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7 Animes Like Death Note

Updated on July 7, 2014

Death Note

Death Note is an awesome anime. The story revolves around a student called Light Yagami. He discovers a special notebook dropped by a Shinigami (Death God) that was able to kill anyone whose face and name they know. At first, Light wasn't too sure about doing this, as he was skeptical about the notebook. It is known as the "Death Note". In an attempt to create his own justice, Light abuses the notebook. After a series of "mysterious" death events, L, a detective suspected it was highly unusual. He is determined find out the truth and stop Light's efforts.

There was also a series of two films that was produced after the anime released and it was a huge success.. It really highlights the popularity of this anime. Since you probably already watched it, you are looking for something similar to it. So, I am going to share 7 other animes that are somewhat related or similar to it.


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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is an awesome mecha type anime. The setting is set in an alternate future. Lelouch Lamperouge has a grand master plan after obtaining a power known Geass. He wants to use it to overthrow the Holy Britannian Empire, a superpower that has invaded and conquered various countries.

There are a total of 25 episodes. So it is a fairly standard anime that is not too long, unlike Naruto or Bleach.

In the anime, the world is split into three superpowers. They are Britannia, the European Union and the Chinese Federation. Lelouch is the main character, and he is an exiled Britannian prince that was sent as a bargaining chip to Japan along with his sister Nunnally. Nunnally lost her vision and was crippled when her mother was murdered. Lelouch then makes a promise that he would decimate the Britannia one day.

Seven years after the incident, Lelouch gets tangled in a terrorist attack, and gets saved by a girl called C2. C2 has a mysterious power that grants anyone the Geass when she comes in contact with the person. The Geass allows the person to command anyone to do anything for one time through eye contact.

With the new found power, Lelouch can now carry his plan for rebellion, which is to destroy the Holy Britannian Empire...


Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a story that takes place in Japan. It talks about the differences between the human race and specimens called the Diclonii, distinguishable by their two horns and "vectors".

This anime is also extremely bloody, so you might not be used to it if you aren't used to gore type anime.

The plot revolves around the Diclonii species, which resembles human, but they have "vector"s. These "vectors" can impact things and pass through objects. They can slice any object as well, which is how they kill their prey.

Lucy, the main character, managed to escape the facility that was built to experiment the Dicloniis. She is found by two locals, Kohta and Yuka. They then get involved in a series attempts by the Special Assault Team to recapture Lucy.


Spiral: The Bond of Reasoning

Spiral is a mystery anime. The story revolves around Ayumu Narumi. His brother, Kiyotaka, who is a famous pianist and detective, went missing. The only clue Ayumu has about his brother's trace is the phrase "Blade Children".

The Blade Children is the main plot of the anime. They are the cursed children that very few people know about. They can be identified with their cat-like eyes and a missing seventh rib bone. These children are also pursued by "Hunters".

Ayumu vows to find his brother, and the quest begins...


Detective Conan

Detective Conan is an anime about a 17 year old child prodigy known as the "Savior of the Japanese Police Department". His name is Shinichi Kudō. He has solved a lot of cases for them with great intelligence and grace. While Shinichi took his friend to a theme park called "Tropical Island", a murder took place there and which Shinichi promptly solves the case.

After the murder, Shinichi notices a suspicious man he saw and decided to follow him. Unfortunately for Shinichi, he got poisoned by something that made his body shrink into a small kid. The poison was actually meant to kill him, but it didn't work.

From then on, Shinichi goes undercover and re-named himself as Conan Edogawa until he finds a way to get an antidote and recover his real body back.



Shigeru Akagi is a good gambler. After a dangerous game of chicken in 1958, he steps into a Yakuza (gangster) Mahjong parlor to hide from the cops. Although he was not familiar with the rules of Mahjong, he was able to save Nangou, a gambler that was losing is shirt. As a result Akagi was able to get a seat in the gambling table. He used clever tactics to defeat his opponents. He left there with a name for himself.

The story revolves around his Mahjong gambling adventures. He is only 17 and looks can be deceiving as looks like an older. He does not look like one who is good at playing Mahjong. He enjoys taking risky moves to scare his opponents and is extremely unpredictable.



Monster is a detective and psychological thriller type anime. The main character is Dr. Kenzō Tenma, who is a promising young doctor working at the Eisler Memorial Hospital. He had everything going for him. He was engaged to Eva, the hospital's director's daughter.

Tenma, however, does not agree with the way the hospital runs as a business. Political figures were given priority over regular civilians. He decided to take matter into his own hands when he decided to operate on one of the twin civilian named Johan instead of the Mayor of Düsseldorf, who arrived later. The mayor died as a result. Tenma loses his reputation and social standing. Unfortunately, the director and the doctors of the hospital were murdered and the twins he saved disappeared.

Nine years after that incident, Tenma saves a criminal named Adolf Junkers after he was hit by a car. Adolf mutters "Monster" and tells Tenma about it due to his kindness. One evening, Tenma found out that Adolf was kidnapped and was held hostage by Johan, the guy whom he saved nine years ago. Adolf died at the hands of Johan, with Tenma powerless to stop him.

Tenma decided to find out more information about Johan, and found his twin sister, named Nina on her birthday. Nina has been adopted by foster parents and has a faint trace of her past. He was unsuccessful in preventing Johan from killing her foster parents. Tenma eventually finds out about the origin of the "Monster" and vows to stop this at all costs.


Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is an anime series based on the video game. The story revolves around a guy named Dante. He is the son of a half-demon Sparda Legendary Dark Knight and Eva, a human. Dante is a private investigator, accepting jobs to slay demons. His gun is a pair of pistols called Ebony. He named his company "Devil May Cry". It is a devil hunting business, but always under constant financial debt. *chuckles*

Devil May Cry HD Collection


These are the 7 animes that I believe are pretty good as well. If you have any other suggestions, please drop me a comment and I will write up another list for users if they want more anime recommendation.

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    • profile image

      david 5 months ago

      for people who like Death note I recommend, Ajin: Demi-Human

    • profile image

      Kriston 2 years ago

      If you like death note, you will like steins gate and mirai nikki. If you like bleach you will like naruto shippuden. if you like zombie lend you will like tokyo ghoul and maybe Kore wa zombie?

      But the smartest trick is in bleach and naruto. The main character in both series is almost the same. He is blond, he has no special skill at the beginning, he has strength and endurance which makes him special. After the story develops his skill becomes the most powerful and everybody looks up to him.But one of his best skills is leadership and making people follow him.

      For more info enter open account and put promotion code pl6 :P

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Thankfully when my friend suggested death note to me. After watching first episode, I watched it again in the perspective of as if I am another death god seeing the happening, that helped me escape sadness that be died. After watching first episode, I knew he might die, specially after death god saying the one who use death note has a tragic life

    • profile image

      taylorswift 3 years ago

      I absolutely love death note! And I finished it last night at 2am! I started watching it somewhere in February or something! If ur wondering y I took a long time its bcoz I was really really busy! Anyway once I was done I was like, " Great! What am I gonna watch now!"

      Then I went to websites and all and I found one called Spiral? Cud someone tell me if its something like death note? Once I was done with death note I wanted more episodes!!:'( there were only 37! And I wanted Light to win! Every time I think about his death I feel like crying!! Anyway....thankx a lot!

    • profile image

      Daas 3 years ago

      You should include Shiki and Ergo Proxy in your list , awesome animes and great similarities with Death Note !

    • profile image

      Mayuka 3 years ago

      How is One Outs not on this list? LOL

    • profile image

      uhhh 3 years ago

      Monster was boring. I was so happy once I got to the end -.-

    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 4 years ago from Illinois

      I added to of these to my future anime watch list. I always like seeing good recommendations for new anime. :)

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Thanks nofoundglory for the feedback. I will keep that in mind!

    • nufoundglory profile image

      nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia

      I love Death Note. It's one of my most favorite manga and anime ever. But I hate the live action movies, which suck to the core, with very mediocre acting, such a disgrace to a great manga and anime.

      Also, I don't agree with Detective Conan being listed as "similar to Death Note". Detective Conan is geared toward children below 12 years of age, it's boring and the plot is VERY simplistic. Death Note is suitable for all ages and provokes you to actually THINK.

      Anyway, love seeing another anime fan on hubpages!

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Thanks for the comment, good to hear from another anime fan that watches almost all of the ones I listed. :D

    • profile image

      hlwar 4 years ago

      I agree, Devil May Cry as an anime was just bad, very mediocre, and nowhere near the caliber of Death Note. Actually, the only one in your list I feel is deserving of being compared equally to Death Note is Monster.

      Spiral does have the same sense of mystery/thriller, but it's definitely not as hardcore - the kids were cute and often times very comical. Had they kept going as the manga progressed and Kanone Hilbert became the sociopath he was, then yeah, it could have been up to par. As is, the anime just doesn't reach the Death Note level. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it immensely, but if you compare it without pointing out it's differences and similarities, some readers may be disappointed. *shrugs*

    • ronaldmorton336 profile image

      Diablo Del Derek 4 years ago from East coast

      Devil May Cry is a Great Game ... horrible anime! It was such as tease, you should try Psycho-pass, and BTOOM!

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Yea, I loved Code Geass and R2. I haven't thought of FMA. Thanks for the reminder, will keep that anime in mind for the upcoming hubs.

    • imsef profile image

      Joseph 4 years ago from Makati

      Two thumbs up for code geass man! Haha Although the story was quite short, i enjoyed watching its two season. Code Geass and Code Geass R2. You should have included the Full Metal Alchemist. =) The brotherhood season is really awesome.