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5 of the best ways to procrastinate online

Updated on November 11, 2014

We all like to procrastinate at times, especially when we know we are meant to be doing something else, like revising, working or cleaning! And there is only so many times you can update your status, tweet your boredom or feed your crops on farmville, so here is a hub about my 5 favourite ways to procrastinate (aside from reading and commenting on hub pages of course!)

Sneeze | Source

1. Sneeze

Sneeze is a gross, but educational game about the spread of germs!

The aim is to infect as many people as possible with your sneeze - yes its disgusting, but slightly addictive! You get one sneeze per level. You just move your human and hit the space bar to sneeze. Different types of people travel at different speeds and sneeze differently, if the sneeze hits a person they are infected. Go see if you can make it to the last level and infect 100%! You will easily get addicted and its very competitive between work colleagues!

Musical Squares
Musical Squares | Source

2. Musical Squares

Musical Squares, not sure that's its real name, but that's what it is!

I found this on a friends blog a few months ago and it is so much fun and totally addictive. Essentially you have all the squares and they are all set to a slightly different note. You just click the squares to create the note, and then the sound repeats and reverberates off other chosen notes. Ok so its kinda hard to explain so just go click!! You can make your own little tune, or click madly and make a noise instead!

Yeti Sport - Pingu Throw
Yeti Sport - Pingu Throw | Source

3. Yeti Sport - Pingu Throw

Yeti Sport has many games but Pingu Throw is one of my favs.

The Yeti generally likes to throw, hit, bounce and play with less fortunate animals. In this Yeti Game the Yeti wants to play baseball with poor little pingu! You have to click to drop the penguin and then click again to hit the penguin as far as you can. This is a quick game which you will want to play over and over to beat your own high score.

Free Rice - Art History question
Free Rice - Art History question | Source

4. Free Rice

Free Rice - the ethical way to procrastinate and test your general knowledge!

This is a mini quiz site to test your general knowledge in a selection of fields. See how much you know about art, languages and geography, and how good your english and math skills really are. Join a league or challenge your friends to get to the highest level and best score. Plus every time you get a correct answer the site will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme! So far over 96 billion grains have been donated! Feeding millions of people in third world countries. So go test your knowledge and help tackle world hunger too!

Daisy Dayz - My blog
Daisy Dayz - My blog
Smitted Kitchen
Smitted Kitchen

5. Blogs

Ok so this one isn't something you can play, but as a blogger myself (and because most of you are probably online writers as well) I love blog hopping! I start on one blog then hop to other through links in comments, blog lists in side bars or links in posts to find new blogs. You never know what you might uncover and you will be surprise by how many interesting, talented people there are out there. It's a lot like hub hopping I suppose, and it is one of my favourite ways to wile away an afternoon. I have meet some great people through blogging, some I would call genuine friends! So its a great way to spend a little time procrastinating

To give you somewhere to start you can check out our blog Two Hearts One Roof (for lifestyle and design posts) or our photography site Cross-Jones-Photography (for photography, obviously) or maybe my favourite recipe and cooking blog Smitten Kitchen.

If you drop by my blog, leave a comment to say hi!!

Final note

I hope you enjoy your procrastination, but remember not to become too engrossed or addicted otherwise you will never get anything done! hehe!


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