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50 Cents Horrible Pitch and What Caused It

Updated on May 31, 2014

50 cent's poor pitch

50 Cent the man the pitch

50 Cent the street rapper, has always been a mans man in the world of rap. He's the kind of guy people look up to. In a sense he is the pinnacle of what people want. Certainly he has the life most people have always dreamed of. He also taught us something when he entered the rap game. Being small an fragile like Ja Rule was not an option. 50 Cent introduced to a world of disses and tough street rapping. He brought back the gangster mentality in the rap game and influenced a generation to get in the gym. The man had boxed for years and in many cases had appeared to be in top physical shape. A man with his physique was something we all wanted to look like. The man had the appearance of a top athlete and especially one in their prime. Yet, when we got to take a look at his opening pitch for the Mets we were left with utter shock and surprise. Honestly, would have thought that someone who looked like an athlete would throw the ball like someone who had never been to the gym. It honestly was baffling. For some it was funny and for others just sad. It made us think how could this hard as nails rapper have such a horrible through. It was as if he was an uncoordinated child. Perhaps though there is much more to this then just an inability to throw a baseball. Let's look into some factors.

50's mental situation

50 cent hasn't been has strong in the lime light as he once was, however, he certainly has other things going on in his life. The apparent issues with his baby mama certainly way heavily on his head. Not necessarily their issues. As we have learned from watching fifty and listening to fifty, it is highly doubtful that it is her that is bothering him. We do know however, that he does have a son with this woman and at a certain point their are constant rumors about happenings with their son. Apparently 50 cent had missed his sons graduation and it was not because of a tour date, concert or anything or professional matter. His Baby's mother just didn't bother to tell him the day the graduation was. Now in some eyes he could have figured it out himself, but it really can be looked at as the mothers fault. His baby mama who has main custody of the child should be able to update the boys father of when he is going to need to be at the school. Or at least could have given him a date that their son would be graduating and let be up to him to make it. There have been rumors going around the web that he has been having a difficult time connecting with his son and being close to him. It really is no surprise that I probably has a lot to do with the mother. Many spouses of celebrities will use the children for leverage. Now I have no personal connection to either of them, nor do I know the actual goings on in there strained relationship, but I do know that in history these spouses or ex-spouses to take advantage. The point of all this is that mentally not being somewhere can really effect ones ability. Many people have had things weighing heavily on their mind. When these issues arise it is hard for people to preform at there top level. The effects on the mind are draining and begin to effect other areas of the body. Have you ever had an issue with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you remember that important business meeting you muddied up or that tackle you missed in the last minute of the football game? Stress effects the mind and the mind effect the body. If you are not at piece within yourself it is difficult to preform the tasks at hand that take the utmost focus.

5 top jokes about 50 cents pitch

50's bad throwing angle

Physical issues

Now physically 50 cent is in tip top shape. The man looks like he could play linebacker for a professional football team. However, there is a lot of coordination involved in the world of sports. Especially being in a position that has to throw the ball with such accuracy. Eye hand coordination is very important here. Not to mention pitching is a very difficult thing to with precision. Throwing a pitch encompasses speed, strength, position, aim and footing. The throw didn't necessarily have speed and strength. It did move a fairly quick rate and the momentum of the ball seemed to be there. The real issue I think come from his positioning and angle. He seems to be aiming at the correct spot on the field but the ball just seems to go haywire. I believe that his throw was misguided because his feet are shifted in a poor direction. On top of not having a good direction, he also isn't really giving a good throw off his pivot foot. His pivot seems not planted right and since most strength and kinetic energy comes from that foot it is not surprise that the ball just kind of gets lost in translation. His brain did not complete the necessary function to the rest of his body to throw the ball correctly and get the ball to where its final destination should be. I think the number one issue here more then anything else is obvious. What kind of angle of a throw is that. It looks like fifty was trying to sidearm throw the baseball. Kind of like he was going to throw a slider but it just looks awful. At a certain point it looks like he might break his arm with that throw. Honestly, the angle is so crooked, where else could someone expect the ball to go. The real issue with the throw is how did he even release the ball without noticing his throwing arm was really bent.

50 Cent's a rapper he's not on the Mets

Rapper not baseball player

One last thing we have to keep in mind is that there are a lot of reason why someone does something bad in a sport. Some people just don't have it. 50's been said to be a great boxer and saying he isn't athletic would be a statement made in poor taste. However, I think it may be safe to say baseball isn't his sport, and we'll go a step further to say that the most well paid position in sports period, maybe 100 professional ones isn't his calling. Yes, he will never be a pitcher but then again how many of us are ever going to be. On top of that he has made more then most people who play that position so honestly I doubt he's worried. It is highly entertaining for some people to watch this over and over again. I don't blame them because it really is a horrible pitch. It's the kind of pitch that will certainly make it to sports centers top worst for the week or month and maybe year. Honestly, you can see in his eyes after the pitch that he is embarrassed. That's something you don't usual see from a guy with that kind of huge ego. Remember he's got two albums releasing and really should be more focused on that and the sales on his first venture not being under the shady label since he was entered into the mainstream. Lets let 50 cent worry about that first.

Bad throw 50

50's bad pitch poll

Why was 50 Cent's pitch so bad?

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    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      thank you for the comment beth yep no reason to overly belittle him.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 

      4 years ago from Tennesee

      Oh my. I hadn't heard about his bad pitch, but I imagine that can happen to anyone - especially someone who is not a professional ball player. I don't listen to rap, but I don't reckon anyone deserves aggressive teasing because of something as inconsequential as a darned pitch!

    • joedolphin88 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Looks more like he took pitching lessons from Mariah Carey lol thank for the comment Willstar.

      word555 50 cent was huge in the rap industry from 2001-2006 and he is still a kingpin in the industry. As a youth I listened to his music and gained confidence and got in the gym. However, I can't say it's PG by any means. His lyrics are street but he is a good rapper unlike what's out today. I appreciate you reading the hub and I'd say his entire first and second album Get rich or die trying and The Massacre are great rap masterpieces. However again this is for people who enjoy rap in general and more so the style of 90's rap. Yeah sunshine he's a guy who could and would just laugh it off, it was the best thing he could do. He's a cool guy, best thing he did was laugh it off, thanks for the comment. B. Malin I'm happy I gained your following as I do like your work. Happy you appreciate 50 as well. thank you for your following and comment.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      4 years ago

      Good Hub, Great Comments, I have to agree...Always liked 50, and he's a real Conservative.

      I now look forward to Following your Hubs!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Yes, it was a bad pitch, but 50 laughed it off in his usual way. He said, he's not a ball player and obviously he's not! I do like his music and I think he's a cool guy. Great article!

    • word55 profile image

      Al Wordlaw 

      4 years ago from Chicago

      Hey joedolphin88, He makes so much money and is such a role model that he can afford to make a pitching mistake like that and still be admired for it. I didn't know of his pitching until you featured it here on hp. I admired his major hit "It's Your Birthday." That's the only tune of his that I've listened to. Am I missing something? Is his other music worth listening to? Is it positive for our youth? Tell us what is the good of his music and if it is why is it so successful?

    • WillStarr profile image


      4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I think he took pitching lessons from Barack Obama.


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