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50 cent destroys rick ross (Officer Ricky)

Updated on May 28, 2014

50 cent vs Officer Ricky


The destruction of officer ricky

Officer Ricky busted onto the scene with his song hustling. In the song he brags about the drugs he's sold and all the crimes he has committed. The beat to this song was intense, however, the lyrics were not only lacking but the flow insanely slow. It sounded like the fat was keeping him slow. Anyway his rhymes were never there unless you consider saying rhyming 22s with 22s over and over again. Or if you think chickens and benzes rhymes. Or saying whip it real hard over and over again rhymes. Anyway the point is even when he had a great beat which granted his songs have awesome beats, he just shouldn't be on the track. So anyway lets fast forward a little bit to some comments he made to 50 cent. Now anyone with half a brain knows not to beef with 50 cent. He ended the career of Ja Rule, Cameron, Fat Joe, and successfully insulted Nas and Jadakiss (two incredible lyricist). Not too mention some solid disses on the overrated Jay Z. He's beef with Kanye was a bit too much of a show rather then a real beef and was used for promotional value. 50's a better rapper, Kanye just knows how to appeal to fans. So after some comments 50 cent began releasing diss tracks to Officer Ricky and sometimes calling in Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne was intelligent enough surprisingly to not respond because as he said, "I don't even know how to rap." (check out my hub on the worst rapper alive Lil Wayne). After a few dissing that dug into Ross pretty hard 50 cent released the Officer Ricky cartoons that were quite comical. 50 cent who truly doesn't fool around has involved on of Rick Ross's baby mamas and his son in a few videos. In these videos his own family insults Rick Ross. Finally 50 took as far as to make a sex tape with one of Rick Ross's other baby mamas, which he narrated as his comical pimp ego Curly. Now 50 cent took this much farther then rap and really was digging it to Ross. He has no flow no rhythm and no style how could this blob come at 50 cent. Lloyd banks fellow member of 50 Cents crew attacked with officer down which alone destroyed Ross and made him seem like a fat cop who had no business rapping. I just want someone to explain how Ross is still famous he clearly lost this battle. Fans today just don't know hip hop and no one seems to enjoy beef anymore. I find it sad this cop still raps. 50 please find a way to finish him. It time for a mortal kombat style fatality lol. He's been torn apart by 50 cent put a metaphorical bullet in his talentless ass and end him.

50 cent ripping Rick Ross apart

Officer Ricky

Complete shock

I am still in complete shock that Rick Ross is in the rap game. He still really is the same no rhyming slow talking rapper. Certainly disses from the likes of Lloyd Banks should have really highlighted the talent a lyrical rapper and wrecked the career of a joke. How this cop is still in the rap game rapping about something other then being a cop is beyond me. That is exactly what Rick Ross (Officer Ricky) should rap about. He should spit about being a cop, I mean at the very least if you want to put an over the top twist on what you are, say you're a crooked cop. Say that you took Kilo's from the interrogation room and sold them in the street. Lie a little, lie enough to be speaking about things that are partly true. We know you were a corrections officer. Everyone's seen the award. So speak on being a dirty cop. That sells well in the movies and honestly then maybe I could show you some respect. At least you'd be working off what you really are. To say your a straight hood drug dealers leads me to believe that you are completely stealing the real Rick Ross's identity. You need a wake up call. I could never really appreciate your rapping ability. Your flow as I've mentioned many times is probably the worst I've ever heard. You make rapper like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer seem like they had the best flow of all time. Your weak in rhymes flow and speed. You do not present any talent. Just because most rappers aren't rapping well doesn't mean you have to just forget all poetry in music. You don't Rhyme!!!!!!!!! can I stress that enough chickens and benzes is not a rhyme. Using the N bomb every line is not rapping or rhyming its sayin the same word to sound like a rhyme. You are pathetic. Quit rapping. 50 Cent pointed out your a clown and a joke. Now its up to the people to decide whether they want rap or a talentless rapper with good beats

G-Unit member lloyd banks completely destroys Rick Ross

50 Cent vs Officer Ricky

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Officer Ricky cartoon


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