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Star Wars Gifts for The Holidays

Updated on November 12, 2013

Great Star Wars Gifts to Put Under the Tree

Star Wars fans from Alderaan to Tatooine and all over the galaxy love to get gifts featuring their favorite Jedi Knights or followers of The Dark Side. If your favorite fan already has the requisite DVDs, lightsaber and books and is still hungering for more, here are some other Star Wars gift ideas. As a long-time fan of all the Star Wars movies, I've compiled some fun gifts here that will make shopping for your favorite fan easier.

(Image of Christmas Yoda and Darth Vader by ThinkGeek)

You can imagine yourself in the midst of a Rebel battle when you don these headphones to listen to your favorite tunes. But just remember not to turn up the sound so loud that you can't hear approaching Sith sneaking up behind you. It'll be hard because the high fidelity on these headphones is going to make you want to turn up the volume to enjoy every bar of music.

If you're looking for cool Star Wars gifts for the holidays, look no farther than these headphones.

Available at ThinkGeek.

Star Wars Christmas Stockings - The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

May The Force be with Santa so he leaves wonderful gifts in these fun Star Wars Christmas stockings Where else would he want to put all the cool gifts on this page?

Star Wars Force Trainer - Use The Force to Move the Trainer

Here's a chance for your gift recipient to practice all the Jedi mind tricks they've learned from watching countless Star Wars movies and episodes of The Clone Wars. This device is never seen in any of the movies, but it's still a great gift for fans because it allows you to use The Force (your own brainwaves) to move the device. Practicing with this toy won't allow you to pull an X-Wing Fighter out of a swamp while Yoda watches, but it will provide hours of fun.

Star Wars Science - Force Trainer
Star Wars Science - Force Trainer

May the Force be with you. The Force Trainer by Uncle Milton actually allows you to control a Jedi Training Remote with your mind, by tapping into cutting-edge brainwave technology. Utilizing dry EEG sensor technology, the headset reads and interprets your brainwaves. The deeper your concentration and mental focus, the greater your ability to move the Training Remote up or down the Training Tower. Progress from Padawan to Jedi Master as you master the use of The Force through 15 levels of training. Increasingly challenging sequences are aided by training cues and instruction from the master of all Jedi Masters himself, Yoda. Additional STAR WARS sound effects confirm accomplishment and provide encouragement throughout your training. Advancement and current level of your training is displayed on the Training Tower control panel.


Star Wars Force Trainer Video - See how it works

AmaStar Wars Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears - Look like Santa, you will

Ever wonder how Santa really gets down all those chimneys and makes his reindeer fly? It's The Force, of course! And who can control The Force better than a Jedi Master? Now you can show the world the real face (er, ears?) behind Santa Claus. Maybe the elves aren't the only ones with pointy green ears at the North Pole.

Kurt Adler Star Wars 17-Inch Plush Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears
Kurt Adler Star Wars 17-Inch Plush Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears

Even on the swampy world of Dagobah the holiday spirit is felt by the planet's most famous resident, the Jedi Master Yoda! This Christmas season, dress as Santa Yoda with the Star Wars Yoda Santa Hat. This 12" red Santa Claus hat has fuzzy white trim, embroidered "Santa Yoda", and features bendable Yoda ears. Back elastic strap keep the hat securely on your head.


R2-D2 Christmas Decoration

by Kurt Adler

Who needs a poinsettia plant or a traditional holiday centerpiece when you've got this R2-D2 decoration? Plop this 5.5-inch resin figure in the middle of your Christmas table and your guests certainly won't have to wonder about your favorite movie of all time. R2-D2 omes with plenty of sparkly gifts, but no gold-colored robotic sidekick.

Kurt Adler Star Wars Santa R2D2 Tabletop DecorationCHECK PRICE

Star Wars Science - Naboo Sea Creatures - Grow your own aliens

Star Wars Science - Naboo Sea Creatures
Star Wars Science - Naboo Sea Creatures

You don't have to be a time traveler to have some real prehistoric pet creatures. Just add water, hatch eggs and watch them grow with the Naboo Sea Creatures habitat. Habitat comes complete with eggs and food, built-in habitat magnifier port, and a fun and informative learning guide.


They're lightsabers, they're chopsticks, they're chop sabers! If you missed the chance to pick these up at San Diego Comic Con 2009, now is the time to grab these Japanese imports from ThinkGeek and deftly maneuver your food with the power of the Force.

Six styles to choose from: Luke Skywalker (green) Luke Skywalker (blue), Darth Maul (red), Darth Vader (red), Yoda (green), Mace Windu (purple).

Christmas In The Stars - Star Wars Christmas Album

Why listen to regular Christmas carols when you can listen to galactic greats like you'll find on this CD? This 1996 Star Wars music CD features holiday classics such as "What Can You Get a Wookiee for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?)" and "Christmas in the Stars."

Kurt S. Adler 10-Light Star Wars R2D2 Light Set - Light up a room for the holidays or any day

Kurt S. Adler 10-Light Star Wars R2D2 Light Set
Kurt S. Adler 10-Light Star Wars R2D2 Light Set

Set a room aglow with the Force with this string of lights from Kurt S. Adler featuring R2D2, the affable robot from Star Wars. A great gift for fans of the popular movie franchise, the lights can provide a fun twist whether strung for the holiday season or for everyday illumination. The string provides ten light bulbs, each covered by an injection molded plastic likeness of the Rebel Force's famous droid. The R2D2 lights give off blue and white light. While a distance of 12 inches separates each bulb from the next, a 30-inch lead wire spans the space between the electrical plug and the first light bulb. The full length of the light string is 138 inches.


Star Wars M-Pire Plush Buddy Darth Vader - M&Ms go to The Dark Side


Star Wars characters take on a sweet new twist! It's easy to get caught up in the taste-and-space sensation with this cuddly yellow M&M character. He comes dressed just like Darth Vader from the movie, and includes a soft helmet and light saber.


Play-doh Star Wars Playset - A Great Star Wars gift for kids

Play-doh Star Wars Playset
Play-doh Star Wars Playset

This little droid is big fun when it comes to molding, shaping and other creativity! Use your PLAY-DOH compound to make a cool-push out lightsaber, “activate” this R2-D2 figure’s side jets and even make more tools for him. Then make him other out-of-this-world friends by stamping C-3PO, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Kenobi characters with stamps on this droid’s feet, molding an Anakin Skywalker character and even stamping other Star Wars movie-themed shapes. When playtime is over, just put all of your tools inside your special droid friend so that they’re safely stored for the next time you’ve got to save the galaxy!


Star Wars Wampa Rug - Capture your own Hoth Snow Beast

Remember when Luke got in a fight with a Wampa snow beast in the mountain caves of Hoth? Well, now you can score your own Wampa to decorate your home in great Star Wars style. You'll ove the high-quality synthetic fur, plush pillow head and scary Wampa claws.

LEGO Star Wars Kits - Great for kids or adults

LEGO kits are fun for kids and adults, and the Star Wars series comes in a variety of sizes and difficulty levels, for the young padawans up to the experience Jedi Knights.

Star Wars Yoda Holiday Mini Wacky Wobbler - Bobblehead Yoda is decked out for the holidays

Star Wars Yoda Holiday Mini Wacky Wobbler
Star Wars Yoda Holiday Mini Wacky Wobbler

Based on the art of Ralph McQuarrie, this mini bobbler measures about 4.5" tall and features detail from McQuarrie's holiday card paintings. Yoda has a full Santa Claus costume, a bag of gifts, and his ever-popular gimer stick cane. Pick one up for your home or office!


What Are Your Favorite Star Wars Gifts? - Happy holidays!

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