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666 Park Avenue Cast and Characters

Updated on October 1, 2012
666 Park Avenue characters
666 Park Avenue characters

666 Park Avenue Cast and Characters

666 Park Avenue is coming to ABC this Fall and due to the 666 Park Avenue cast and characters, it's looking to be an almost guaranteed hit. You might be asking yourself why this is and there are many reasons for this.

Since 666 Park Avenue is a supernatural based TV show, the characters are vital in creating the atmosphere and tension. If their acting is unbelievable or over-hammed audiences will quickly switch off. On the other hand, the actors can make the audience believe what they are feeling. They have the power to pull the audience in and get them on their side, feeling the same things. They also have the ability to bring the characters to life and give them a sense of purpose and direction. Without decent actors, 666 Park Avenue could quickly go the way of other failed "haunted house" type TV shows.

By bringing in the likes of Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams, the show hopes to create an air of mystery and drama. These names alone will pull in audiences as they have a loyal fan base. Their chemistry is also appealing and they make the ultimate evil couple.

Please continue reading to find out more about the 666 Park Avenue cast and characters and why this new TV show should be your new haunt airing on ABC on September 30th, 2012.

Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran
Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran

Gavin Doran

Terry O'Quinn as Gavin Doran.

Gavin Doran is married and is the co-owner of 999 Park Avenue, known as the Drake Apartments. He seems friendly and nice on the outside, but is adept at hiding his dark side underneath.

Gavin makes people's dreams come true, for a price. Once you've signed the contract it's only a matter of time until Gavin comes for his payment. When Gavin comes calling you won't be able to ignore him. He's going to collect and there's nothing you can do about it. When it comes to dealing with Gavin - Be wary of what you sign. You might be surprised at who his employer really is. Gavin Doran could easily become one of the best 666 Park Avenue characters.

Terry O'Quinn is popular amongst fans, especially for his role as John Locke in Lost. However, some fans might be surprised to find his acting career spans all the way back to the early 1980s. He was a regular in the TV series Millennium, JAG, Alias and the West Wing. He most recently appeared in Hawaii Five-O and is set to make an appearance in the second season of Falling Skies this summer before starring in 666 Park Avenue TV show in the Fall.

Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran
Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran

Olivia Doran

Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran.

Olivia Doran is the wife of Gavin. They work together to gather souls. Vanessa is a kind of scouting looking for the right kind of souls for Gavin to sign up to his special plan. She is also sweet and friendly on the outside, but it's only to attract the suckers in. Inside she's cold and heartless and knows how to get what she wants.

This type of role should really come as no surprise from Vanessa Williams. She has crossed many media platforms in her career successfully. She was the first black Miss America to ever win the title and then had it stripped from her when naked pictures were released in a magazine before she could hand her crown over. She has since had her title returned to her.

She has had a successful music career and recorded the song for Disney's hit animated movie Pocahontas. She has appeared on Broadway, TV and film.

Her best roles on TV have been when she plays the cold hearted evil woman. She played this to perfection as Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty for four years. She then moved to Desperate Housewives and found her groove there as the neighbor who lacked compassion, for the most part. Now she will continue this type of role, but on the supernatural TV show 666 Park Avenue.

Dave Annable as Henry Martin
Dave Annable as Henry Martin

Henry Martin

Dave Annable as Henry Martin.

Henry Martin just got married and has decided to move to New York with his new wife. They are are a nice couple and are at a loss in the city. They need to get jobs if they want to stay in New York. When they find out that there is a position available in the Drake apartments as the building manager they are enthusiastic. When they are interviewed for the position they are hired and are given the keys to their own suite in the building.

Dave Annable is well known as the youngest sibling of the Walker family from Brothers and Sisters called Justin Walker. He was also a nice character, but a had a few personal issues with relationships, substance abuse and wasn't always clear what path he was on.

Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen
Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen

Jan Van Veen

Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen.

Jane and Henry are new to the city. When they get the job as co-managers of the building, she is the first to realize things aren't what they seem. Jane finds some interesting designs on the floor in the basement. She begins to research them and is soon embroiled in a haunting story that is very much like Freaky Friday.

Jane could be the weak link in the chain. How much Henry gets sucked into the action will depend largely on the decisions made by Jane. She will have to decide what she's willing to sacrifice to attain everything she could ever want.

Surprisingly Rachael Taylor and Vanessa Williams have a lot in common. Taylor also started her career modelling, but in Australia. Her first breakout role was as the analyst in Transformers, where she figured out the noise was some form of communication. She was also in Grey's Anatomy for a few episodes and then moved on to be one of Charlie's Angels. However, the show was a flop, releasing Taylor so she could star in 666 Park Avenue.

Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard
Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard

Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard.

Brian Leonard is a successful Playwright and lives one of the apartments at 999/666 Park Avenue. What deals he has made with Gavin Doran remains to be seen, but he married to Louise Leonard. However, someone else in the building seems to have their sights on Brian. It's only a matter of time before things come to a head in this relationship.

Robert Buckley is a relatively young actor. His acting career began in 2006 when he landed the role of Michael Bauer in the TV series Fashion House. He then went on to American Heiress and Lipstick Jungle before landing his most popular role to date as Clayton Evans on One Tree Hill. Now that TV series is wrapped up, Buckley has already landed on his feet with this thrilling role.

Merceded Masohn as Louise Leonard
Merceded Masohn as Louise Leonard

Louise Leonard

Mercedes Masohn as Louise Leonard.

Louise is a professional photographer and is happily married to Brian Leonard. She is super friendly and is frequently away on business. Although she trusts her husband, she's not so trusting of some of the other residents.

Mercedes Masohn is actually Swedish and was most recently in The Finder. Previously she appeared in Chuck, Castle and Entourage.

Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume
Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume

Alexis Blume

Helena Mattsson as Alexis Blume.

Alexis Blume is also a 666 Park Avenue resident. She is sexy, conniving and knows how to get what she wants. She is a bit like a praying mantis in that she likes to lure guys in. She's not someone you could trust and she always has her own agenda.

Helena Mattsson is also Swedish. her most recent role was as Cassandra Ovechkin in Nikitta. She played a MI6 agent who's gone rogue and working for a Russian operation that sounds very similar to Google. All while trying to protect the truth about the origins of her son. I also remember her as the girl that got killed after she tried to swindle money from the Scavo's in Desperate Housewives.

Samantha Jade Logan as Nona Clark
Samantha Jade Logan as Nona Clark

Nona Clark

Samantha Jade Logan as Nona Clark.

Nona Clark is another resident of the freaky building where things go bump in the night. She is very young and we don't know a lot about her. We do know she has a special gift. I won't spoil it by telling you what it is. You will have to watch her closely and put the parts together for yourself.

Samantha Jade Logan is relatively young and has appeared in Gossip Girl. She began her career singing and dancing and has branched out to TV shows and movies. Expect big things from her in the future.

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The 666 Park Avenue characters all have their own stories to tell. Over the coming weeks it will slowly be revealed how each person ended up in the haunted apartments and what kind of deals they have made with the Devil.

Perhaps we'll even sympathize or come to feel sorry for some of these residents. Other's will feel that these characters are getting what they deserve.

It's great to see a show of this calibre and genre on ABC. This is totally outside the realm of what they normally choose and is quite different from the show it is replacing, GCB. However, the secret to this show's success will lie in the quality of acting and they have managed to pull in some big names such as Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams. Without these kind of names, this type of show may have been sunk before it even got going.

Regardless of which camp you find yourself, I think the 666 Park Avenue cast strike a fine balance between the dark and the light. Most of the residents are friendly, but have dark secrets. The 666 Park Avenue cast and characters will continue to grow as some people are killed off as their contracts become due.

You can meet most of the cast and characters of 666 Park Avenue in the following trailer.


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