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Conversations with Elvis by a Spiritual Medium and Writer

Updated on June 19, 2013

Conversations with Elvis

Grethe Svendsen is a writer and spiritual medium, who has claimed to of had conversations with the spirit of Elvis Presley from the afterlife. She felt that she was being contacted by the spirit of Elvis, who wanted to communicate about important matters through her. She wrote about her conversations she had with Elvis in an e-book entitled: "Conversations with Elvis." In the e-book, Elvis talks about his friends, fans, beliefs, regrets, spiritual experiences, and why so many people didn't understand him. Elvis was a kind, thoughtful and generous man. Elvis wanted to help people through his music and his acts of kindness. He was known for his kindness and extreme generosity. He would give expensive gifts to complete strangers.

Elvis Presley in 1970

Elvis Presley in 1970
Elvis Presley in 1970 | Source

About Grethe Svendsen

Grethe Svendsen was born in Oslo, Norway, but now lives in the UK. She is a writer and a spiritual medium. As a spiritual medium, she has always tried to help people through her psychic gifts, her spirit guides, and other friends in spirit... Conversations with Elvis is a heart warming book. She could feel his soothing energy, hear his voice, and see him--that it was actually Elvis, himself, who was communicating with her. This is not your average Elvis book. His personality shines through, and a message from Elvis is one of love.

About the E-book and Its Author

Information about the E-book: "Conversations with Elvis" can be found on the website: The website has some information on the book's author, Grethe Svendsen, as well. I don't know how authentic this e-book is or its for real or not? It looked kind of interesting. I think that there are places on the Internet where it can be found.

There are other authors, who have, also, written conversations with Elvis that might be kind of interesting, as well.

Grave of Elvis Presley

The Grave of Elvis Presley
The Grave of Elvis Presley | Source

Psychic Mediums

There are a lot of psychic mediums in the world and some of them might be real, and many are not for real. People may have to have an open mind when dealing with psychics. Many of the so-called psychics are frauds and they are just out for your money and will cheat you. The best thing to do is to never ever send psychics any large sums of money or any amount of money at all. Psychics should be checked out to see if their legitimate or not. Many people believe that the dead can not be contacted, but there may be a possibility that they can be contacted. No one really knows for sure. People have to be careful and avoid scams that take you for your money, and never have any intentions of doing what is right.

A Psychic Medium America's Best


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    • Tusitala Tom profile image

      Tom Ware 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Grethe, as a practioner of Automatic Writing for well over forty years I know that it is a genuine way of being contacted not only by so-called deceased entities but even beings from what I would term Higher Planes. By this, I mean from beings on even higher planes of existence than where most humans souls move onto when they die.

      It's worth reading, Neale Donald Walsch's best selling series of 'Conversations with God' books. I hope other read this Hub and do so.

      It is also possible - if one is open mind enough and willing - to become through automatic writing (and others means, such as Claire audience) to have an ongoing and quite conscious relationship with one's own Higher Self.

      But I expect you know this. Pity so many in the world are sceptical. They miss out on so much. Most do not realize the so-called Divine Dichotomy. We are all separate: we are all One. The link is through the subconscious mind. To begin finding out what we really are the recognized practice is serious meditation. And as it has been stated, if we want to know about ourselves we have to 'go within.' If we don't go within we go without.

    • profile image

      Makaila 3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful cononibutitr.