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A Concise Directory Of My Lyrics-(re-written poems.... into songs).

Updated on November 4, 2010

Lyrics feedback Forum three ---collection

A quick no search reference list for my files.
**This will make it easier to find a song without having to go through a lot of pages if you don't remember the name.

1.-Just Tracing Circles.
by MFB III ----1/17
Tracing Circles

2.-3-D Breasts.
by MFB III ----8/69

3.-Night's No Longer My Friend.
by MFB III ---3/20-----has music

4.-Bee-Fuddled And Bee-reaved.
by MFB III ----1/29

5.-Throw It All Away For Love.
by MFB III -----0/11-----has music

6.-Was What. A hip-Hop Rant Rap Vocal Piece!
by MFB III ----4/31

7.-Heavenly Plunge!
by MFB III-----2/29

8.-How Would You make The Call.
by MFB III----4/28

9.-Beer and A Prayer...Like Peas In A Pod.
by MFB III ----2/34

10.-1942 Mining Disaster.
by MFB III ----1/31

11.-Tis Better Not To Love At All.
by MFB III ----0/20------has music

12.-Nothing's Ever What it Seems.
by MFB III -----3/29-----has music

13.-Graduation Daze.
by MFB III ----2/28-----has music

14.-Dreams Once Thought Gone.
by MFB III ------2/26-----has music

15.-Just Off The Highway To Hell.
by MFB III----3/26

16.-Happy Birthday Revisited!
by MFB III ----1/15-----has music

17.-Remorse Free Divorce.
by MFB III----0/17 ----has music

18.-Some Polar Express-Shuns Of some Crummy Christmas Gifts.
by MFB III ----0/18----has music

19.- An Almost Wrecking-Ciliation!
by MFB III ----0/15

20.- I'm A Dork For Pork!
by MFB III -----1/25

21.- Smoke Rings And Destiny.
by MFB III-----3/23

22.-Some Krazy Kid'll Get ya If'n Ya Don't Watch Out!!
by MFB III -----0/22

23.-Worst Case Scenario.
by MFB III -----5/48

24.-What Sorrow Condenses Into Tears.
by MFB III -----5/34

25.-What Moves A Soul To Find Success. (for my fellow songwriters.)
by MFB III -----0/20

26.-When Souls Burst!!
by MFB III ----1/28

27.-When Poor Was A Treasure Lost.
by MFB III -----0/19

28.-On Gossamer Wings.
by MFB III -----0/24

29.-Westward Ho!.
by MFB III -----2/33-----has music

30.-The Answer Is Love.
by MFB III -----4/40-----has music

31.- Awestruck!
by MFB III -----2/51

32.-We Are The Children Of Autumn,
by MFB III -----0/23----has music

33.-The Higher Road.
by MFB III------ 0/25

34.-Coffee Soup!
by MFB III ------0/24------has music

35.-An Ode To My Git-Fiddle.
by MFB III------8/87 ----has music

36.-Lyrics to a song I am composing.-A tribute to Kurt Cobaine.
by MFB III ----14/131

37.-A tribute to Four Students Killed at Kent State.
by MFB III-----6/61

38.-Hey, baby...Let's Do The Bump.
by MFB III ------1/22

39.-And So We Bond.
by MFB III ------1/24

40.-From The Deathbeds Of Rock And Roll.
by MFB III ----5/46

41.-Just Say Hello.
by MFB III ----2/23----has music

42.-F7 And Then Some.
by MFB III-----0/20

43.-I'm Having A Cow !!
by MFB III-----0/19

44.-I Remember So Well My Very First Time.---(Adult Humor)
by MFB III -----8/52

45.- A Cereal Thriller.
by MFB III ----2/29

46.-Just A Comma In A Fractured Fairy Tale.
by MFB III ----0/22

by MFB III -----19/94-----has music

48.- Justified Suicide?? ! !
by MFB III ----6/27

by MFB III ----3/52-----has music

50.-A monster Of A Headache, That I Grin And Bear.~1997
by MFB III -----2/28-----has mussic

51.-I Don't Wanna Wake Up.
by MFB III -----0/27-----has music

52.-Unreachable Expressions.
by MFB III------3/44-----has music

by MFB III -----0/23-----has music

55.-Love Came Walking By.
by MFB III -----0/20-----has music

56.-Two Men..Two trees,,,A History.
by MFB III ------2/39-----has music

57.-Bent But Never Broken.
by MFB III ------6/57

58.-Second Thoughts
by MFB III -------2/27

59.-Summer's Frost.
by MFB III -----0/26-----Has music

60.-Ante Up!
by MFB III -----2/35

61.-The Freedom Cafe.
by MFB III ----2/53-----Has music

62.-I'll Love You To The Moon And back
by MFB III ----7/89-----Has music

63.-"Snip...Snip ...Hooray??
by MFB III-----11/63

64.-Isn't There Some Way.
by MFB III -----7/80------has music

65.-What Would I say If It Was My Last Day.
by MFB III-----1/32----has music

66.-She's Playing My Song.
by MFB III ----4/58----has music

67.-For All Who Touch Our Lives In Songs.
by MFB III -----2/43----has music

68.-A Love For All Time.
by MFB III -----3/48-----has music

69.-Small Steps.
by MFB III -----4/68

70.-I Knew An April Once.
by MFB III -----7/119

71.-Love In A Dark Room.
by MFB III-----2/52 -----has music

72.- De Ja Blues.
by MFB III -----4/62-----has music

73.-Bright Girls In The Darkest Of Worlds...Undaunted.
by MFB III -----2/51-----has music

74.-I'm Down Here Thinking Of You Up There.
by MFB III ----2/72----has music

75.-Losing Paradise.
by MFB III -----6/87

76.-I Am The Bullet!
by MFB III ------2/66

77.-Imagination Calls Me.
by MFB III ----0/34

78.-PC and THC Don't Mix. (Just Palin Folks.)
by MFB III -------0/38

79.-The Garden Of People.
by MFB III-----2/45-----has music

80.-Death Row Confession.
by MFB III ------2/59-----has music

81.-During Stellar Moments....Exhale! {Lyrics with a message)
by MFB III------5/79

82.-A tribute To Mary Travers ---of Peter, Paul and Mary.
by MFB III ------1/48

83.-It's All Part Of A Journey. (seeking Critiques On these lyrics)
by MFB III -----1/48-----has music

239 comments-----------3,501 views

With many thanks to all of you

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
MFB III Productions


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    • saddlerider1 profile image

      saddlerider1 7 years ago

      Hey Dude nice to see you back at the hubs. I missed your beautiful poetry, songs and comments. We all have our hills to climb and sometimes jack and jill fall down their hill. The trick is getting back up for the rest of the rounds. I wish you well and hope your love life is back on track. peace

    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 7 years ago from United States

      Thanks Always exploring, I've been working on the music end of my art, and will soon need to write more sorry I was gone so long...illness and a craving to sing again....MFB III

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      As Petra said, so glad you're back. I loved, 'Dreams once thought gone'


    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 7 years ago from United States

      hey thanks Petrah, I have missed it too, had this music project ongoing, and some complications of life, as usuual, but I am back...starting with some of the new work above...and old work revamped into lyrics...thanks for stopping by.

    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Glad to see you back; it has been long since you posted poetry and I missed you. Hope you will be more active in the future