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6D is next to 3D Movies

Updated on March 4, 2013

With the new technology now you will be able to enjoy movies in 6D rather hanging up 3D glasses. This facility is going to be first introduced at The City of Taj, Agra which would be the first such type of theater in Asia and would be opened up by Adlabs Cinemas in corporation with Cinema Park Network.

Watching a movie in 3D will be taken up in a special multi-sensory experience for the movie-watchers in 6D. Besides the common audio-visual show you would be able to even touch, smell, ride and interact. This is what the 6D experience is about which is designed by specially designed smart chairs. these chairs come with back, neck and face air blast, water spray, leg and butt ticklers, stereo speakers and wind effect and scent. Each and everyone whoever participates will have a personal remote along with a small LCD screen by which he will be able to interact with others.

The first most movie to be introduced in India that is in Agra is the movie titled "India in Motion' to be viewed in 6D. This will turn out to be a great edutainment experience for Educational institutes, human resource department, students, families and tourists.

This experience of watching movie in 6D will be wonderful. But talking about Indian viewers they still bing on 3 hour Bollywood movies rather than watching a 30 min documentary as even today in India going for a movie is just like going for a get-together.


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    • Troyangeluk profile image

      Troyangeluk 4 years ago from UK

      How wowuld 6D work? Sounds very interesting and although I don't like 3D movies I like the concept of a vider dimentioned movie. Nice hub thumbs up.