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5 Weird Things From the Star Wars Comics We'll Never See in the Movies

Updated on February 6, 2020


Star Wars is nothing short of a phenomenon and a modern classic in film and cinema. Ever since its day view in 1977, Star Wars has been praised for its skill in creating characters,cultivating the art of storytelling, and creating an atmosphere, spawning a loyal fan base for nearly half a century. Star Wars was and still is a marketable powerhouse which is only continuing more and more thanks to Disney’s acquisition. Among all the marketing and time put into the Star Wars it's only natural that some… bizarre things would be made to say the least, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Star Wars Legends which has so much lore and information, you’d think they make an essays worth of backstory for every character who had 20 seconds of screen time. Without further delay, let's look at the odd, bizarre, and sometimes cool tales from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

1. Jar Jar's father and his suffering.

Source: Comics, Star Wars tales 20

If you are familiar with Star Wars then you most likely know about Jar Jar Binks, a character who is written to be bumbling but lovable idiot to make the franchise more fun, however this had the opposite effect with Jar Jar being so hated by the fans that they made a widely accepted theory about Jar Jar being the main villain of Star Wars as a way of saying “no way, he can’t be that dumb, there has to be a reason”. This seething annoyance and hatred for Jar Jar is not only limited to the fans however, but JarJars father, George R Binks, has been shown to harbor a deep disappointment and hatred for his son. Unlike his fool of a son, George was a competent gungan who ran a whaling company and was witty, brave, and successful. One day, while whaling George would be marooned on an island with his family after a whaling expedition gone wrong, all thanks to Jar Jars antics.

George Chastising his son moments before disaster
George Chastising his son moments before disaster

On the island, George would be pushed to his limits by his sons antics to the point that he’d strangle his son and try to get Jar Jar to kill himself through his own stupidity, When all else failed George would attempt to kill himself by shooting himself in the head but was almost talked down by his wife, Almost being the keyword as george would pull the trigger once mention of Jar Jar came up.

George attempting to take his own life after being pushed to his limits
George attempting to take his own life after being pushed to his limits

George would survive his sucide attempt but it is unknown what happened afterwards and how Jar Jar got off the island. This story shows us just how much a man can be degraded and the tragedy of George R Binks will always be remembered as a tale of man vs spawn and just how far someone could be pushed by the annoyance known as Jar Jar Binks.

2. Other Space

Source: Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game

One of the most important concepts introduced in the Star Wars universe is the concept of the hyperdrive and hyperspace as a whole, This device has been used time and time again to get our heroes out of tight situations that would otherwise end very badly for them. Despite what The Last Jedi may lead you to believe Hyperspace doesn’t mean the ship is going super fast but rather its traveling through a parallel dimension so the pilot can reach their desired destination quicker. This revelation alone is pretty bizarre but what adds to the weirdness of Hyperspace is the fact that it could be a gateway to a dimension known as otherspace.

Otherpsace as seen on the cover of the role playing book
Otherpsace as seen on the cover of the role playing book

Otherspace is an odd dimension where everything is inverted, A dimension where the stars are pitch black and the void between them is white as snow, a place where dark matter resides in large pockets and where black holes constantly expel radiation upon the denizens unfortunate enough to be there. Surprisingly within this reverse galaxy there exists life, a long time ago a species known as the Charon were flipped into Otherspace after some cataclysmic event, the radiation drove them insane and many became part of a vicious death cult hellbent on destroying free will. The nature of hyperspace as a whole is weird enough but the addition of a possibility to be transports to a reverse dimension where alien murder cults exist is a whole new level of weird.

4. Decapitated Ancient Sith Lord

Source: Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith 3: The Fabric of an Empire

The Sith are the famous sworn enemies of the Jedi which have created some fan favorite characters in star wars such as Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and the ever so tragic Darth Plagueis to give us an interesting and insightful view of the force different from the Jedi's view of peace. Among the ranks of the ancient Sith there existed one in a peculiar predicament compared to most of his creed. Before the Jedi and the Sith began their legendary feud with the Jedi, there was the ancient Sith empire, An isolated empire where the Sith could gather strength uninterrupted and where the strongest ruled through respect and power. Among these ancient Sith existed lord Simus, a Sith who was slain in an honor duel for the rank of Sith Lord, Simus would be defeated by his opponent, Marka Ragnos, But rather than dying like any other being Simus chose to live through any means necessary by using Sith alchemy and the force to keep himself alive.

Simus in his most notable appearance
Simus in his most notable appearance

Simus would later be insultingly killed via blaster fire to the head but the odd nature of the Sith, especially before they were flushed out as a concept later on, was overall weird but in a fun way.

4..Bib Fortuna's Spider Brain

Source:Star Wars:X-Wing Rogue Squadron

Thanks to the vast nature of Star Wars we get to see so many characters on screen which breathe life into the setting of the story but don’t get much development due to time restraints. Legends however sees all these minor characters as sources to tell deep backstories or anthologies dedicated to characters who only had 5 minutes of screentime dedicated to them, Case in point, Bib Fortuna.

Bib Fortuna is an odd case, he’s a character who's never even had 3 minutes of screen time as Jabba's right hand man and fans of the films assume he just died on Jabba's sail barge along with other background characters seen in Jabba’s palace, this however is far from the truth for Fortuna. As revealed in Legends, Bib Fortuna planned to have Jabba assassinated before the events of Return of The Jedi, he would've gotten help to carry out the assassination by manipulating the B’omarr monks, a religious cult who want to achieve enlightenment by implanting their brains into spider droids. After the events of Return Of the Jedi Bib Fortuna would be betrayed by the B’omarr Monks who wanted to take back Jabba's Palace, Fortuna would have his brain forcefully implanted into one of the spider droids until he could finally trick another poor soul to switch places with him

Bib Fortuna as a Spider droid
Bib Fortuna as a Spider droid

5..Crystal Robot Jedi

Source: Star Wars Missions 14: The Monsters of Dweem

The Jedi order is one of the biggest and most prominent factions in the lore of Star Wars and are the major driving force for all 3 trilogies, it is of course not surprising that the Jedi Order is insanely diverse and contains a plethora of alien species accepted within their ranks such as togrutas, twi-leks, humans, biths, wookies, rodians, whatever yoda is and many many more. There is however a type of species that even the Jedi found heretical to be allowed into the order. 50 years before the events of A New Hope A Jedi by the name of Aqinos found a species of sentient crystals known as the shards, Aqinos would later train force sensitive Shards to be Jedi by outfitting them with mechanical bodies. The shards would help the Jedi with multiple conflicts throughout the Clone Wars but would still be labelled as heretical by the Jedi Order until they were finally accepted by Luke Skywalker's reformed Jedi Order.

A standard Iron Knight
A standard Iron Knight

The Iron Knights are an example of the scope of what can be a Jedi and their state of being is unorthodox as well, they are essentially living rocks piloting mecha suits with force powers, pretty weird but also kind of cool.

To Conclude...

Star Wars Legends has always been weird and unorthodox and at times downright stupid which is probably why Disney made Legends non-canon. However it cannot be ignored how many really good ideas were added to Legends such as Vader's escapade, Darth Krayt, the entire old republic era, Nomi Sunrider and so on and so on, So give Legends a read and show some appreciation.


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