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6 Greatest... Chill Songs

Updated on October 26, 2016

6. Hold on We're Going Home, Nick Mulvey (Drake Cover)

Nick Mulvey is the king of chill. Simple as that, even his hums make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up in defence. but this immaculate cover of Drakes Hold on We're Going Home he performed for Radio 1's Live Lounge is an extreme chill. Listening to it makes me want to pull a blanket, stick the fire on the telly and drink a nice warm cup of cocoa. some great vibes coming from this man, be sure to listen to Cucucuru and Fever to the Form as well.

5. Tender, Blur

This song comes form the giants that are blur, and their all round front man Damon Albarn never fails to produce quality vocals on all their tracks - along with his side project The Gorillaz of course. this song is a beautifully sweet melody of love and passion, and is served on a dish of melodic vocals and a calming instrumental that not only makes for a ultimate chill song, but also makes you want to invest in a therapist for all those feelings that crop up as you listen through.

4. Yellow, Cold Play

One of the more up beat songs on this list, Cold Plays Yellow has always been one of the greatest written tracks. Despite Chris Martin and Co. taking a lot of stick along the way, they've continuously - and increasingly so - managed to prove their right amongst the greats. Performing sell out shows at some of the worlds largest venues, we still haven't heard the last of Cold Play, and more chill songs like this beautiful mix of edgy vocals and an enticing instrumental is nothing but a good thing. Be sure to grab some tissues before this one squeezes its way out of your speakers and straight into your heart.

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3. Good People, Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson rose to fame after writing and contributing vocals for the song "Rodeo Clowns" which was featured on G Love's 1999 album Philadelphonic. The song would later become the most famous single of the album. This song however, Good People, blends expertly played acoustic guitar riffs and a welcoming voice that makes you feel right at home. with a clear message about the social state of the world right now, despite the softening sounds, its almost a rally call to gather the troops and all start becoming, well, good people.

2. One Day Like This, Elbow

After seeing the Mancurian group live on multiple occasions, i can assure you that their shows are a gathering of people who just want a good cry every now and then, along with some belting guitar riffs along the way. Though there are hundreds of Elbow songs that could of made this list, from Lippy Kids to My Sad Captains, One Day Like This is so beautiful in all its glory. The use of the orchestra and Guy Garvy's bellowing, homely northern voice rings through every bone in your body like a sweet hit of what ever your chosen poison. If you ever get the chance to see them live, be sure to do so, the mentioned songs will send you into meltdown but then the guitar riff from Grounds for Divorce will pull you straight back and have you bouncing off the walls in a matter of moments.

1. All I Want, Kodaline

Ah. Right onto every heart string jumps Kodaline. Again and again they produce songs which work into every nook and cranny of your brain. But this one in particular is a masterpiece. The song is so easy to chill out to, with melodic vocals and an instrumental which in its own right is able to put you too sleep like a warm duck feather duvet. For anyone who's lost a loved one for whatever reason it rings a honest truth about wanting to see them again, and for anyone else the passion in Steve Garrigan's voice causes an emotional state by-proxy. Either way this song couldn't not top my list, not only is it so easy to chill out too, but it really tugs on the heart strings.


The 6 songs above are my personal favourites to chill out to and even get a little emotional too. I have a lot of personal experience with each song listed and that is why they are on my list. Each one is a portrayal of some of the greatest vocal artists around, and each band mentioned have a tonne of other songs that could have been mentioned here so i would strongly recommend listening to each bands work.


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