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A Bittersweet Ending: The How to Get Away with Murder Series FInale

Updated on June 7, 2020
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The Start of an End

After 6 years, the award winning show and cast finally came through a bittersweet ending after shocking plot twists and reveals. After countless lies and betrayals as well as a number of murder, they finally show who actually gets away with murder. It was indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions as viewers bid goodbye to their favourite murderers.

The finale episode, started with a flashback of what will happen moments after Annalise Keating’s trial has ended. There were gunshots heard at the background of the people in chaos outside the court while showing Laurel immediately leaving in the car with Christopher. Tegan was also frightened as she saw what was happening.

Close to the ending of the episode, it was revealed that the furious Frank went to the courthouse and shot Governor Birkhead as she exits the building while Annalise is in an interview nearby. In response, Birkhead’s guard continuously shot Frank and bleed out in Boonie’s arms who was also caught in the crossfire. Annalise and Bonnie then shared a very emotional moment as Bonnie died in Annalise’s arms. This then gives a very moving ending for the show's ultimate “Bonnie and Clyde” tandem.

Before this, Connor is still being eaten up by his guilt after betraying Annalise. After thinking it through he once again convinced Michaela, Laurel and Oliver to do what’s right but failed. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to make a new deal so that his husband can avoid jail time but Connor finds it out and tells Oliver to divorce him. He knows he’ll go to prison after the trial, so he insisted that Oliver should find someone and stop waiting for him.

Annalise taking to the Jurors
Annalise taking to the Jurors

So what really happened at Annalise’s Trial?

Going back, Jorge Castillo was put on the stand, saying that the FBI and the governor were not involved in the conspiracy to take down Annalise. Then the Governor himself took the stand and expectedly denied everything about the conspiracy accusations to her. Meanwhile, during her cross, Annalise showed the court a surprising audio file that Frank got from Hannah’s lawyer which shows Hannah in a phone call with Xavier Castillo accusing the governor of killing Nate Lahey Sr. during the previous season.

Then there is the FBI and the prosecution offering Nate Lahey $20 million as a new settlement for the death of his father and asking him to testify against Annalise. On the other hand, Annalise was ready to break him on the stand, but Nate surprises everybody when he told the court that Hannah Keating was the one who framed him for Sam’s murder instead of Annalise, and claims that the FBI tried to coerce his testimony. Later that night, Nate gave Wes’ confession letter he hid to Annalise as a parting gift.

On the last day of the trial and after a visit from her mother and sister, Annalise gave her very moving final speech. As she appealed to the juror, she addressed them as Anna Mae Harkness and argued that she may be a bad person who did a lot of bad things but she is no murderer. She showed an intense and deep moment of passion, strength and vulnerability.

After this, Tegan finally confessed her feelings to Annalise but then she responded that Tegan deserves better and Bonnie entered the room to tell them that the jury has reached a verdict.

The moment of truth finally came, Annalise was found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

Annalise giving her epic final speech
Annalise giving her epic final speech

Does anyone gets away with murder?

Surprisingly, it is Michaela, after technically killing Sam in Season 1 after pushing him in the stairs. But she also paid a price when she lost her friends as Oliver rejected him and Laurel not answering her phone when Michaela calls. But someone actually went to prison for murder, it was Coonor. Shortly after the trail ends, Connor gives back his wedding ring to Oliver and walks away while in handcuffs. As Michaela tries to comfort Oliver, he quickly shuts her down saying “that should have been you.”

After this, we see what actually happened outside the courthouse at the beginning of the episode.

Who KIlled Annalise Keating?

At the beginning of the season, we were left with this cliffhanger as we saw a funeral for Annalise and Wes supposedly goes in front. After 16 episodes of speculating whether she actually gets killed or if she fakes her own death, we finally got an answer: it is an actual funeral held for her natural death, which was set many, many years in the future. The photo of Annalise that was shown at the beginning of the season is actually one which is next to another photo of her as an old woman. The one who was called to say a few things was not Wes but actually it was Eve, Annalise’s first love.

The scene of Wes supposedly walking towards the front was actually the older Christopher coming to her mother, an older version of Laurel and he speaks in Spanish. As Eve delivers her very emotional speech, flashbacks were shown paired with a very moving musical background. Some side stories were resolved as Jorge Castillo was stabbed and bleed out in prison. Nate Lahey was able to build “Lahey Justice Center” in honor of his father.

As Eve describes Annalise’s great life, a flashback of Annalise and her sister in their mother’s funeral. A scene of her and Tegan dancing and ending it with the old Annalise walking on the beach alone.

Getting back at the funeral, Laurel looked at the back and saw the old Oliver with Connor who apparently got back together which made a lot of viewers into tears. Finally realizing the Coliver fate. Then surprisingly, a clip of Michaela was shown who was not in a funeral, as she is getting sworn to be a judge with her granddaughters (probably) showing that she achieved the success she always wanted.

Christopher as a professor in Middleton Law
Christopher as a professor in Middleton Law

Finally, it ended with a very familiar set of events that shocked everyone. It was the adult Christopher entering a classroom at Middletown Law School but not as a student. Christopher Castillo introduces himself as a professor, and she talks to the class she saw Annalise there setting. Finally, he introduces his course, “This is Criminal Law 100, or as my mentor liked to call it, How to Get Away with Murder.”

© 2020 Carl Joshua Reyes


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