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A Cityville Tragedy

Updated on October 31, 2015
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Chris has experienced many ups and downs in life and learned from an early age to see the humor in the world around him.

Somebody Needs Your Help!

Like all Americans under the age of fifty, I have my own Facebook page. I find it to be a fascinating site for finding long lost friends and family and even meeting a few new friends. Facebook makes keeping in touch a breeze. It seems there is something for everyone, even my dad has a profile on Facebook.

However there is one problem that has came about recently, Cityville and its evil cousin Farmville. Sure, I know that I am in the minority on this issue. Millions play these games everyday, some even to the point of obsession. A few of my friends have even went to such extremes as setting their alarm clocks to remind them when to log on and off, though my personal favorite is the strategy of creating ficticious accounts that can be linked to their cities. Can you imagine my surprise when I logged on to find the name Jethro Bodine listed under people I might know?

It has gotten to the point where my Facebook wall is filled with requests for trains, roads, jobs, neighbors and other Cityville items. There is always somebody that wants me to complete a task for their city. I am not even sure if any of my friends are real people anymore.

So it has now become my mission to find a simple, yet effective method for turning down future requests for Cityville and return Facebook to the purpose it was intended for.

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I Have a Solution!

What is my solution, you ask? It is really quite simple. I now tell everyone that my city has been struck by a terrible disaster and all my citizens have been left homeless. Sure it might be a bit extreme, but it works.

Now when friends send me Cityville requests I inform them of the terrible events that have unfolded in my city. I make sure to give them details as to how they can help (write the checks to me and I will distribute the money to those most in need) and to keep my city in their prayers.

This has led to a new revelation regarding my friends, they are there for the good times, but when tragedy strikes they turn the other direction. Yep, not one person has offered any assistance to my poor citizens.

Still, fear not my faithful readers, for we are a strong group of people and shall rise above the crisis we face.

© 2011 Christopher J Wood


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