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7 Tips For Recording Acoustic Guitar

Updated on April 26, 2011

Recording Tips

Before You Begin

Here are some things you need to do before you begin.

1. Have a good instrument.

This is the most important element. You can't get a great sound from a bad instrument. Get a good guitar and put new strings on it or have someone that knows what they are doing set it up for you.

2. Find a quiet space.

If you are recording in your bedroom close all the windows and record when no one is around and no dogs are barking.

3. Have a good microphone.

You can get a good inexpensive microphone through this link. You should find a decent condensor microphone for the best results.

4, Get a good preamp.

Most recording packages will come with an interface with a preamp built in to it. Pro Tools LE comes with a small interface called the m-box which has a focusrite preamp.

5. Have a reliable recording system.

I have Pro Tools and Apple Logic. Both of these systems are great and there are several other systems you can buy to get started.

6. Purchase a good compressor.

I like to record with a compressor. If you don't know how to use one I would recommend getting familiar with it before you use it. You can't undo it!

7. Have a decent equalizer.

Find a good EQ that you can use to make the guitar jump out a little bit. This can help to make a average guitar sound great.

There you go. Have fun!


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