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A Barry Manilow Story

Updated on July 13, 2016

A musical icon

Born Barry Alan Pincus on June 14, 1943, Barry Manilow has been making remarkable music for 37 years. His recent album fifteen minutes debuted at #7 on the Billboard charts to add to Barry's 13th top 10 album overall. He is currently performing @ the Paris Théâtre, Paris Las Vegas Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Barry is 75% Jewish and 25% Irish technically. His Mother was Jewish and his father was half Jewish, half Irish. A Brooklyn native of the north east side, Barry went to school at Eastern District High School and graduated there in 1961. After high school Manilow attended Julliard Performing Arts School and worked intern ship at CBS to pay for college. Soon after he was working any gig that came his way from pianist to arranger of events. These gigs would proove to be great for his resume because soon after he was doing jingles for big corporate American businesses to promote their products. Two big companies were Pepsi and KFC. By the decades end Manilow had wrote jingles for over a dozen major corporations, was a musical director for CBS and worked with the Ed Sullivan's production company.

Manilow started working mainstream in the music business thanks to his ties to Bette Midler. He helped with playing the piano and even worked with Bette on a couple of albums. Barry Manilow dropped his first album entitled " Barry Manilow " was released on Bell Records in 1973 which went quadruple platinum. Up to date Barry has recorded 26 albums ranging for 3 decades now and is still performing live. His health is just about perfect but the health of his music making has not changed. He has an inspirational voice and great ideal for writing music for all reasons.

About His Style

Barry is best known for his smooth romantic and saccharine songs. Before achieving his rise to fame, Manilow was a target for the critics staright through the 1970s, even as he sold millions of albums and gained a huge audience base. He didn't always write his music even when recording work by other artists. Manilow cultivated a lush and melodic musical style that was popular during the prerock era. His style evolved during the early 1980s, from structural, string-laden, AM-radio pop to a more classic, jazzy sound influenced by both swing and vintage Broadway show tunes.

Classic Barry

Barry's Classics 1970's

Barry Manilow In Concert

Barry's Love Life

Barry Minilow has has quite a strange love life. Currently his is secretly (yet not so secret) to Garry Kief. Recently his ex-wife Susan Deixler has spoken out about the superstar crooner's marriage to long-time manager Garry Kief. She was 19 years old when the two first married in 1964. Barry was madly in love with Susan and the two had a long marriage.


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    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 6 years ago

      Interesting article about Barry Manilow. His ability to keep making hits for so long was much like Phil Collins. I liked them both when they were popular.