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2. A christmas kiss (TV) 2011 USA colour PG

Updated on February 19, 2017

Romantic festive sentimental drama


From this festive heartwarming tale made for TV-comes a modern day Christmas carol and a enchanted romantic happily ever after fairy tale of true loves kiss. Our festive story reveals the life's & style of people and how they show their true colours.

Wendy Walton (Laura Breckenridge) is a hard working friendly down to earth person who volunteers for the arts at a theatre company. Wendy is leaving this year to pursue her career as an interior designer her dream job, Wendy's dream comes true when she landed a job with Priscilla Hall (Elisabeth Rohm) the best interior designer around.

Wendy was going to meet up with her friends Caroline (Laura Spencer) and Tressa (Jerrika Hinton) to help her celebrate her new job, her friends were happy for her but not whom she was going to work for. Wendy gets trapped in an elevator alongside a handsome stranger.

Wendy and this handsome stranger named Adam Hughes (Brendan Fehr) get chatting to one another suddenly the elevator plunges into darkness and in the heat of the moment both Wendy and Adam kissed.

Wendy began working for her new boss Miss Hall. Priscilla was a unpleasant ill-mannered person towards Wendy her behaviour made it clear that she was nothing more then a commoner peasant, she looked down upon Wendy she bossed her around threaten bullied and black mailed her.

Adam proposed a favour to his Priscilla if she didn't mind decorating his home for a Christmas foundation party that his parents were gonna be throwing for important wealthy business class people who were gonna be sponsoring the opening night of the nutcracker production.

Priscilla only agreed to his proposal because it made her feel grand just like Adam her boyfriend, Adam's family were very rich people and well connected to wealthy business class sponsors and associates. Although Priscilla was not as wealthy as Adam she felt like she belonged to wealthy entrepreneur people and it involved her interests to attend all major extravagant parties & luxurious places with Adam at her side.

Adam has had a busy year traveling around places where his parents and their friends have been pumping money into local art and theatre communities, so all he wants to do is have a traditional relaxing Christmas and to spend it with his one true love Priscilla. Adam enjoys the Christmas season as it reminds him of his childhood when his grandmother was alive, Priscilla does not enjoy anything about Christmas, she loathes chaos, disorzination in her life, and people that ain't in the same league.

Wendy presented her designs to miss Hall and explained her ideas about decorating Adam's home based upon his first edition of a Christmas carol which would mean so much to him, because of priceless & sentimental reasons it was given to him by his grandmother. Miss Hall was appalled with them and told Wendy that her designs & ideas were repellent and totally unacceptable. Priscilla introduced her designs to Adam, Adam told her they were not right for the direction that he was looking for so Priscilla pitched Wendy's pitch and showed Adam Wendy's designs which blew his mind he loved them.

Adam comes from a rich background,but is decent towards all unlike his Priscilla,he appreciates small things like Wendy's hard work for helping to decorate his place for Christmas whilst his Priscilla was away.

Throughout our festive tale Mr Hughes had doubts about his Priscilla he begins to reliszed that she was not the woman he first fell for and speaks to a friend about having knots & flutters. Although Adam was blind about his trapped elevator experiences and clueless about Wendy's design's he felt like a fool because the more time he spent working alongside Wendy & Wendy's love for Christmas, he too felt a magical spark that took his breath away.

Wendy too also remembered her fluttered moments alongside Adam whilst being trapped in the ele her amazing connection and a magical spark that took her breath away, the only shock was that Adam was the boyfriend off her boss, and he was a down to earth pleasant guy.

Both Adam and Wendy shared some quality heart-warming moments together over their childhood Christmas memories, walking round a tree lot late at night because off the lights which made it festive, listening to Christmas carollers, watching Christmas movies.

Priscilla is the opposite of Adam which we find throughout our festive tale, Priscilla is not completely wealthy like Adam but acts like she is, treats Wendy like garbage the way she speaks and acts round her, whereas Adam would treat Wendy with kindness, and included her in conversations.

Next morning Wendy takes photos and measurements of Adam's place to get a rough idea on how to decorate his place,whilst Priscilla and Adam talk business,but Adam being a caring person invited Wendy over to join them. Adam was not sure on how he wanted his place decorated but he knew that his Priscilla knew what Christmas means to him,so all Adam wanted was to bring back the magic of Christmas.

Wendy presented her designs to miss Hall and explained her ideas, miss Hall was appalled with them and told Wendy that her designs & ideas were repellent and totally unacceptable. Priscilla introduced her designs to Adam, Adam told her they were not right for the direction that he was looking for so Priscilla pitched Wendy's pitch and showed Adam Wendy's designs which he loved.

Wendy had an argument with Priscilla for passing off her designs as her own and secondly for pretending to understand Adam, so miss Hall threatened and blackmailed Wendy. Next day back at Adam's place Priscilla was being her charming bossy self and bossed Wendy and Tressa around an accidental accident happened and miss Hall ended up being bruised so she left Wendy in charge off things.

With Priscilla out off the way Wendy continued to decorate Adam's house, that evening Wendy was going Christmas tree shopping, Wendy likes doing it .


Next morning Wendy unwraps Christmas ornaments for the past and present trees then decorates them with Adam's help.

Adam treats Wendy to a meal to thank her for all her hard work. Adam wants Wendy's opinions about a ring and where he was going to propose to his Priscilla, Adam explains his reasons to Wendy and goes on about his Priscilla understanding him and her Christmas designs that blew his mind, and took his breath away.

Wendy herself said it was lovely, the ring and the idea of where he was going to propose, but Wendy knew that miss Hall loves expensive & flashy gifts, not traditional, sentimental, romantic jesters and told Mr Hughes that it was too contemporary for miss Hall. Next evening Wendy finished off decorating the final tree.

Adam thanked Wendy again over a Chinese takeout and a memory from her childhood of watching Christmas movies, with her dad, Adam shared another memory from his past, and said he has never seen a Christmas movie before. Next morning Priscilla walks in to find them sleeping on the coach together. Miss Hall lies to Wendy, makes her clean up the house, whilst being threatened & blackmailed by her then fires her. Miss Hall pretends that Mr Hughes had proposed to her and has it printed in a national newspaper.

Adam finally realizes that Priscilla is not the woman for him, and goes chasing after Wendy, can Adam sort things out & can a festive kiss be the fairest off them all stay tuned in to a Christmas kiss.

A Christmas kiss is a delightful heart-warming drama, suitable for people who enjoy having soppy and emotional moments. our tale contains some festive heart-warming romantic moments, some traditional and sentimental heart-to-heart moments, and a lesson that teaches us that's it's not about are background nor are looks it's how you act towards people that counts.

Directed by: John Stimpson Written by: Joany Kane

Breckenridge Laura Wendy Walton Brown Erin theatre patron Brumfield Hunter theatre employee (uncredited) Chaya Walid cute guy1 (uncredited) DeAngelis Mark carriage driver/coachman Fehr Brendan Adam Hughes Gardner Jason barista (uncredited) Hinton Jerrika Tressa Joy Mark Charlie Kaffenberger William theatre patron (uncredited) Levy Robert theatre patron/ticket buyer (uncredited) Lukens Liz Christmas tree shopper Mena Rene extra (uncredited) Rohm Elisabeth Priscilla Hall Spencer Laura Caroline Sporn David ticket booth attendant Squires Kathryn theatre patron (uncredited) Whited Bruce extra (uncredited) Yarberry Lorna Christmas tree shopper(uncredited)


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