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9 Reasons Why Korean Dramas Have a Lot of Watchers

Updated on March 29, 2017

1. Koreans are attractive

First things first, this is the first reason and the most obvious reason why we watch Korean drama, even though it is burdensome to read the subtitles while watching. Koreans are either cute or HOT!!

2. Korean dramas' episode are numbered

Yes, it is true that it is one of the reasons, even if you don't want some show to end. Their stories are fast and the episodes are numbered, that gives you time and chance to watch another show again.

3. It makes you feel all the feels

With just a very short period of time, this dramas are able to make us cry, laugh, romantic excitement, etc. that makes us hooked.

4. The plots are good

This is definitely the main reason why we watch this shows, no need to explain it. Most of their plots are unique and they don't tolerate repetition.

5. Koreans are conservative

We all know that Koreans are conservative that's why we wait for a long time for just one kiss, which make it so special, and they rarely do intimacy which makes it more special in our eyes and have us all hooked.

6. They have their watchers hooked

With all the other reason, we can conclude that the reason why Korean Dramas gained a lot of watcher is because they all have us hooked in the drama and we can't stop it anymore. Once you started watching one, they got you hooked and you wouldn't want to stop.

7. They do experiments with partners

If you watch a lot of drama, you can say that the lead roles always have chemistry, however you'll also notice that Koreans rarely do a drama again with the same partner. This makes us continue supporting both the partners individually, therefore discovering other people again and supporting that other people again.

8. Cute

It is true that it is cute or adorable, from the actors to the story line to the way they act. Koreans are adorable and so does their dramas.

9. They capture the watcher's heart

I don't know how they do it, maybe with the help of the oppas or noonas, but they definitely capture our hearts.


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