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500 days of Summer; movie review

Updated on August 29, 2009

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are perfectly matched in this sweet, funny and many times saddening movie.  The voice over of the commentator is soothing and encouraging to you, the participant of this unusual movie that follows a few years in the lives of two, young people attempting to find their niche in life and establish relationships with meaning.

When the commentator states that this is not a love story, I must admit that this statement confused me.  Even at the end, I was confused by this statement because in my own life, love stories have happy and unhappy endings.  Love in itself is tumultuous and scintillating at the same time.  As was watching the relationship between these two friends and lovers in the movie; 500 Days of Summer.

The title in itself is ironic because Summer is the young woman's name.  There is a count down as well and while quite a bit of the movie appears to occur in the season of summer, one begins to conclude that the title is a rendition of the young man's memory of the time he spent with the woman he perceived to be the love of his life.

Summer is a strong woman and knows if something makes her comfortable or not.  She goes after what she wants and leaves without looking back when she feels awkward or threatened.  I was amazed as her convictions but a bit disturbed by it too.  It is not often that we see a woman so confident in herself that the feelings of others doesn't hold her back from living out her dreams.

Gordon- Levitt is in a word; adorable.  He has aged well since being on the hit TV show 3rd Rock From the Sun and it is hard not to want to jump through the screen and offer some womanly sympathy.  My gal pal and I kept commenting on how wonderful it would be to have someone that adored his girl like that.  Like life however, these men are few and far between and often turn into stalkers.  At least in our experience.  However, in the film, you can't help but love his character and the sweetness he exudes in trying to win over Summer.  You rejoice when you feel he has accomplished this and want to cry when he plummets into his depression.

Without telling you the entire movie..I will say that there was never a dull moment in this movie.  It moved smoothly along and the intensity of Gordon-Levitt's character was app- laudable.  Zoe is very good too in the film, with her big doe-like eyes and her quirky personality.  She didn't seem as approachable as Gordon-Levitt's character however and some times, I wondered what he saw in her.  Unattainable?  A challenge? 

I did enjoy the movie however and would recommend it if you aren't overly emotional and always want a happy ending.  There was one...just not the one you may have expected.

Out of five stars, I give 500 days of Summer a 3.5


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