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6 Reasons Lincoln Heights is the Best Family Show

Updated on October 10, 2015

Lincoln Heights

The Suttons from Lincoln Heights
The Suttons from Lincoln Heights | Source

Did You Know?

  • Chadwick Boseman, from the movie 42 also starred in Lincoln Heights.
  • Erica Hubbard is more than an actress. She has modeled for Ebony, Honey and YM.
  • Trey Songz was in a 2009 episode.

Some information found on Lincoln Heights, IMDB

#1 Episodic Messages

The driving force in family shows is typically the "episidioc message". These messages can range from how to treat others and yourself to how not to do drugs or please don't have mom chaperon the prom.

In Lincoln Heights there is a running theme: It is not easy living in a low income area but it has a lot of good in it too. Eddie Sutton is a cop and proud father of three children; husband to a wonderful nurse- and is always on the lookout for justice. Sometimes the show can get really intense and I pray for a commercial break. At least I pause for a bathroom/snack break with Netflix.

Note: Lincoln Heights had a "quiet" cancellation around 2009, so there are only four seasons.

In Lincoln Heights there is a running theme: It is not easy living in a low income area but it has a lot of good in it too.

#2 Lincoln Heights is Available on Netflix

This is the second reason why it is a great show and, er, why you should watch. Netflix has a cheap streaming price.

Caution: You will stay up to finish these cliffhanger episodes. I promise!

Rhyon Brown's Goodbye Lincoln Heights Video

#3 Lincoln Heights Has a Talented Cast

Some nights I am stunned at how well the adults and children alike - can act! It does the show justice because with all of the hardcore family issues they deal with on a daily basis, a person has to make it appear real.

In fact, I know a show is really good if it ends and I feel as if I just left home.

In fact, I know a show is really good if it ends and I feel as if I just left home.

Lincoln Heights
Lincoln Heights | Source

#4 A Multicultural Cast

Following on the heels of great acting skills, ABC Family has cast a multicultural rainbow of gifted actors for this show.

To some, race doesn't matter. And that is true. One way to show it does not matter is by being inclusive and not exclusive and Lincoln Heights have done just that. There is not only an African American family in the show, there are Latinos, Whites, Asian, etc. A perfect blend for a perfect show.

#5 Lincoln Heights is a Mixture of Cosby Show and Law and Order

Take an African American family, add police drama...

And voila! You have Lincoln Heights. But it is so much more than that:

  • Potential love affairs.
  • Teenage problems such as sex, drinking and pregnancy(and some issues are not resolved in one episode).
  • Crazy police chases.
  • Issues germane to our time- some episodes seem snatched right from our headlines.

#6 Black Women are Cast as Multidimensional People

Nearly twenty years ago and up to now, black women have been cast as dramatic, foul mouthed, loud and ignorant.

You will not see those on Lincoln Heights(unless a scene calls for it). In this family drama, women are women. Period. Beauty is beauty no matter the skin color. Jenn Sutton(wife) is portrayed as smart, beautiful and witty.

Who Is Your Favorite Sutton?

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Russell Hornsby as Eddie Sutton

Eddie Sutton from Lincoln Heights
Eddie Sutton from Lincoln Heights | Source

Erica Hubbard as Cassie Sutton

Erica Hubbard in Lincoln Heights
Erica Hubbard in Lincoln Heights | Source

Let's Meet the Cast of Lincoln Heights

Eddie Sutton is a beat cop. He works the streets and he feels it is where he belongs. He helps to run the family home(when he is there) and he cooks terrible food when his wife has to work double duty. Case in point: Manwich and scrambled eggs. Yuck.

On the serious side, sometimes Eddie can come off as distant and cool and he never opens open to anyone but expects it from others. I think this is where Cassie gets it from.

Jennifer "Jenn" Sutton is the backbone of the Sutton home. She is the ebony Mary Poppins. She has breakfast ready every morning and keeps track of what her diabetic son eats. She is a brilliant healer that works at a free clinic and hospital.

Her downfall is that sometimes she can come off as very unforgiving as seen in season 3 and 4 and her young son Taye feeds from this vibe.

Cassie Sutton, 17 is played by the beautiful and talented Erica Hubbard. In LIncoln Heights she is the Suttons' oldest daughter and she is quite the artist.

She has serious flaws in my opinion. The main one being she is not aware of others' emotions and how she treats them sometimes. Her boyfriend, Charles Antoni occassionally reveals his true feelings to her, only to have Cassie stomp them to the ground and then she'll cry over it later. It gets ridiculous sometimes.

Taye Sutton, 14 is the quiet child, sometimes hidden in the background. But by season 2 onward we discover he is a musical genius.

And with that musical discovery, he finds himself in deep trouble with drinking, girls and other bad decisions.

Lizzie Sutton, 15 is one of my favorite characters on the show. She is a tough basketball player, and she is about social justice all the way- just like her dad.

At times she can be really hardheaded. She listens to her own mind and skips wisdom. But you have to love Lizzie. In real life, I read she loves helping people. It fits her role on the show.

*Charles Antoni, 17 can not be left out. Although he isn't a Sutton, he is Cassie's boyfriend and I suspect her dad does not approve of the relationship all the way. And honestly, Charles does have a past that is dark and he comes from a screwed up family.

However, Eddie Sutton notices something about Charles. The boy is deeply troubled and he has Cassie to lean on. It seems no one is ever there for him. Charles' mom has a new guy in her face all the time. His stepfather was horrible to him and his real dad is a high power criminal lawyer who does not show him love at all.

Yet the Suttons have embraced him, enfolding their loving arms around him.

After Reading About Lincoln Heights, Will You Watch It?

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You Should Be Watching Lincoln Heights Now...

Netflix is a gargantuan hub full of lots of tv shows and movies to choose from. You can never watch them all in one lifetime.

Since we cannot do that, why not choose a show worth your hours- and dollars? I am sure other shows leave you breathless until the end but I guarantee this one will too. I only wish I had discovered it sooner in 2006.

Don't get me wrong. The show has its flaws. A few times the camera looked wonky and confusing. The episodes can get a bit predictable.

It is still a five star show.


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