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A Concise Directory Of My Songs--(-all have music)

Updated on November 4, 2010

 Mp3 forum songs w/music posted

A Reference sheet for my files.this makes it easier to find a song without going therough so many pages.

1.-Fair And Balanced???......We'll See!!
by MFB III -----7/59

2.-Truly A Love For All Time. By- MFB III and Tammy
by MFB III ----19/77

3.-Throw It All Away On Love.
by MFB III-----4/23

4.-Nothing's Ever What It Seems.
by MFB III -----3/32

5.-An Ode To My Gitfiddle.
by MFB III-----7/70

6.-Dreams...Once Thought Gone.
by MFB III-----2/36

7.-Two Men....Two Trees....Making History.
by MFB III -----0/15

8.-Remorse Free Divorce!!
by MFB III------0/14

9.-Coffee Soup!
by MFB III -----15/84

10.-Death Row Confession!
by MFB III ------2/28

11.-Summer's Frost !!
by MFB III -----2/24

by MFB III---- 5/83

13.-Love Came Walking By Me........
by MFB III------6/75

14.-I Don't Wanna Wake Up !
by MFB III-----2/39

15.-Christmas With Ebeneezer Scrooge!!
by MFB III ------1/32

16.-Unreachable Expressions.
by MFB III -----4/53

17.-I'll Love You To The Moon And Back.
by MFB III-----0/29

18.-Isn't there Someway You Can Stay??
by MFB III -----6/64

19.-A Comical Sex Change For The better!!
by MFB III -----0/24

20.-Down Here Thinking Of You Up There.
by MFB III -----1/30

21.-Why Can't We Bring Them back.
by MFB III -----0/22

22.-Sweetest Melodies - collab with MFB III - Music by Andy!
by TamsNumber4 -----32/255

23.-Known But To God.
by MFB III -----0/22

24.-I Remember.
by MFB III -----6/76

25.-It's All Part Of That Journey,
by MFB III------0/38

26.-Susie's Song.
by MFB III-----6/74

27.-Night Has Fallen Again.
by MFB III ------5/56

28.-Just One Of My Own....Favorite Bar Songs.
by MFB III------0/39

29.-My Hello Lullabye.
by MFB III-----1/61

30.-She's Waiting For Me.
by MFB III -----7/128

31.-When One And One Are Two.
by MFB III -----0/39

32.-I Am The Bullet !!
by MFB III ------2/60

33.-The Bridge Of Love.--(to all POWs And MIA's who never got home) by MFB III ------8/108

34.-Traveling...Just West Of Despair.
by MFB III------0/42

35.-Two Hearts Once true....Now Misconstrued.
by MFB III ------1/47

36.-It's All About Hope!-A song for all brokenhearted souls
by MFB III -----11/189

37.-Memories....In The Summer Sun.
by MFB III ------0/29

38.-Just A Simple Song.
by MFB III-----0/30

39.-An Empty Place In My heart.
by MFB III-------7/88

40.-Dylan's Song...To My Unborn Son.
by MFB III -----0/46

41.-That Land They Call True Love.
by MFB III ------0/36

223 comments-------2,356 views...and my thanks to all of you

ArtWhimsically Yours Studio
MFB III productions

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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I'm so glad to see you back on hubpages, iv'e only read one but i'll be back.


    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 7 years ago from United States

      Hey Kaie, it's just a compilation, I appreciate any listens, and would hope no one listens to all of them at hanks for stopping by.~~~MFB III

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

      I'm writing this BEFORE I listen........... have a feeling this might take awhile! But I'll be back! Kaie