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A First Look: Kill la Kill

Updated on October 5, 2013

The creators of Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt has now come up with a new anime, Kill la Kill. The first episode aired the 3rd of October, and it was a better start than I ever could have thought. So, with the purpose of bringing some attention to Imaishi's newest work, here are some thoughts on the first episode.

Introducing the School

We begin at a school somewhere, and before the main character enters the scene, we are treated to a student being chased for stealing a special school uniform granting him special powers. The scene almost feels like a parody of shows like Gurren Lagann, with the fast pacing being just a little too fast, and the sudden exposition of the suits and their function and a relevation of the power structure in the school.

But the animation is amazing. Similar to Gurren Lagann with its sharp lines and the impossible but amusing ways the characters move around, and with a true sense of movement and grandness to the whole thing. In fact, one of the amusing things that makes it seem like a parody is how ridiculously big everything is, from the school building to town around it. Everything is so awe inspiring that it goes to ridiculous.

Our Main Action

But we have a main character to meet. Ryuko Matoi enters the school as a transfer student after almost being robbed by some children, who seem like they are going to be recurring characters. Matoi easily defeats them, establishing her as a rough tomboy of a character. She also gets a friend who balances beautifully on the line between amusing comic relief and absolute annoyance, Mako Makanshoku. In this episode she has little purpose other than being taken hostage.

And then the action begins. Matoi confronts the student council president, or dictator, of the school, and everyone attacks her for her insolence. It is now that Matoi pulls out one half of a giant pair of scissors( Imaishi really likes random objects as weapons, doesn't he? The spirals, the stockings...), and with this defeats the lowliest henchmen. However, she loses against the school's boxing champion, who wears boxing gloves made out of metal, and can shoot fists as a long range weapon. Matoi is forced to retreat.

But the two clash for one more match when Mako is captured. Forced to return to save her from being boiled in oil, Matoi finds an outfit which gives her remarkable powers, despite it being extremely revealing. Once again, it almost feels like a parody of the outfits superheroines and others action women has to wear. But it works, and even protects the parts of her body it does not cover. The boxing champion is defeated, and the first episode ends.


The action, I must say, is wonderful. It is the over the top awesome of an anime which throws all plausibility and logic, and only concerns itself with how cool it can make anything look. Absolutely ridiculous, and I can not wait for more. Unlike Gurren Lagann, though, which never threw the viewer on many loops, I honestly have no idea where the show is going from here, although I am sure lots of violence will be involved. I am also not entirely sure if this show is a parody or not, but I do know I will watch the next episode.


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