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